LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/20 -- continued (part2)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by DanX, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. ARC Member

    Which is your interpretation of international law. You've said it several times, and your point has been duly noted. It is not a given that giving asylum is a violation, but it *might* be argued that it is. If Iran doesn't like it, they can expell the whole embassy and suspend diplomatic relations as is their right. Stll sounds better than being kidnapped by Ahmadinejad's forces at the hospitals.
  2. hindmost Member

    Oh why the fsck do I bother!
    Just gather in huge numbers around the hospitals and leave the basij at the embassies. Your injured are going to be better cared for in the hospital! If you are in huge numbers around the hospital then the cops are not going to be able to take the injured away!
  3. hindmost Member

    please can somebody start twittering that embassies cannot take in injured protestors!!! They just cannot do so!
  4. i will start doing that hindmost

    as soon as I finish stuffing this pineapple up my asshole
  5. tim new Member

    hindmost - give it a rest; you are sounding like a broken record - yes I remember vinyl records and hijacking this thread in the process.

    Embassies may give refuge/sanctuary to citizens; that is not interfering. It has been done many times. Reliable sources have reported that certain Embassies are accepting them in Tehran. Arguing with a fact doesn't change a fact. You don't have to accept the truth but I can guarantee the sources are reliable.

    Obviously with this being posted on the net and television, it has probably been flagged by gov agents; anyone trying to get assistance from an embassy should proceed cautiously.
  6. hindmost Member

    ARC, my interpretation of international law is not the issue. That you are prepared to allow someone to die to prove your interpretation is correct is!
    Put up or shut up!
  7. do not worry your self hindmost

    we in Iran know how to take care of ourselves

    many are doctors and every house offers unlocked door and refuge

    We have judged the embassies the wisest choice given the available options.
  9. Thomas Carey Member

    You know what. People in situations like this. Tend to act from the heart at key moments and Fck! the rules. They just do what is right!

    Here you are telling people to go in droves to places we pretty much know are surrounded by troops. Who are hauling them off. As you will not let this one point go. It seems to me you have an agenda that is not in the best interest of the people of Iran.
  10. ARC Member

    You're trying to make it an issue. It would be a whole other thing if you came in and said "Iranian foreign ministry says embassies taking in injured protesters will be breached and expelled as violating the Vienna convention". All you're doing here is to try and say that no embassies can recieve asylum seekers, which is wrong since we've seen it happen many times before up through history.

    NO U.

    OK, look here Terryeo, to put up or shut up is what I told you first.
  11. tim new Member

    From Iran:

    Cities were there was unrest Today: Tehran, Shiraz, Ispahan, Ahwaz. More expected Sunday
  12. Here's an idea...

    Move the debate about hospitals and embassies to another forum! All it does is confuse already clogged channels. There might be soldiers at BOTH the hospital and the embassy!

    Also, I find this posting unusual because isnt it like 3 am in Iran right now? All day I have been reading this site and others...and I wiish there were mods who limited this particular forum to news from INSIDE IRAN.
  13. ARC Member

    This is right. But at least there won't be soldiers inside the embassies, so once you get inside you *might* be safe for a while.

    Debate over until we get some reports from Iran or from the foreign services.
  14. tim new Member

    People inside Iran, read this for what it is worth and use your best judgment on how to use it - you are the ones with lives on the line, not us. Here is a link to a list of Embassies supposedly accepting injured that was posted on twitter

    List of Embassies Accepting Injured Eldercato's Blog
  15. skollie-IRAN Member

    Do you have any concept of what the people in Iran are going through at the moment? Nobody wants anybody to die. People are dying by going to the hospitals and the embassies are a much safer bet.
  16. Sol Mann Member

    User has been infracted, bannination imminent.
  17. tim new Member

  18. tim new Member

    From reliable Iran Tweeter

    The issue of whether tanks are in Tehran has been circulating. It is now morning in Tehran and this twit:

  19. Deranged Member

    Sorry if this is wrong in any way, but my friend's dad is in Tehran, and my friend's mom told him that there was a suicide bombing attempt on Moussavi?

    Any word on that?
  20. Thomas Carey Member

    I have not seen word of this anywhere else but here as of yet. This does not mean that it is not true.
  21. Beat him with a SuperMod stick


    ps Hindmost-part-of-my-arse..."put up or shut up!"
    Fuck off or fuck off. Or phuck off.
  22. Morgan-IRAN Member

    Moussavi not at meeting yesterday

    I assumed he didn't show at yesterday's meeting because he knew that his life would be severely shortened. This would not suprise me.
  23. troyamot1 Member

    We stand for you.

    The people of the USA support you all in Iran.
  24. Keep fighting guys!!! Don't give up! Fight for your country like we did with ours (usa) you will get your democracy i have faith in you all!:D
  25. tim new Member

    There were reports of a suicide bomber at the shrine of Khomeinei -

    People seem to be uncertain if

    1. It is true or fabrication by Govt seeking to portray protestors in bad light

    2) really an attempt on Mousavi who had reportedly expected to be in that area

    3) Acts of a radical Iranian group unrelated to peaceful protesters

    in short, Iranian State News reported a suicide bomber but other sources are not sure if it is a fabrication or ?
  26. ARC Member

    Thank you, but your show of support (or show of mental breakdown in the case of a few) are better suited for other threads.

    This thread is for recent news and for short and concise comment on it, not extended debate or other things.
  27. troyamot1 Member

    The Birth of a new dawn for everyone.

    Could this be the biggest blow to all the hate.
    The bombs would be so much quieter there in that part of the world.
    And the true light could shine.
  28. I'm not sure either but I found this...

    "FB friend says: Iran source: there is a military tank in Azadi Square."
  29. ARC Member

    That report is still not confirmed, so it could be wrong.
  30. troyamot1 Member

    Show of support!

    oK. Show of support to the people of Iran.Just saw on news some are dropping chems. And hot water on people.
    Fox news usa.
  31. Visionary Member

    Council of Experts info from earlier, was very misleading:

    Iran Updates (VIDEO): Live-Blogging The Uprising

  32. Morgan-IRAN Member

  33. otehdrama.jpg
  34. Visionary Member

    Well it's a big deal if they are not really supporting Khamenei except for the one stooge, like it seemed they were earlier. Especially since one of his and Ahmadi's main opponents Rafsanjani is the head of the group.
  35. Re: Hezbollah

    Seeing reports of them being from Afgan border areas. This would explain a few things.

    Any confirmation?
  36. from-iran Member

    Neda ur my Hiro

    hi guys , city is still sleep n i askd some locals about the tanks ,nobody knows,
    well according to my views , the centers were around Enghelab sq. , kesharvars blv , Satarkhan St. (which 1 guy confirmed dead there) ,laleh park ,
    the police station on Azadi sq was ruined ,n i heard Basij center near Navab st. was ruined too
  37. tim new Member

    That is why there has been confusion. Government agents are now posting false information on twitter, facebook and elsewhere to intimidate and confuse the protesters.

    I try to focus on people who were posting before the government agents caught on to the power of the net; people who are known on the net to be truly protestors.

    One such person has tweeted it is false (as I quoted); several others questioned the reports as probable gov't agents posting false info
  38. from-iran Member

    Neda ur my Hiro

    i hav no idea wer the protest will be 2day?
    anybody knows?
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