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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by DanX, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. As said before here, this has nothing to do with religion anymore.
    Bye bye dictator!
  2. psa Member

    Kudos to DanX

    DanX - You're doing excellent work. Keep it up friend.
  3. we're close to you, PEACE AND FREEDOM FOR YOUR NATION

    I learn from century of story, that when common peoples want something that is fundamentally correct like LIBERTY, they will get it.
    Be Strong and believe on your dreams.
  4. RT Unconf report Khamenei been moved to Aghdasieh base for protection

    Of all the tweets, this strikes me as the most suspicious; will keep an eye out for anything similar.

    However, it does sound generally like the police are loosing ground as the riots go on.
  5. Keep in the back of your mind that the Supreme Leader, that old psychotic nutcase who blames everything on the UK and the BBC, ORDERED the carnage that is currently taking place on the streets.
  6. Finland supports you all! Overthrow this barbaric dictators!
  7. DanX Member

    RT "Unconf report Khamenei been moved to Aghdasieh base for protection"
  8. DanX Member

    Injured protests are confirmed to be being removed from hospitals and taken away
  9. We love you

    You are brave people! Hold on! Love and peace from austria
  10. Its strange the IRIA has not done anything yet. it could be a good sign tho
  11. Please repost the list of Embassys being open to wounded!
  12. This video will be taken down from YouTube so please rehost it on LiveLeak asap
  13. United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Dutch, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, and Portugal
  14. I believe Australia is also accepting people.
  15. psa Member

    Another Mousavi message on Facebook - google translated

    Sorry, it's a google rough... will read to try and summarize...

    In the Name of God

    ان God Yamrkm ان Tvdva Alamanat الي Ahlha and records between Hkmtm الناس ان Thkmva Baldl

    Intelligent and gentlefolk

    These days and nights on a watershed in our nation is taking shape. People from one another and among Jmshan اینجانب the question, what should we do that and what should hand went. For self-belief I see that what you put in between, and you say you learn, that mission Nbrym learn from history and shoulder the responsibility on the shoulders of the fate of generations and the evenings are empty Let us put.

    Thirty years ago this country, the revolutionary victory was the name of Islam; revolution for freedom, for the revolutionary restoring human dignity, right and right for revolution. In this period, and especially in our time of life Imam illuminati capitals huge life and property, and prestige in Mubarak left foot building will consolidate the achievements and was a valuable result.

    Nvranyty before that it had not experienced in our society and our people to learn vital new arrived despite the most difficult Shdayd them was sweet. What people had gained dignity and freedom and life Tlyhhayy Tayebeh was. Ensure those who have seen those days for something less than that are not satisfied.

    We lost people Shaystgyhayy other the space that we experience the soul-rouser Nmykrdym? I come to say so I is not yet late and is still way far from the luminous space. I can do to show the spiritual life and yet in life today. I came to warnings about petrifaction Amamman can tell. I say come to escape the law leads to tyranny; to learn to get human dignity regardless of rootstocks system does not weaken, but also gives strength. I had to tell people the truth and accuracy Khdmtgzaranshan want Grftaryhay and many of us lie is risen. I say to the mental, poverty, corruption and injustice is not our destiny. I came up on other species of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic of species it should be, I invited.

    I was not studious in this invitation, but the message from expressing genuine revolution even insufficient so pleasant I was young generation, a generation that was not seen and the time between their heritage and feel the distance was great, the excitement and scenes that will only during movement and the holy were seen in the reconstruction. Spontaneous movement of green as the symbol of self chose. اینجانب I confess that this was their disciple. Generation and the separation of religious principles was charged to the slogans and was Tkbyr Fath Nasr Allah, and I nearly and Yahsyn and the name Khomeini to rely on the family tree to prove that if Tayebeh on Mynshynd Myvhhaysh similar is. Slogan than a teacher who was mean to them Nyamvkhth. How Byansafnd who their parents are Kvchkshan interest to the miracle of the Islamic Revolution and made alienation velvet revolution Bnamnd.

