LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/21 -- (part3)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by I Ran Hubbard, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Continuation of yesterdays threads following up-to-date news and twitters. Please try not to repeat anything less then credible.
  2. This just in: Pink elephants marching through Tehran.

    Yeah I'm starting to get it as well. Becoming far more caution about any news from Iran now. Words and images are likely to be the hinge on which this revolution will swing, so we need to tread carefully.

    Couldn't confirm the report of foreign forces landing in Iran either. So go ahead and delete the thread.
  3. Do we have confirmation of tanks in Tehran?

    I've seen lots of tweets 'n the like about the Republican Guard moving in from the outskirts, and we were hearing late yesterday about the tanks; but I also keep seeing traffic discrediting those claims.

    So... do we know one way or another?

    And by "do we know" I mean knowing relative to the same standards of confidence that we've been applying to reports throughout this clusterfuck of a situation.
  4. No confirmation. Didn't have confirmation of helicopters spraying people with whatever either.

    All seems to be scare tactics.
  5. what about the calls for strike by mousavi, is this still unconfirmed?
  6. I think that's been confirmed -- but I recall that he called for strikes on the condition that he was detained.

    If the auto workers are an indication, though, people are going to start striking regardless.
  7. Mousavi has made it clear though that he is not against the fundamentals of this regime.

    Unless he completely rejects the pillars of the Islamic Republic he is still one of them and not to be trusted.
  8. Remember, though, this isn't just about Ahmadinnerjacket and Mousavi. This is also about the people of Iran.

    And if they have the confidence to challenge their government and show any success, who knows what might happen in the future.
  9. "One of them" came into doubt after Khamenei's sermon on Friday -- he pretty much said that if the protests continue, Mousavi was out of the inner circle. That was a sharp reversal from earlier in the week when Khamenei reportedly told Mousavi that he believed Mousavi was "above this."

    Back on target with the news:

    RT f/Iran confirmed - Rasoul Hospital Tehran - at least 11 dead

    RT They were able to destroy the Basij Tehran HQ. Confirmed by BBC. [I have not found a BBC article confirming this...]
  10. Swarm Theory Member

    Only possibility I can find

  11. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    well , i went to azadi sq. 4 hours ago n asked locals, they said there werent any tanks there
  12. from-iran Member

  13. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    bt somting odd happend yesterday
    they used choppers n spread some liquid on people which was so hurtful ,n if those tried to wash it , it burned so much, i hav no idea wat stuff was that, but sombody , a dr. said , they had to use lemon instead of water to wash their skin
  14. Just as clarification on the tank rumour, tanks themselves, particularly those used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, are A) More or less totally and utterly squashed in the streets in Iran, B) Due to their lack of mobility in Iran's urban areas would do more or less no good at all to the Government, and C) the infrastructure in Iran, particularly Tehran, would not support a tank, much less would any area with anything dug underneath it be able to support the weight of one tank, let alone multiple ones roaming about town in rows.

    Helicopters are being used, however (more mobile than tanks :p), Rev Guard is the main police force right now, and death toll is at least 150 (though it is more likely between 300-450, always add more to get the real number).
  15. 11 daed??? what r u talking about?? at least 40 dead for only saturday and 200 wounded. The special force attacks teh hospitals and takes teh name of the wounded and wants to take them away...god knows to where... but a lot of them run away before their wounds are healed..
    also, helicopters are flying all across the city, this liquid from-iran talks about is confirmed also... we thought it is some strong acid or base... i dunno.
    there are a lot of people captured and are in jail...............
  16. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    well according to some news Hashemi Rafsanjani is trying to make Guard Council agree to somting unknown , becuz their job is to verifty Kh,meini , so he s working on it , sombody , a familiar face said we hav a tough week ahead, so i guess 2day is a break n in the meantime thy plan fr days ahead, let s c , i m still folowng the news , bt noting found bout 2day's protest
  17. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    that 40 is acording to Alarabie tv , n that 11 or 14 according to others like cnn,
  18. jtreglio Member

    Yeah, but he's not going to sell out the protesters. If he was, he would have done it at Friday prayers. Instead, Mousavi doubled down, and has announced that he's prepared to be martyred. If he were anyone else, Mousavi would be a dead man by now.
  19. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    well , i personally didnt think Musavi could stand like this , he s really brave , cuz killing some faces like him for this government is so easy , they can make it like an accident , like wat happend to that IT engineer from interior Department, or that guy one of the founder of Sepah , saee,d Ha,jarian ,they terrord him some years ago , bt he was lucky,
    n was arrested 4 days ago
  20. jtreglio Member

    Well they could until the guy announced he was ready to be a martyr. Now his death would raise an even bigger shit storm. That said, Mousavi is showing a level of testicular fortitude that's commendable.
  21. you think iran is your easy democratic country?!?!?

    yeah he is one of them, he used to be the prime minister and he did this and taht...
    but, now he is standing behind the people all teh way to martyrdom; I hope u know what martyrdom means!! Torture, death, blood, eh?! not your video games kinda death. the real one
    and whatever he has done or whoever he is or whatever he support and whatever he doesnot support, he is the ONLY ONE who is standing against ahmadinejad, and agianst killing people, and against dictatorship and against rigged election...and against lying to people. he is the only one who hasnt let people astray in all these 30 years! U gotta know about the history of iran after the revolution... all those killings and suffocations after the revolutions. They killed all the political leaders, all teh potential political leaders. after that, no one every dared to say anything, anythign, nothing... and now someone is saying sth. Someone , from within, but someone different.
    And no, u r WRONG. they havent killed him yet cause they r affraid tehy have to kill millions then!!! u know! use that brain, eh, there is a reason it is up there! use ur eyes, and read more about history, eh!? Read before u write, read before u talk.
  22. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    i heard Neda was killed by snippers, anyone heard about it?
  23. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    yes, u r right
  24. jtreglio Member

    Actually, I just said what you just said. Here's a translation:

    Testicular fortitude (aka steel balls the size of GRAPEFRUIT) = immense bravery in the face of certain death. This is a good thing, and for a guy like Mousavi, an elite who could live a comfortable life, to be willing to lose it all is nothing short of amazing.

