LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/20 -- continued (part2)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by DanX, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. hindmost Member

    vienna convention!

    Has anybody heard from anyone who has been allowed into any embassy!!!!
    This is really important!!!! The embassies are scattered all over tehran, the basij are targetting them and authorities have a completely free hand at the hospitals!!!!!!!!!
    Vienna convention forbids!!!!! interfering in domestic affairs of host countries. If you do your out!!!!!
    Protect your injured surround the hospitals!!!! urgent urgent!
  2. Thomas Carey Member

    I have not seen anyone confirm this at all. I fear people are being herded into a trap.
  3. Morgan-IRAN Member

    Thanks hindmost

  4. RT Basij might attack some homes tonight in Tehran and Shiraz. WATCH OUT. Hide with the lights out.

    There have been a lot of reports of houses having strange paint marks on them. Check houses and REMOVE ANY PAINT MARKINGS on doors or windows.
  5. RT...

    CNN confirms: Basij raiding homes, dragging people from their homes, marking homes for later raids. WASH MARKS OFF WALLS!!
  6. @hindmost

    Embassies do not breach Article 41 of the Vienna convention when permitting citizens of the receiving State or of other countries entry to the premises.

    Furthermore, the practice of embassies offering refuge is a long-standing one and does not breach Article 41.

    Nonetheless @all people seeking medical aid - please be careful!!
  7. hindmost Member

    vienna convention!

    Can you get that twittered?
    If it is disinformation it would fit in with the general tactical approach of splitting up the protests. From saturating the main squares with riot police and preventing the formation of a mass protest. What then followed essentially became a running battle. Small groups of protesters vs small groups of basidj.
    Attempted distraction as in the bomb at iman khomeni shrine (I know I've probably got that speeling (sic) completely wrong).
    I'd suggest that surrounding the hospitals would defeat this strategy. It'd protect the injured and shift the focus for the protesters away from the public spaces that are being targeted by the government.

    Sorry for not picking this up earlier
  8. This. All info came through twitter and somebodny said "confirmed" but so far all embassies contacted have replied they are not taking any injured. Other option would be requesting political assylum instead of medical care
  9. RT Reliable Twitterer in Iran: Dead bodies lying throughout Tehran; Another: Situation a "nightmare"
  10. Thomas Carey Member

    Report from Iran just now on Fox says Australian embassy is really stepping up and taking in injured.
  11. Link for this? nothing on fox news site or on any source not twitter
  12. Are there any confirmed reports about nasij in Hospitals? I cannot see the point in this. Also can embassies provide medical care to the injured?

    I think this is disinformation to scare people from protesting and to try and disperese them around the embassies (that are scattered around Tehran)
  13. Thomas Carey Member

    No link just came on TV a bit ago. They got a live report from someone on the ground there.
  14. Rebecca-IRAN Member

    This is from one source on twitter. The source has always proven to be reliable.

    "it was a nightmare, I can barely breath & my face is burning, xxx got shot in the arm & xxx's brother is missing

    I don't know where to start with, first they attack our peacful memorial gathering in front of the university with water gun

    the university's doors were close, we couldn't run everywhere! & then they start shooting tear gas at us

    they were so many! riot police, normal police, intel, IRG, Basij! I managed to scape, but they captured so many people

    all routes to Azady square were blocked & if anyone stopped walking or walking slow they hit him/her brutally

    there was no safe path, people were walking in cycles between all variety of security forces

    I think they made fun of people, don't go here, go this way, not that way & for no apparent reason suddenly attacking random people

    we tried our best using all known shortcuts for reaching Azady SQ were mousavi was, but ended up in face to face with IRG

    they weren't just the ordinary police or motorcycle riot guard, they were soldiers holding MP5 supported by reinforced military cars

    we didn't realize for a moment they started shooting at people, the gun's sound was like a toy gun, not loud & the soliders were smiling

    I was going to tell xxx they are using fake guns for scaring people! until people started screaming in agony

    we were at Nosrat st, and that part of that damned street had no were for covering

    we ran as fast as we could in the opposite direction, at the same time basiji bastards started to hit fleeing people

    I think I saw 2 or 3 people lying on the ground in blood & IRG started to move them, probably hide them.

