LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/20 -- continued (part2)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by DanX, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. tim new Member

    Just posted on twitter from known protestor in Iran

    That answers the question for me.
  2. Visionary Member

    I don't think anyone posted this yet...although it's from a few hours ago.


  3. N.A.T.E-IRAN Member

    I don't think this guy is simple case of not listening to reason. I think he's trying to get people killed.

    I vote for b&.
  4. unconfirmed tweet: RT:The Canadian embassy is open. They took some time to find doctors before opening their doors. #IranElection
  5. Iran Deckard Member

    If you feel strongly that this should be twittered, twitter it yourself.

    If there must be an army, be it yourself, since NYPA.
  6. moar unconfirmed tweet: From Tehran *PLS RETWEET*: Revolutionary Guard moving into Tehran outskirts in force!!! #Tehran #Iranelection #Neda
  7. from-iran Member

  8. Morgan-IRAN Member

    Posted on FB

    Hope it holds up. Can anyone confirm that Italians are accepting the injured *this is being tweeted & posted on FB as unverified*

    Sorry if it's OT
  9. Iran Deckard Member

    From my limited understanding of international law-
    it's potentially risky business for embassies to take in dissidents or protesters.

    Anyone who has operated a diplomatic mission in Iran since 1979 knows this really fucking well.

    If they open their gates, its a calculated risk. Generally, in a situation like this, Iran would caution the guest delegations to not interfere with their local politics. The guest delegations would generally agree with that principle- but some people would get through anyway.

    The major recourse that Iran would have, would be to prevent protesters from gaining access to the Embassies- which they probably are, and (generally) legally can. It seems improbable that very large numbers of Iranian civilians would be able to flee into the foreign embassies-
    but not improbable that, if allowed, some might get through. Injured people, ones who seem more likely to be harmless, would have a better chance.

    I fear that Hindmost is correct in claiming that many or most persons seeking refuge in foreign embassies will not get in. Many will be blocked. If many do get through- the embassies will fill up and not be able to take more on.

    On the other hand- suggesting people mass around hospitals is.... given the circumstances, probably even stupider.

    It's known that militia are picking people out of hospitals. (confirmed)
    It's likely that militia are trying to grab people trying to get into embassies.

    People on the ground in Iran should be aware that, most every option is dangerous. They'll need to judge for themselves which path is the least risky. :(

    Waiting with a bunch of injured people outside a hospital - seems like a bad idea
    Sneaking around snipers and militia, to get into an embassy - hard to say
    Expecting that you'll be safe once you make it inside a hospital - hard to say
    Expecting that you'll have an easy time walking in to your local diplomatic delegation - doubtful


    stay safe
  10. troyamot1 Member

    Fox News reports of police starting to stand down.
    try to talk to police to stand down??
  11. Must read first hand account of yesterdays events:

  12. Morgan-IRAN Member

    Bad crazy news

    Apparently, according to Canadian Foreign Minister, they are CLOSED FOR THE WEEKEND.

  13. Visionary Member
  14. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    Mousavi 's latest statement (in farsi)
    ??? ?? peiknet
  15. Help

    All PPL using facebook to spread the news Join the group "For Iranian's AROUND THE WORLD who wants FREEDOM in our COUNTRY IRAN! Join" and help uss spread information.

    It has come to our knowledge that facebook is one of the main sites for the ppl to communicate in iran and we must do all we can to help post Ideas Maps of refuges and vidoes to enlighten the worlD! you the group and paste you information PLZZ!!!

    we will WIN this battle!!!
  16. Can we get a translation?
  17. from-iran Member

  18. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    to alireza ..............
    can u gimme the link?
  19. from-iran Member

  20. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    At least 19 people died after clashes Saturday in Tehran. CNN
  21. Swarm Theory Member

    My heart hurts for you and my new family of Iran. May Allah give you the strength of 100,000 men!
  22. Now

    countrymen, what i ask of you now is not an easy task,but it is necessary.
    If we are to survive, if we are to live longh
    enough to watch our chilldren grow and experience a time of peace that we have never known.
    We must now take this fight to the enemy !

    We will go to where they live!
    And where they hide!
    And we will destroy them!

