LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/21 -- (part3)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by I Ran Hubbard, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Exactly. For the first time in decades Americas got a president that has some intelligence.
  2. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Anyone interested in Neda photos can go to and search. It's been posted enough already here.
  3. nildor Member

  4. Oh, one should think its been enough of provocations against people soon. First they shoot an innocent girl, then her family is kept from mourning her. This is gonna hit back on them!
  5. vienna Member

    here you go (I just uploaded it again)


    [sry for simultaneous post]
  6. Via The Guardian(UK) Iran in turmoil: live - 21 June 2009 | News | on the events in Iran: "Robert Tait, our former man in Tehran, says there are reports that a bomb has exploded in the past few minutes at Talaghani Street undergound metro station, close to the former US embassy. Reports suggest that there are many dead, though there few details or confirmation."
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    Thanks Nildor. I just noticed the original post now showed a blank blue square and the link said expired. I
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  9. DanX Member

    خاکسپاری ندا تحت شدیدترین تدابیر امنیتی و با سرعت بسیار انجام شده است
    Neda burial under severe security measures and has done very quickly
  10. DanX Member

    The prestigious mosque Nilufar that was to hold funeral of has canceled the program. Others'v been ordered same.
  11. DanX Member

    tomorrow's rally with candles to remember the martyrs of protests 5-7pm all over iran
  12. DanX Member

    نیروی انتظامی تهران اعلام کرد در درگیریهای روز شنبه 475 نفر بازداشت شدند
    Tehran police announced on Saturday in clashes 475 people were arrested
  13. This is several hours old post.
    Can anyone confirm this?
  14. Iranian clerics seek supreme leader alternative

    strong article in alarabiya on present powerstruggle and with the icon-image and video of Neda.
    (first media Ive seen that in)

    the comment just make it richer...

    a quote from the article/comments
    "Neda died with open eyes. Shame on you to live with your eyes closed."
  15. darezy Member

    Police Annonced: 475 Arrested, 150 Injued and 11 people Killed from Yesterday!
  16. .............

    if this is true the theocratic medieval suckers are more stupid - when it comes to their own survival - than i thought.
    they must be longing for their supreme leader in afterlife very much...

    the whole thing must explode - if this really is true...

    it just grows and grows...
    this is the stuff legends are made of....

    in memory of Neda....
  17. DanX Member

    [ame=""]Iran Protests Chaos in the streets of Tehran 20090621[/ame]
  18. Dogbadger Member

    Hey Dan, I tried to view your youtube post, gives invalid paameters error.
  19. Iran becomes worlds biggest prison for journalists

    Reporters Sans Frontires

    Twenty-three journalists have been arrested in the week since the presidential election results :

    14 June:
    - Somayeh Tohidloo, who also keeps a blog (
    - Ahmad Zeydabadi
    - Kivan Samimi Behbani
    - Abdolreza Tajik
    - Mahssa Amrabad
    - Behzad Basho, a cartoonist
    - Khalil Mir Asharafi, a TV producer
    - Karim Arghandeh, a blogger (???? ????? :: ???? ?????? ??? :: and reporter for pro-reform newspapers Salam, Vaghieh and Afaghieh, who was arrested at his Tehran home.
    - Shiva Nazar Ahari (see her blog: ???? ??? ?????).

    15 June:
    - Mohamad Atryanfar, the publisher of several newspapers including Hamshary, Shargh and Shahrvand Emrouz, who has reportedly been taken to the security wing of Evin prison.
    - Saeed Hajjarian, the former editor of the newspaper Sobh-e-Emrouz, who was arrested at his Tehran home on the night of 15 June despite being badly handicapped.
    - Mojtaba Pormohssen, who edits the newspaper Gylan Emroz and contributes to several other pro-reform newspapers and radio Zamaneh. He was arrested in the northern city of Rashat.

    16 June:
    - Mohammad Ali Abtahi, also known as the Blogging Mullah, who was arrested at his Tehran home. His blog: Mohammad Ali Abtahi.
    - Hamideh Mahhozi, arrested in the southern city of Bushehr.
    - Amanolah Shojai, who is also a blogger. Arrested in Bushehr.
    - Hossin Shkohi, who works for the weekly Paygam Jonob. Arrested in Bushehr.
    - Mashalah Hidarzadeh, arrested in Bushehr.

    17 June:
    - Saide Lylaz, a business reporter for the newspaper Sarmayeh, who had been very critical of Ahmadinejads policies. He was arrested at his Tehran home.
    - Rohollah Shassavar, a journalist based in the city of Mashad.

    18 June:
    - Mohammad Ghochani, the editor of Etemad Meli.

    20 June:
    - Jila Baniyaghoob, editor of website Canon Zeman Irani (,
    - Bahaman Ahamadi Amoee,
    - Ali Mazroui, the head of the Association of Iranian Journalists.
  20. nildor Member

    Al Jazeera:

    On his website Moussavi condemns "mass arrests" of his supporters

  21. Boy are you a nut! I started out my life in the USA as quite poor but hard work, more hard work, ingenuity and luck got me a great life here. What's your problem, that we have to work for it? You think it ought to be handed to us?

    Even the poor here have better lives than most poor anywhere in the world. We had a good thing....I hope the communist who managed to get himself elected POTUS doesn't ruin it for all of us. He has delusions of grandeur that will take generations to pay off....if ever.

    I salute all the brave protesters in Iran who seek freedom! It's worth the sacrifice.
  22. DanX Member

    Oxford University letter head for freedom Reza Hashemi Shahroudi Jlayypvr

    Oxford University letter head for freedom Reza Hashemi Shahroudi Jlayypvr
    Head of Oxford University and head of Saint Anthony College of Letters sent separately with the head of the Judiciary were demanding freedom Jlayypvr MR.

