LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/20 -- continued (part2)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by DanX, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. DanX Member

  2. DanX Member

  3. LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE : time to proove it...

    French Ambassy's adress and contact

    Ambassadeur : M. Bernard POLETTI
    Adresse : 85 rue Neauphle-le-Chteau - 11348 Thran
    Tl: [98] (21) 64 09 40 00
    Fax : [98] (21) 64 09 40 92
    Internet :
    Courriel :
  4. polish embassy is openned
    Marcin Włodarczyk
  5. swedish foreignminister Carl Bildt has recivied this mail from me as a swedish citize


    they open the phoneline first on monday - but the swedish foreignminister Carl Bildt has recivied this mail from me as a swedish citizen.

    extract from the forum:
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    DanX on

    All Scandinavian countries have opened doors except Sweden! Swedish people can you not see what is happening in Iran? You have democracy in Sweden?

    I am a Swedish citizen and I demand that the Swedish Embassy is not worse than other embassies in the same situation.
    In addition, it would be misconduct that does not recognize the historical in this surprising development in Iran.
    It would be to miss the historic when the wall fell in Berlin - and not be in place to help ...

    I demand that you at least provide primary care and general assistance.
    The times they are achangin ...

    The line it is drawn
    The cursor it is cast
    The slow one now
    Will be fixed later
    As the present now
    Will later be past
    The order is
    Rapidly fadin '.
    And the first one now
    Will later be last
    For the times they are a-Changins'.
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  7. Visionary Member

  8. DanX Member

    Half Tehran lost power in their houses now, No internet upload now, very slow
  9. CNN Live reports:

    19 confirmed dead
    150 dead by unofficial reports

    God knows how many injured...
  10. Anonymous Member



    ICRC Delegation
    No.75, Taban Sharghi st., Africa ave.
    Postal code: 19176
    TEHRAN / Islamic Republic of Iran

    Tel.: (+98) 21 8 878 67 23 / 55 03
    Fax: (+98) 21 2 878 33 70

    Head of delegation: Mr STOCKER Peter G.
    Media contact person: Mr COTT Markus
    Mobile: (+98) 912 327 30 99
    Languages spoken: French/English/German/Italian
  11. again

    I was in contact with scandinavian media shortly after the first comments on embassies, and wrote on denial from swedens embassy early: there has been media contacts with the staff in Teheran. I also must inform you that "midsummer" (19/20/21) is a major holliday in sweden: there might be difficulties in getting officials with a political mandate. That might be the reason on top of a biased relation.
  12. Kruge Moderator

    I just called the Auswrtige Amt in Berlin and their reply as to whether the German embassy was open to victims was "Dazu gibt das Auswrtige Amt derzeit keinen Kommentar" - No comment at this time.

    This doesn't have to mean that it's a lie that they help, but the German official position might just be cautious right now. Like "we can't make an official statement from our place as long as we don't get the official position of the German government". It's hard to tell for me, since I simply am not fluent in Diplomatspeak... :( Sorry, wish I could've given you more.
  13. DanX Member

    RT: Reports of Basij waiting on people in front of Embassies, Is blocking embassy act of war?
  14. Multiple reports saying that security and militia forces are trying to intercept people en route to embassies. PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION!!
  15. No, it is not.

    Ask the Japanese embassy in China.

    If the injured civvies can get across the gate, then they are safe.
  16. Swedish embassy

    Just talked to the Swedish embassy again.
    She told me the same crap as last time.
    I mentioned the tsunami(hehe) and I asked her if Swedens position with the Iranian gov. (economics & politics) had anything to do with it and she got kinda mad and said NO.
    She told me that people telling me that the EUembassies are open where lying and that EU is following the situation carefully (again) but still not opening any embassies. She told me to "watch what happens tomorrow" and I told her that I was ashamed of the Swedish embassy, for behaving like this.

    So...I don't actually think I made such a big difference or something, but she did mention that alot of people we're calling about the protests in Iran. I asked why the Swedish embassy wouldn't send the world some information about whats going on there and she told me that they hadn't spoke with the embassy since 19.00.

    The wierd thing was that...through out the whole conversation she explained that they had good contact with the Swedish embassy.
  17. kel Member

  18. Swedish embassy

    Just putting pressure on them is making a difference.
    And one thing that goes for all foreign countries is, that if you can just make the point that one single citizen of your country is in danger, then the picture changes dramatically regarding the willingness of of your national medias will to report.

  19. Same thing I was told, as I wrote on page 16 or something:

    ""I just called the "Auswrtiges Amt" (Department of Foreign Affairs) in Berlin and asked them whether the German embassy in Teheran is open for the injured.
    The lady on the other side of the phone said "We currently do have no comment on that question." I asked "So you wouldn't deny that the embassy is open either?" "As I said, we currently have no comment on this topic."

    My guess is that it is open, but not "officially". Probably to avoid too many people to go there and to avoid taking sides officially, which is a no-go for an embassy.""

    BTW, I don't think the embassies can do anything about the thug forces blocking the routes to them or intercepting people moving there, if this is true.
  20. DanX Member

  21. [IMG]

    I give credit to the photographer, that's a powerful picture.
  22. Fancy Member

    It may be because they are reading the net.

  23. Anonymous Member

    I have written to the White House asking not for government intervention, but that they White House reach out to allies in the region for humanitarian aide.

    We as Americans cannot ask for our government to step into this in any official capacity, it is the wrong this to do. We can however, move them to act on behalf of the injured and dying on the streets.

    Email everyone, the President, your elected officials, Sect.Of State and ask that they do whatever they can to provide and assist those that may provide humanitarian aide to the area.
  24. While I appreciate your hard work, Dan, the cartoon you posted was unnecessary and show a serious lack of understanding of the broader politics of the situation.