    I lost xxx in the crowd in upper streets of Nosrat the irony was everything was calm there & people overthere shocked by the looks of us

    it was the biggest disadvantage for us today, police & basij managed to cut off people and prevent them from gathering

    they also attacked & arrested anyone with any green symbols or mousavi's pictures

    damned government also armed street thugs & Afghan workers with anti riot shields & wooden or electric batons

    most of them wearing in house clothings & I think they were really enjoying attacking people"
  15. hindmost Member

    This isn't somebody applying for a visa we are talking about! If in the course of a riot an embassy allows a rioter to enter and in so doing prevents that persons arrest they are de facto interfering in the domestic affairs of the host nation! It makes no difference if they are injured or not. It makes no difference whether the guest nation thinks that the reason they are being pursued is a bonkers as the moon is made of green cheese. Any embassy allowing access to someone attempting to evade arrest, which is what we are talking about here, is interfering in the domestic affairs of the host nation. It's not nice, I personally do not agree! I didn't write this stuff. My reason for posting it was because I'm seriously concerned that people are being fed disinformation and that, if you look at my previous posts that that disinformation fitted with what I saw as tactics to disperse protesters.

    If any embassy prevents an arrest they are in breach of international law and that embassy can be closed. Only the accredited personnel must be allowed to leave and any Iranian nationals, unless small enough to fit into a diplomatic pouch, will be stuck there.

    Bottom line, it's not them getting in it's why they were let in!
    Look at the posts about embassies letting injured protesters in. They were saying they were protesters! That means letting them in was interfering in the domestic affairs of the host nation!

    Anybody trying to argue differently is either deluding themselves or part of the plot. Goodnight and Goodluck
  16. remedies for tear gas, pepper spray

    Some people have asked on twitter for advice on how to deal with tear gas or pepper spray. Here are links to remedies for tear gas/pepper spray Tear Gas & Medical info for Protesters or its source Black Cross Health Collective - Pepper Spray & Tear Gas that I found online. Second link seems to be the source for the first but is separated into parts that the first link combines

    @timdnew twitter

    PS: Keep up the good work. One of my main sources of info is here
  17. psa Member

  18. Rebecca-IRAN Member

  19. hindmost Member

    vienna convention!

    Someone on the ground? So not anybody in the Australian government, which would be necessary for an ambassador to apply to for permission to flout the vienna convention and would only be effective if the injured protester could fit in a diplomatic pouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No Embassy can allow injured protesters entry!!!!!!!
  20. ZackZero Member

    Yet they are, so it's already a done matter. Quit the whining about it already and POST FUCKING NEWS.
  21. Hesperornis Member

    I'm currently watching FOXNews (don't tell anyone) and it's on the news ticker (that thing at the bottom of the screen. What's it called?) but it says embassies are 'reportedly' opened for the injured.
  22. Visionary Member

    I do not believe that is true, as long as the protesters go there of their own free will. A good international friend of mine assures me of this.
    (I wish I had more evidence however....)
  23. hindmost Member

    vienna convention embassy hoax

    People need to stop trying to reach embassies! They cannot let you in!!!
    If you have injured friends go to the hospitals! Get all the people you can persuade to surround the hospitals!! Going to the embassies lets the basij pick you off! The basj and the guard prevented you going to the squares. Make the injured your square! Protect the real cost of this change! Mass around your injured, they are the square of battle you defend!
  24. psa Member

  25. Wouldn't that just make the group an easy target.

    Like how snipers will injure, rather than kill, to weaken a military unit as a whole.

    And yes, Embassies can take people in. Japan does it in China all the time.
  26. hindmost: We've heard your objection. Embassies taking in refugees is not a new occurance. They *could* use them as a safe zone but then give them citizenship in a new country and send them out of the country. If you seek refuge in an embassy you might be out of the fight and can't go back. Or you might be picked off before you reach the embassy. But once you're let inside you're the embassy country's problem.

