LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/20 -- continued (part2)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by DanX, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. AnonFWT Member

    It is now being said on Twitter that the Basij are going door-to-door and beating/killing people.
  2. pouch

    The diplomatic "pouch" can be applied to items much larger than bags or envelopes. Cargo containers, for example.

    Embassies are granting refuge.
  3. RT: Basij marking doors to attack later NOW CONFIRMED. Use oil/petrol to remove. #iranelection #Tehran #GR88
  4. ARC Member

    What you expected Americans or Russians? They are Iran's tanks of course. And you can't tell which side the tank commanders are on before you see who they shoot at or whose flag they fly.
  5. hindmost Member

    Morgan, you have seriously missed the point! I'm not interested in arguing that there may be some vague legal precept surrounding this. If it's a vague legal precept you are not going to get in! It's not about who can unscrew the inscrutable it's about giving good advice. I do not give a flying fiq about what might be possibly argued. People are dying and being injured! They are not in anybodies embassy and continuing to direct them there seems futile!
  6. i think he wanted confirmation if the tanks are from the iran army or from the police. I'm sure he knows foreign military wont magically appear there.
  7. Lets go over this one more time.

    Embassys - Several confirmed open and accepting injured.

    Hospitals - Confirmed to be full of police who ship injured protesters off to an unknown location.

    Now stop spreading your lies Hind.
  8. elzabet parship

    What is with this message, could be disinformation? Because I counted only 3-4 messages like this in Twitter in the last three hours
  9. hindmost Member

    No unless people confirm it it's not enough!
    Don't you just love it when you provide a logical analysis and people want you to stop posting it

    quote below
    tl;dr: Duly noted, hindmotst. Now either give us confirmed new reports in this thread or shut up with your conjencture.[/QUOTE]
  10. Not the first tweet I've heard of this for a few days now, source seems to be austin so might be legit this time. Still waiting on an independent source to confirm it or at least provide intel on numbers/direction.
  11. Neda has been turned into a martyr. The 'tubes are getting clogged with her name.
  12. I hope 4 you guys... PEACE AND FREEDOM 4 you from Austria... hold on... dont think that the world look much longer on this situation... all people stand behind you!... WE ALL ARE PEOPLES:... THIS IS EARTH... WE ALL WANT THE SAME... FROM EUROPE; FROM AUSTRALIA FROM ASIA ANS ALL OVER THE WORLD... we want freedom and we love the people in the world... but many dont want it... so let us scream: WE ARE THE PEOPLE AND WE HOLDING TOGETHER FOR OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN IRAN.... PEACE FROM AUSTRIA and hold on
  13. hindmost Member

    vienna convention embassy hoax

    Does anybody think it's kind of strange that when I post stuff about the the vienna convention and the embassies in tehran that lots of posts disagree with my interpretation of it and want to send people to the embassies. When we have lots of posts about people being picked up by authorities when trying to do precisely that!

    Stop going to the embassies! Surround the hospitals!!!!!!
  14. ZackZero Member

    They're taking them from the fucking hospitals, though. IMO, that's worse. At least if an embassy takes someone in, they can protect them while they're being treated.
  15. Member

    Hindmost, we've heard your point and chose to disagree.

    Moving on.
  16. Ezhdeha Member

    This thread is for posting information on event happening in Iran NOT your enterpritation of internatioanl law. There are other sections of this site for you to do this on and this is not one of them so do us all a favor and stop wasting time by posting your garbage here.
  17. Another MIA twitter has popped back up.

    Looks like the protests will continue.
  18. from-iran Member

    god be wit my sister ......

    guys , is it true they brought tanks to Azadi sq. is anybody from that area?
  19. Unconfirmed here, but claiming to be from a known source.

    Treat with caution until more details or an actual confirmation occurs.
  20. from-iran Member

    Neda ur my Hiro

    when they brought them?
  21. AnonFWT Member

  22. Unknown, source is seeking to get media.
  23. everyone please remember NO DDOS. it only hurts communications for the locals
  24. from-iran Member

    Neda ur my Hiro

    ok tnx , i m getting ready to go over there n com back
  25. from-iran Member

  26. nildor Member

  27. from-iran Member

    Neda ur my Hiro

    if u hav somebody in BAzar tell them to not go there 2maro
    n close their shops
  28. report from Tehran today

    Memo from the Streets of Tehran, Part III - Page 1 - The Daily Beast is a report from Tehran today. I presume the name is fictitious

    Person who posted this was on Fox News and reported that his source reported Arab speaking forces beating the people.

    Reports also of "burning liquid" being sprayed on the crowds from helicopter; enough that Fox News decided to report that it was being reported - not that it was true but that several different sources on the net was reporting it. I have seen it referred to as acid and also as Tear gas dissolved in water. No idea if it is fact or fiction.

    Guess I need to register

  29. from-iran Member

    Neda ur my Hiro

    i m goin to get some news , c u soon guys
  30. today we helped

    by removing street signs

    or switching them

    so that if they are not from this block

    or from this city

    they do not know what street they are on

    great success
  31. Member

    I like the way you think. An internet to you, sir.
  32. Thomas Carey Member

    They seem to be calling it acid. Thought I am wondering if its in fact lye in water as someone on Twitter suggested. I do know as they stated Lye can be pretty nasty stuff depending on the strength of the solution and can cause burns. In fact people used to use it to clear out clogs in drains. It would make sense as that should be very easy to source in very large qty and cheap as well.
  33. unconfirmed reports that basij are lurking outside some embassies trying to catch ppl trying to get in tho... so take caution either way
  34. Reliable Twitter sources disputing claim of "tanks"
  35. Is there confirmation about Secret Police taking people from hospitals?
  36. Yeah, if you count FoxNews.
  37. tim new Member

    Yes lye is a caustic, it will burn.

    Very reliable source on twitter from Tehran:

    so I take that as confirmation of the use of some type of acid or caustic.

    The reports of tanks is being questioned by those same reliable sources. They say the Twitterers reporting such are new accounts and think it may be disinformation aimed at scaring people by gov agents

    I registered as you can see
  38. hindmost Member

    That would be my interpretation of international law. Which this was not. My post was specifically about why protesters should not seek refuge in foreign embassy's. My post was a response to a post claiming that embassies were accepting injured protesters. My response was that given the vienna convention no country can interfere in the domestic events of their host.
  39. I hope they mixed about equal parts acid and caustic. (Which makes, salt and water :)
  40. jtreglio Member

    If that's true, then that's awesome. Good job!
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