    This is the day we take the battle to the heart of the enemy!!

    This is the day that we correct the wrongs of the past!

    This is the day we ensure our survival as a race!!
  23. The sun has risen on a new day in Tehran. I hope it's not a gruesome day.
  24. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    to Alireza.....
    do u kno is there any protest in tehran 2day ?
  25. Pipe Dreams!!!


    Tiananmen Square was one of the bloodiest revolt of a people against its regime in the 20th century in the name of freedom...Countless of Chinese citizens numbering about 20,000 and countless more remain dead or missing, their whereabouts missing....This is what freedom means to them...How can u expect that 7 so called martyrs are gonna promote change in Iran? Change from a regime that is stern and unyielding will require payment in bloodshed, with serious human lives lost...

    If the problem is the theocracy, the fact that Mousavi wins still doesn't mean squat as both Mousavi or Ahmendinijad are still puppets, available to the mullahs every bidding...If u seriously want change then topple the theocracy and don't expect us Americans to help you to do so...Obama the UN and the rest of the Western world are just going to give the theocracy lip service, harsh rhetoric with little bite...

    You can appeal to Sunni Saudi Arabia and have a jihad against the Shiite theocracy and later on submit to a bloody civil war just like Iraq and still be under harsh Sharia law...or u can either abandon Islam in favor of Christianity and then your country will have the full support of the Christian crusaders of yore...only then will the US and the rest of Europe really pour money and effort into defeating the theocracy...

    what do u think? Armed struggle? or just relying on foreign governments to pressure the theocracy to bend over backwards - dream on...
  26. RT PLS RETWEET*: Revolutionary Guard moving into Tehran outskirts in force!!!
  27. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    merci vase link Alireza
  28. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    همراه شوعزیز --- همراه شوعزیز -- تنها نمان به درد
    کاین درد مشترک -- هرگز جدا جدا -- درمان نمیشود

  29. --- Along with Shvzyz Shvzyz - only Nman pain
    Cayenne Pain - never singly - not treated
  30. Ezhdeha Member

    This is not going to just go away and be forgotten by either side. Change is coming hopefully sooner than later and with as little bloodshed as possible. It is past the point of no return, all the pressure is on the dictatorship now as you can see by them hiding from what makes a true democracy, the people because in a true democracy its the government that fears the people not the people fearing the government.
  31. Via Fark:

    List and Status of Embassies in Tehran

    An embassy may be closed due to blocking by Basij and police.

    For full address and other info on each embassy check: List and Status of Embassies in Tehran Eldercato's Blog (new window)

    Australian - BLOCKED (Unconfirmed)

    Austrian- BLOCKED

    Belgian- BLOCKED

    British- BLOCKED (Unconfirmed)

    China- closed and guarded too

    Danish- BLOCKED

    Dutch- BLOCKED OFF (CONFIRMED reports indicate that pro Government forces threw stones and tried to put it on fire)

    Finnish- BLOCKED (Unconfirmed

    French- (embassy refused to speak, probably closed)

    German- BLOCKED

    Irish- BLOCKED


    Mexican- (phone answering machine)


    Portugese- (phone answering machine)


    Russia- closed and guarded

    Spain- (Phone Problem)
  32. Gaxtin Member

    Well, most in the west, and many in Iran, now believe that the position of Supreme Leader is an obstacle to freedom, but it is up to the people within Iran to decide what they fight for and how they fight for it.
  33. RT Iran: People are changing name of Amirabad Ave to "Neda" by spraying signs.
  34. I Ran Hubbard Member

  35. To neda is my hero!

    To neda is my hero!

    neda in trying to get in contact with ppl from iran but its almost ghostlike no response no phones no internet nothing!!

    But to much blood was shed yester day for it to be forgiven!
    i dont know what today brings , but i dont think the ppl will rest any more before we get justice!!

    The chants of Allah o akbar across the roof tops of iran where lowder then ever tonight

    let there be no rest for the wicked!
    Blood for blood! Some one must pay for all the lives they have stolen!! i will keep try getting in contact with iran and keep you updated!!
  36. tt23 Member

    Czech embassy is reported open
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