    بReports Third Wave image of these two letters and translate them more text appears.

    Presence of respected Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi
    Head of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran

    . I, as head of Oxford University, this letter to apply for freedom Jlayypvr MR, Danshjvban of Saint Anthony College, Oxford University هفدهم that day in June has been arrested in Tehran airport Mynvysm you. I was informed by the Presidency College, one of the MR Jlayypvr First Traz Oxford University students and their abilities to present good, Oxford University has shown.. To do research for his birthplace and was returned to Iran where I know him malfeasance is Nzdh head. Hope that knowing Mybrm Preparation speaking students examine and review this situation and have the hope he can soon return to England to study and continue to find. Jlayypvr MR ability on knowledge that the academic world and promote his country Iran Byfzayd.
    Same respect
    ohn A - Hood
    Head of Oxford University, England

  23. nildor Member

    any updates on this?
  24. all swedish big online-papers publish full Neda-story with images and videos

    all swedish big online-papers publish full Neda-story with images and videos
    this is becoming a mayor story here in sweden!
    Fortsatta demonstrationer efter ddsskott -

    excerpt from

    The few data passed to confirm the date talking about the continuing demonstrations into a tense Tehran. Yesterday affected thousands of demonstrators clashed with riot police and paramilitary forces. The data on what took place in Tehran's streets on Saturday is special.

    Photos to be taken during the Sunday show demonstration, a violent and how groups of demonstrators attacked members of the normally dreaded basij militia. At least two major demonstrations were held on Sunday, while hospital sources now confirmed 19 deaths so far on Saturday.

    Police and government militias loyal now patrolling Tehran's streets and stops people from being together in large groups, and new demonstrations are planned, and rumors spread about a general strike, reports the television channel Sky News.

    At the same time information on what is happening significantly delayed. The films, photos and eyewitness accounts to show Saturday's brutal violence have received full distribution until Sunday, in part to the determination of their origin takes much longer when the established media work in the country is blocked by the regime.

    One of the films shows how a girl, called Neda, shot to death. Data on how the killer will be a sniper from the Basij militia have not been confirmed but Nedas dead already called for a symbolic event and watershed in the conflict. Just hours after the film was made available on the internet held demonstrations in New York up posters with images from the movie.

    On a Facebook page, tell a doctor, Hamed Rad, that he was on the spot and saw what happened: "A young woman stood outside with his father and watched the Protestant States when she was shot by a militia that was hiding on the roof to a private house. He had a clear view to the girl and could not miss her. He aimed straight at her heart. Since I am a doctor so I rushed forward to help her. But the ball had exploded in her chest and she was dead within two minutes. The demonstrations took place about one kilometer away on a main street and some of the demonstrators ran from the tear gases shot towards them, towards Salehi Street. The film was taken by a friend who stood next to me. Please let the world know. "

    The girl will later on Sunday have confirmed a 27-year-old philosophy student, and her death has led to numerous comments from people who follow events on the Internet.

    Other film photos taken with mobile cameras, and as demonstrated by several TV channels, shows riot police attacking unarmed demonstrators and violently beats them with their batons

    in memory of Neda
  25. dom_perignon Member

    Swiss Press:
    As if the persecution of journalists in their own country is not enough, Tehran also tried the reactions abroad to influence. Apparently, Iran diplomats from the member countries of the EU einbestellt and their interference in the internal affairs of the country accused. The Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kohout, whose country currently holds the EU presidency, spoke of a "misunderstanding", as it is the objective of the EU was not in Iranian affairs. (cpm/ap) With the deadline on Sunday in Tehran, it was the diplomat reported to be not allowed to express their views on the situation in Iran to express their opinion.

    Google bersetzer
  26. DanX Member

    Iranians protesters Throwing stones at the police CNN.
  27. are you guys trying to change the Islamic Republic shit or just the President?!?!? if its the mollah's go for it, otherwise, dont lose your life for just a president. Not worth it. Same shit different color or smell
  28. DanX Member

  29. DanX Member

  30. DanX Member

  31. vienna Member

    I apologize for my fellow countryman - fanaticism knows no borders.
    As I have noticed in the past week, many of the extreme left and the extreme right both support the current regime and use its arguments (US-intervention, etc.). Thankfully, they are a very small minority.
  32. DanX Member

  33. STOP USING FILTHY LANGUAGE & settle your arguements some where else!

    STOP USING FILTHY LANGUAGE & settle your arguements some where else!

    STOP USING FILTHY LANGUAGE & settle your arguements some where else!

    STOP USING FILTHY LANGUAGE & settle your arguements some where else!

    STOP USING FILTHY LANGUAGE & settle your arguements some where else!
  34. Dogbadger Member

    Can we stop with the USA hate stuff........ This is not about US this is about the PEOPLE IN IRAN who are risking there life for more freedoms..... Lets focus on them and do what we can to help.
  35. DanX Member

    گفته می شود محمد هاشمی، برادر هاشمی رفسنجانی به اتفاق همسرش در فرودگاه بازداشت شده اند این خبر هنوز تایید نشده است
    According to Mohammad Hashemi, Rafsanjani's brother happened to his wife were arrested at the airport this news is not confirmed yet
  36. Looking for information about Embassies

    Are there any embassies that are taking wounded, and if there are, which ones?
  37. maybe you should create a new topic for this.
  38. Tony C Member

    Use the triangle at the lower left of the post and report these posts to the moderators to be removed. These posts do nothing to further the cause of the people of Iran.
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