    Shitstorm = the government having to kill millions to keep order.

    My apologies if my language caused any confusion or distress. That's the last thing I want to do is cause anyone from Iran any distress right now.
  25. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support
    the family of Rafasanjayi got arrested last nit , anyone heard of it?
  26. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    guys dont get confused , we r on the same side , n i m in iran
    so i was on the st. n i fought jst like u,n i didnt sleep last nit ,cuz i saw her death , n it was so painful
    better focus on ways to keep fighting
  27. nothing in the western media sofar
  28. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    dude those media dont pay attention to details , they look for their own benefits ,bt a few are good, i heard in sweden they jst had a short title for it
  29. jtreglio Member

    Sorry, I'll be clearer with my language

    At this point, its all about keeping up the protests long enough for Rasfanjani to convince the Assembly of Experts that Khamenei has to go. That's the only way, because Khamenei won't stop. The key is convincing these guys (or the army, but that's an uglier solution). You in Iran are doing everything you need to - its just a matter of keep going. What can we do outside of Iran? Letter writing to the Assembly members?
  30. psa Member

    Can't wait until DanX returns to take over.

    Have caught up from where I had to leave off early this evening to attend local protest with Iranians in SF, CA. But, going to bed soon, since I haven't slept since Friday morning. Great rally, full of energy, passion and emotion.

    DanX is the news leader on this board. The reason is that he posts news. Not speculation or argument. DC4Justice is also pretty damn good. When they reappear, probably from napping, the LIVE REPORT will hopefully settle down, and get more web-professional again. In fact, DanX's example is a good one for anyone posting here: PROFESSIONAL

    The biggest question when I left was the status of the Assembly of Experts. There were two conflicting reports, and I'm very glad that Nico Pitney at the Huffington Post has settled the debate that they are *currently* undecided. Which means that Rasfanjani (and others) are still lobbying them to tip the scale either for or against Khatemei.

    Also, to recap what was CONFIRMED in prior (Part 1 & 2) postings in this thread from Mousavi's own Facebook postings that were google-interpreted, he:

    1) committed himself to martyrdom for the cause of freedom in rejecting both the election and proferred "recount"; and
    2) committed the country (his supporters) to an INDEFINITE strike in the event of his arrest.

    If posters want to dig for some scoops that will give real clues as to how this whole thing will end and when, then dig into the web for the state of affairs for the Assembly of Experts (how many, who are they, who is aligned with whom, arrests, deaths, proceudres, etc.) to start counting votes....:eek:

    Same questions for allegiances with the armed forces, particularly the IRG & Army.

    Also, a few rules for newbies to become newsmen:
    • long posts suck (like this one). short, direct posts are best.
    • use formatting to highlight confirmed news in color, and maybe font size and maybe bold
    • hyperlink to sources (if possible), or state origin of sources
    • don't feed the trolls
    • translate [EDIT -- persian] into english. use Google Translate (simply highlight, right click, copy, paste into translation field)

    my own analysis posted yesterday follows, just for the hell of it because I'm going to bed, and then it's father's day, and I won't be posting, and not so I can defend it in debate because it is NOT NEWS. :D

    Mousavi has just checked Khamenei, offering himself for death and calling for an INDEFINITE general strike should anything, starting with an arrest, happen to him.

    It becomes a checkmate if Rasfanjani can bring down the thunder of the Assembly of Experts, and this ugly affair could be over sooner rather than later.

    Otherwise, Iran has just begun an internal seige, with house to house fighting, and chasing each other around the board as pawns and the lesser pieces fall for the cause.

    God save a Free Iran. goodnight.
  31. psa Member

    and I forgot...

    ...keep up the good work. Iran is counting on the web to win.
  32. from-iran Member

  33. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    a big tnx goes to all the people n members of this site which gives us a chance to spread the info,
    tnx to u Danx , the admin, i ran hubbard n others
    we own u guys for all ur efforts , i pesronally didnt think that u all help us this much, tnk you
  34. from-iran Member

    --------breaking news

    Alarabie a tv channel mentiond that Rafasanjani succeeded to gather 50 members of Guard Council ,if he can find 4 more , they can challenge Kha,menie
    n i can guess who told this to Alarabie
    could be a great victory.......
  35. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    tnx psa , i ll do
    keep fighting there , n we do ours
  36. I Ran Hubbard Member

    from-iran is there anymore known planned protests ???
  37. jtreglio Member

    Please excuse my language, but holy fuck! Do we know who the holdouts are? Any chance of lobbying these guys directly, or will that interfere with Rafasanjani's efforts?
  38. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    well , i havnt heard any plans for 2day or days ahead yet
    bt i m sure they r working on plans under surface bt can guess what r up 2, n besides other side which consists of Mojtaba kh,mehiei , Khamei,ni ' s son, Sardar Taeb (chief command of Basij) , Kh,emini himself , that ass hole Ahmadinezad , n other member of Koudeta team are thinking bout defence
    this is a very important week,let s c
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