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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by DanX, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. DanX Member

    RT Reports embassies taking in wounded: Finnish, Germ., Brit, Dutch, Norw., Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Portuga
  2. Yeah, why would the Iranian government set a mosque on fire like that?
  3. Report:
    Government agents lit a Mosque on fire that was sheltering protesters.
  4. DanX Member

    RT from Tehran: Due to the heavy street fights, Mousavi's statement won't be published today.
  5. Article on the execution of a pregnant woman by government agents.

    Article: <a href="">Link</a>

    Photo: <img src=""></img>
  6. RT gunfire/clashes at Gisha St. in Tehran. People have reportedly put street on fire.
  7. nildor Member

    new photo

  8. DanX Member

    RT from Iran: confirmed - Riots in Tabriz, Mashad, Isfahan, Ahwaz - Gov using violence
  9. Do you have any rifles and good shooters?

    You could shot the basij, with sniper rifles from the rooftops.
  10. nildor Member

  11. DanX Member

  12. DanX Member

    Mousavi: من غسل شهادت کرده ام، اگر من را دستگیر کردند همه اعتصاب
  13. This is a shocking tragedy.

    It is also perfect evidence that the protesters are fighting a corrupt and tyrannical government.
  14. are you able to translate?
  15. DanX Member

    RT: Report: The Girl Shot Dead by Bssij, killed at Salehi Cr, At Karegar St.:(:(:
  16. DanX Member

    if i am arrested the nation is to strike indefinitely -
  17. Allah ackbar! god is great! keep fighting freedom fighters! freedom is at hand!
  18. The rough translation is if he is arrested or killed, he wants everyone to go on an indefinite strike.
  19. I've Ghsl testimony, if I arrested all strike

    that's what a google translate says
  20. DanX Member

    Tehran, asht, Tabriz, Isfahan and Shiraz all still having violent assaults as it gets later. [Currently 9:30 in Iran]
  21. Im northeuropean, blond and christian, but I cry for your losses my friend. Its horrible what you have to go through. Good luck with your struggle.
  22. Fancy Member

    I've Ghsl testimony, if I arrested all strike.

  23. DanX Member

    RT from Iran "Advice - your location can b identified from mobile signal - delete sms after sending in case u are arrested -

  24. I've Ghsl testimony, if I arrested all strike
  25. The cell grid was shut off to stifle communications. You must rely on the Internet now. Keep fighting.
  26. kel

    a sad day for us all

    my god, they're being murdered in the streets

    young people like you and me.

    breaks my heart

    thank you DanX and others, through your efforts, around the world we bear witness.

    kel from australia
  27. RT People Blocking Streets at Tehran Pars (East Tehran) and Setting Fires
  28. Jeff Weintraub: How they're doing it
  29. Fancy Member

  30. nildor Member

    RT Iran: ambulances r heard all over the city
  31. -Y-

    people shot dead

    I've testimonies in Tehran that told me there many more people shot dead in the streets like that girl...
  32. This government is not Muslims, but power hungry thugs.

    Peace be with you, all you who love freedom, my heart is breaking over your struggle.

  33. You have the deepest support from the norwegian people. Keep on fighting against the dictatorship, I wish there was something I could do.
  34. Iran Updates (VIDEO): Live-Blogging The Uprising

  35. My sis and brothers in Iran - The world is watching You all! God bless You! We do everything we can here too - but You are those risking Your lifes! Keep up the good work - the world is hearing You!
  36. can you imagine my girl now is in that crowd where they kill people and I'm in ukraine and can't do anything ((
  37. anoniemNL Member

    Holy crap, the girl getting shot, thats just to much, im fucking crying here.
  38. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Q&A: Tehran unrest
  39. Ver Greeneyes Member

    I know, that video was the most shocking yet. Youtube should feature it and let the world know.
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