    Maybe they might even make you citizens and accept being expelled along with you. Or it could all turn to shit, you never know. (Remember US embassy hostage crisis.)

    Trying to get into an embassy sounds like a better plan than trying to fight the Basij at a hospital. In any case the protesters should choose *which* hospital they are massing at or else it will be fail.
  27. I'm starting to get the feeling that hindmost has ulterior motives.

    Your intentionally giving out information to keep people away from embassies when every report coming in is saying that they're helping people. How about you just leave this thread/forum since your not helping anyone.
  28. If the Basij try to take you right outside the embassy, then at least the people at the embassy can film you and put you on CNN.

    (Perhaps except the Russian one, they probably don't care. )
  29. Hesperornis Member

    THIS ^

    My thoughts exactly.
  30. RT *PERSONALLY CONFIRMED FROM #IRAN* Tanks have rolled in Tehran ... #iranelection

  31. Morgan-IRAN Member

    Thank you

    And despite the old diplomatic pouch argument, I'd say the chances are as good as most others that most bets are off for playing by some of the usual rules. These people are not afraid of anything anymore. They're getting hit and hit and keep bouncing back up. Go to BBC coverage for eyewitness reports---they're extremely good.

    POSTING THESE CORRECTIONS on numerous very busy FB locations.
    So there, hindmost part I don't know what.
  32. hindmost Member

    vienna convention embassy hoax

    Visionary, I don't care if you want to believe it or not!
    Bottom line there are absolutely no confirmations anywhere on any medium which state that any protester in any city in iran has, injured or not been allowed entry to an embassy. Given the information I posted about the legality of allowing protesters entry, the lack of confirmation that anyone had succeeded in doing so.

    Whether you want to believe it or not doesn't matter! If we are serious about helping the people on the ground we must give the the best intelligence we can! I chose the word intelligence rather than information because it was what I knew, the vienna convention, rather than what I was reading, information, which allowed me to make that link.

    My concern was that people were being fed disinformation which if followed would lead them to harm!
    I laid my concerns out and why I had reached that conclusion!

    It's not about being right it's about protecting people from harm!
    It's not a debate, some poor bugger may end up dead!
  33. Neda, face of the protest

    Texas had "Remember the Alamo"

    Iran has "Remember Neda"

    On Twitter tonight "Neda, the girl murdered by Basij today, and now the voice of the new revolution, has become trending topic on Twitter."

    The face now has a name. CNN blocked out the face as they played part of the video but her image is spreading like wildfire and according to various sources is being printed in Iran into posters and plaques. She has become a rallying cry.

    As to Embassies, Fox News definitely is reporting that several Embassies are helping injured protesters and also reporting that hospitals are being watched.

  34. us weep

    Given the current situation, does going to a GOVERMENT controlled hospital seem like a good idea to you?

    An embassy is your best bet, because there is no way in hell the IRG will open fire in the direction of a foreign embassy.

    Having said that, defending your basic human rights means that you're not safe anywhere in Iran at the moment...

    Bottom line:

    Hindmost is directing people to hospitals wich have been confirmed to be full of IRGs, denying wounded people the treatment they need. Has Hind not read these forums properly, or does he have an hidden agenda?

    Either way, i think i speak for all of us when i say
  35. If anyone can confirm what kind of tanks are rolling in it would to tell whose side they are on
  36. ARC Member

    Well, media are reporting that embassies are opening up. Is that good enough?

    Embassies have been giving asylum to refugees many times up through history. In south america it's even long traditon. US embassies don't want to do it unless there is immediate risk of harm, and it is now - and there's no US embassy there of course. It *might* be argued that Iranian forces might be justified in breaching the embassies to take the refugees, or of course to expell the whole embassy. But then you have an international incident on your hands.

    tl;dr: Duly noted, hindmotst. Now either give us confirmed new reports in this thread or shut up with your conjencture.
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