    Furthermore, it was unnecessary in this thread.
  25. DanX Member

  26. Thomas Carey Member

    I am so pissed off with the political games being played by the free world governments. The embassys need to be open and they need to tell people this.

    I would especially think that Canada's emabassy would be open to these people.

    What if people show up in protest over this in countries like Canada etc? Would this pressure help? Where could people go to get this message across?

    Best Regards,

    Thomas Carey
  27. hurricane Member


    John Simpson and Jeremy Bowen from the BBC are on your streets in Tehran tonight the world knows what is happening they are broadcasting despite the threat of arrest & imprisonment away to go boys
  28. I can understand some frustration when one's people are getting killed in the streets. I don't think DanX needs any lectures right now.
  29. reishen Member

    Embassy of Polish Republic - Tehran

    No. 1/3, Pirouz St., Africa Expressway,
    Tehran, Iran, PO Box 11155-3489

    Phone & fax:

    tel: +98 (21) 8878 7262 do 64
    fax: +98 (21) 8878 8774
    Consular section - fax: +98 (21) 8887 2627

    (close to Al Asghar Hospital)


    Best luck from Wroclaw, Poland.
  30. Be very cautious about any report that embassies are allowing injured protesters entry.

    Article 41 of the Vienna convention expressly forbids interfering in the internal affairs of the host country.

    Article 41

    1. Without prejudice to their privileges and immunities, it is the duty of all persons enjoying such privileges and immunities to respect the laws and regulations of the receiving State. They also have a duty not to interfere in the internal affairs of that State.

    source url

    Breaching it would allow the government in tehran to order the closure of the embassy.

    I've seen no confirmation from anyone who has been allowed entry into an embassy. Given the above and the posts about basidj targeting the embassies this looks like disinformation!!!!

    You need to get this information out! Somebodies lying and it's not me
  31. If there's Iranians reading these, GET THE WORD OUT THAT THE EMBASSY'S ARE OPENING!

    I feel so helpless, it's not nice :(

    Good luck people of Iran.
  32. psa Member

    contradictory report on Assembly of Experts from naicIncsight?

    Can someone confirm where the Assembly of Experts stands? Is DanX's previous post citing correct? or is this one from

    The latest from Iran Saturday niacINsight

    4:46 pm: Where is Rafsanjani?

    According to an online reformist news source Rooyeh, Rafsanjani has been in Qom meeting some members of Council of Experts and a representative of Ayatollah Sistani. The following is a rough translation of the article. According to the source that asked to remain anonymous, during this meeting they recounted memories of the days of the Revolution.

    A reasonable purpose of these meetings, according to the source, is that Rafsanjani is looking for a majority to possibly call for Ahmadinejads resignation.

    gooya news :: politics : ????? ???????? ?? ???? ?? ????? ??? ????

    نسخه قابل چاپ
    ارسال به بالاترین
    ارسال به فیس بوک

    به گزارش خبرنگار رویه، آیت الله علی اکبر هاشمی رفسنجانی رییس مجلس خبرگان رهبری با بعضی از مراجع تقلید قم و نماینده تام الاختیار آیت الله سیستانی دیدار کرد.

    یک منبع آگاه در گفتگو با خبرنگار رویه عنوان کرد: هاشمی رفسنجانی در دیدار با مراجع تقلید به نقل خاطرات از اوایل انقلاب و شیوه حل معظلات توسط رهبر کبیر انقلاب پرداخت.

    تبليغات خبرنامه گويا

    این منبع که تاکید کرد نامش فاش نگردد افزود: بنظر میرسد نیمی از نمایندگان مجلس خبرگان رهبری تمایل به تشکیل "شورای رهبری" دارند.
    وی در ادامه بیان کرد: آنچه که میشود بعنوان چکیده این جلسات عنوان کرد این است که راه حل معقول در شرایط فعلی استعفای محمود احمدی نژاد است.
    وی گفت: رهبر انقلاب پدر و رهبر تمام مردم است و نه یک عده ی خاص. منتهی بنظر میرسد ایشان تمایل دارند پدر و رهبر عده ای خاص باشند.

    وی در پاسخ به سوال خبرنگار رویه که آیا جلسه ی مجلس خبرگان رهبری در قم تشکیل میگردد یا خیر، گفت: " اجازه بفرمایید در شرایط کنونی از پاسخ به این سوال معاف گردم . مطمن باشید که بزودی خبر تشکیل جلسه یا عدم آن به اطلاع میرسد".

    google translation:

    Procedures to the correspondent reported, Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, President of the Assembly of Experts with some authorities and the representative plenipotentiary imitation Qom, Ayatollah Sistani met.

    A source aware of the procedure as in conversation with journalist: Hashemi Rafsanjani met with authorities quoted imitation Khaterat way to solve the Revolution and the early leader of the Great Revolutionary by Mzlat payment.

    The source emphasized that not to disclose his name said: seems half the delegates to the Assembly of Experts formed desire "Leadership Council" are.
    He continued to express: what is as abstract as this session was that the reasonable solution to the current situation is the resignation of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    He said: Islamic leader's father and leader of all people and not a specific number your. Seems to tend to lead their father and leader of a certain number are.

    In response to the question whether a reporter procedure session the Assembly of Experts is formed in Qom or no, he said: "Here's to the present the answer to this question'm exempt. Mtmn soon be sent a session information or not it seems ".
  33. Morgan-IRAN Member

  34. I think the one from Gooya is the most recent.
  35. DanX Member

  36. DanX Member

    NOT DDOS Iranian sites now - it only stops and hurts the protesters trying to get the word out. Please
  37. Morgan-IRAN Member


    Let's see who else has the guts.....besides all the citizens of Tehran.
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