    But we all know it so that this way of realizing the ideals of national revitalization in the heart of young and old and lives with our roots lie Vtqlb are facing and what we Qanvngryzy consequences that were predicted to have Sryhtryn form in the nearest time possible and realization found.
    Welcomed the recent elections in huge efforts were primarily indebted for the creation of hope and trust in people was conducted for the management of existing crises Narzaytyhay Gstrdhajtmay, Kiyan revolution that Anbashtshan can go and sign system, is to provide good response. If this Hsnzn and trust through their vote Syant answered or not they can Hqvqshan defense to civil and peaceful way to respond before the dangerous paths which will be taking responsibility for them in those behaviors peaceful do not tolerate.
    If the huge volume displacement and vote fraud, the fire has trust harvest, due to fraud and lack of control is introduced, the republican system will be effectively drawn slaughterhouse incompatibility of Islam and the republican idea seems to prove. The fate of the two groups, will be happy; a group from the beginning that their revolution against the Imam and the Islamic regime Sfarayy they Salehi knew the tyranny and falsehood think people want to forcibly take the garden and other categories that claim to defend rights of people and basically ديانت Islamic Republic knows prevent realization. Fine art Imam invalidate the Dvganhangaryha was magic. I was the way to relying on Imam Sahrany effort that again John I have been neutral.

    The country now with what seal election passed and accepted responsibility for the results of any investigation and research have set the next limit, in an Rsydgyha not cause cancellation of the election results does not change, even if more than 170 field Election vote count is found to fund more than the number of Vajdyn is.

    Asked of us is that this situation through a complaint we follow up on the Guardian Council, now that this council to function before, during and after the elections irrespective of their proved and the first principle of any judge observance of neutrality.

    اينجانب still strongly believe the election and renewal of the waiver request certain right should be even-handed manner through a National Board of trust must be examined, not the advance of the possibility of being Asian Smrbkhsh be announced, or the possibility of bleeding plan, people راهپيمايي and any protests are denied, the Security Council or the country instead of answering legitimate questions regarding the role Lbasshkhsyha on public property and attack people and create inflammation in people's movements and pay Astral Fjay responsibility there for the other third parties.

    اينجانب scene because it Myngrm paid for purposes beyond the nation to impose an unwanted government, which imposed a new type of political life of the country I see. I, as a beauty with the green wave is never seen in your presence will not to allow for practice of my life who is exposed to danger. At the same time of his conviction that the election be void-of achieving the full realization of the rights of people over the foot and despite Fsharm capabilities that provide little I therefore believe that the motivation and creativity and you can continue your legitimate rights in the figures follow the new civil and researchers that is. Ensure اينجانب always will stay beside you. The brother in what you find new solutions, especially young people Aziz recommended that this is dishonest and lying Do not hang the flag to defend the Islamic system and you Brbaynd ill Ahlan Namhrman and legacy, the Islamic Revolution Granqdr savings blood Pdarn Rastgvytan you is to confiscation. With trust to God and hope to the future and relying on social movements Tvanmndyhaytan to the basis of these freedoms in the Constitution and Article Msrh refuse violence may follow. In this way we are not mobilizing the face; mobilize our brother. In this way we are not faced with the Corps; Corps Hafez Revolution and our system. We are not faced with the army; Army Hafez our borders. Our holy and their legal structures are not facing. The structure of Hafez independence, freedom and Islamic Republic of yogurt. We deviate and are open to leasing and Power Musical reform; you Salahaldin Back principles with pure Islamic Revolution.

    We involved we recommend that for peace in the street according to Article 27 of the Constitution possible peaceful assembly provides not only can, but some such آيي together can encourage Vsda Sima and the cell and abuse of unilateral act ها drop formation. Others put that to rest before it is converted into an argument and dispute the current upturn in the media, be corrected and adjusted. Press can put cash, so that is the news and write words in a free space for people to express their opposition to the agreement and ready to build. Let those who are interested Tkbyr say their opposition to it and considered Nkynm. This is clearly a need in the military and police presence in the street scene and will see some of them and sent them to hear the heart of each interested country's revolution and the pain brings, will not face.

    And along with your brother - Mir-Hossein Mousavi
  16. Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tehran

    Visiting address:
    No. 201 Dr. Lavasani St. (Ex. Farmanieh St.)
    Corner of Sonbol St.

    Tel: 0098 21 2229 1333

    Fax: 0098 21 2229 2776


    Phone after work time: 0098 91 2258 7173
  17. Thank you, I cant get through to my own stupid countrys stupid embassy... thanks again friend
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