LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/21 -- (part3)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by I Ran Hubbard, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. I really don't think this should be brought to Haag. Khamanei and his fellows should be prosecuted within the borders of Iran, by the Iranians whom have suffered from his/their terror throughout these years.
    A faith like Milosovics doesn't suit these traitors, but a much, much, MUCH worse.
  2. Found the list, thnx ~
  3. He cannot do anything about this. Teheran nerver signed the statute of the criminal court + the UN security council (unlike what did with bashir) has not referred the situation to him for investigation. I'm sorry, the only justice Iranian can seek is justice coming from their courts.
  4. Don't play it's game, there are far more important things to do than poke the moron.
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  6. skollie-IRAN Member

    Thank you for that and yes, thankfully they are a minority. It's sad how one idiot can taint an entire nation.
  7. why are there people flaming here? have you no respect? this for news, news only.

    love and peace
  8. skollie-IRAN Member

    DanX I get a blank page and when trying to copy the url - stll get nothing?
  9. DanX Member

  10. vienna Member

    Dear USA vs. Serbia vs. USA fans: please discuss your virtues, shortcomings, etc. in another, more fitting thread. Thank you.
  11. pull manhole covers, string lines across streets, oil slicks. a stick through the front spokes can be very effective in close
  12. ZackZero Member

    Were you just outed, or is that another unfortunate soul that's been identified?
  13. DanX Member

  14. Via Fark

    People have been asking about embassies

    I've spent a lot of time (and some $) tracking this issue. Here's the story. Many embassies have apparently said they are not receiving injured. The Dutch foreign minister has said that not only are their people not trained for this, no one's come by.

    I spoke with people at the British, Australian, and Swedish Embassies. None could hear me, despite my working telecom equipment, which confirms for me reports of Iranian interference in phone calls to embassies.

    The Austrians have released a statement essentially saying that they will take wounded, but deliver them to hospitals as soon as possible. To me, this does not indicate a policy of medical treatment, but rather the sort of treatment you'd get if you collapsed in an office building: first aid followed by a 911 call.
  15. Isn't there enough hate?

    Stop it!!!!!!!!!
  16. JoeRodge Member

    what is this?
  17. jtreglio Member

    Shockingly, the Italians have been open about this - the Italian Foreign Minister ordered the embassy officials to provide aid to the demonstrators. Here's the link. I guess Berlusconi has some redeeming qualities after all.
  18. DanX Member

    He is Basig soldier who kills people on the streets, [secret police in civil clothes)
  19. what's this?

    It's a snapshot of one of the Iranian secret/plan clothes policemen who has been identified (apparently).

    Lebas shakhsi - means plain clothes and used to refer to these secret service men.
  20. We had a thread of basiij pictures for people to identify but it was locked or something because it "encouraged violence". One of the pictures was the gunman at Basiij base that killed 7 people.
  21. Their being outed! Great! Why shouldn't their faces be published, if they feel that they're in the right, they should stand by their actions.

    Bless the Italian ambassador.
  22. DanX Member

  23. this is off topic you fucking idiot!
  24. as you can se he is siiting on motorbike...
    in my opinion motorbikes is the biggest problem in your fight...
    This is fast and agile means of basij transport
  25. Swarm Theory Member

    I apolgize in advance, but we are not without precedent...

    Consider the Iranian governments attempts as Bull Baiting and we should our best to help the Iranian people who are not used to that to see it so they can focus on more important concerns...
  26. Italian embassy

    Can someone please post the Italian embassy confirming that they are taking in injured?
  27. DanX Member

    CONF: MONDAY leave car headlights on all day, TUESDAY nationwide STRIKE. SPREAD
  28. a moderator should really go through and delete all the off topic posts in this thread...i come here to get updates on iran not read off-topic hate spam. i'm not even willing to read through all the junk in it to see if tehre has been any updates
  29. Im here for updates on Iran not bickering back and forth between fools.
  30. italian emb

    Yesterday evening it was reported form inside iran in numerous twitts that they took in injured for first aid. Today anyone who can read western media should be able to confirm that the Minister himself agrees with this policy...
  31. I like Iranian people and you have my support, but you don't need USA, they don't whant you any good, only they whant is new big market of 75 milion of people, they don't give a shit about democracy in Iran like they don't give shit in Saudi Arabia who is US ally and totalitarian regime.
  32. moderation

    CAN SOMEONE MODERATE THIS AND DELETE ALL THIS JUNK? (this post included, if need be)
  33. DanX Member

    Chennel 1, Shahran Homayoun on NEW sat for Iranians (Maa Tv) EUTELSAT D2 freq:11472.67 Symbol rate: 27500 Vertical 2/3 Maa Tv

    The Iran gov have send wave signal and stopped this channel on Hotbird satellite
  34. just looked at the list of moderators and only 1 is on atm
  35. DanX Member

    Basiji militias arresting two young protesters in Tehran

  36. Italian embassy

    Yes, but I was thinking about sending an e-mail to the Swedish embassy (or Utrikesdepartementet) writing them that the Italian embassy was helping injured people, even though they're a part EU.

    Maybe that wont help because the Swedish ambassador has already gone home to Sweden...but just so they can't play the "no-one-in-the-EU-does-this-card".
  37. that all happened in 1999 but damn your synths sound like your still in the '80s so good luck catchin back up to 2009. can we end the hate please and use these boards for what they were intended?
  38. -Y-

    Italian Embassy

    18:54 Frattini: "Ambasciata assister manifestanti feriti"

    "L'Italia non si sottrarr agli sforzi internazionali di assistenza umanitaria". Lo ha dichiarato il ministro degli Esteri Franco Frattini che, in attesa di coordinarsi con i colleghi europei, ha intanto "dato istruzioni" all'Ambasciata d'Italia a Teheran di "accogliere ed assistere i manifestanti feriti" "ove vi fosse richiesta e bisogno di assistenza". Lo rende noto un comunicato della Farnesina.

    18.54 (GMT +1) Frattini (Italian Foreign Affairs Minster): "Embassy will assist injured protesters"

    "Italy won't deny international efforts for humanitarian assistanze". Declared this the Minster for Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini who, waiting to coordinate with his european associate, has "given instructions" in the meanwhile to the Italian Embassy in Tehran to admit and assist injured protesters" "where there will be requirements and need for assistance". Announce it a bullettin from Farnesina.
  39. FUCK THIS NATIONALIST BULLSHIT IT THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE NATIONS OR ANY NATION WHAT SO EVER! this is a chance to prove that we are all beyond that stupid bullshit. this is about iran and the basic human rights that everyone should be fighting for. take your nationalist bullshit and shove it up your fucking asses. this forum was made to help save lives, i consider you conspirators of a fascist government and guilty of causing harm to innocent protesters.

    moderators please remove all related posts
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