LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/21 -- (part3)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by I Ran Hubbard, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Ms mrm

    A smooth transition from the current political system is more important. Drastic changes can foil your ultimate freedom dreams. Mousavi is good for Iran for now. For bigger changes- allow this change first. God Bless Iran!
    - A well wisher from India

  2. jtreglio Member

    Total waste of time - even if Sweden is taking in the wounded, the embassy is not going to tell you how its violating international law. At least not on the record.
  3. vienna Member

    good night and stay safe!
  4. If you're trying to contact the embassies directly, please stop.

    Odds are they won't tell you "yes, we're doing something against the wishes of those guys outside our walls with all the guns."

    Because, damnit, that'd be stupid.

    Best just leave the information we have in the open and let the Iranians decide what to do with it.
  5. expart folkdance

    YES. Good point...
  6. ARC Member

    It's not a clear violation, but it would be controversial. Don't say it's a violation without qualifying it.
  7. Ms mrm

    Dear Iranian Protestors,

    Carry on your fight for freedom with full confidence. God is with you and the world is with you.
    What is life without freedom?
    Freedom is given by Allah, but taken away by the Mullah.
    These Mullahs are the enemies of Allah.
    The Mullah are middle men between God & Man.
    Get your direct connection with Allah. Get in touch with your spirit within you.
    And that connection is possible only in freedom.
    So ask for your birthright- Freedom!
    What is life without freeedom?

    I pray that you get your freedom & country back soon and hopefully without further bloodshed.

    Sympathetically yours
    Ms mrm

  8. Andy Borowitz: Ayatollah Warns Iranians: "I am Following You All on Twitter"
  9. To my Serbian brother:

    [ame=]YouTube - Djurdjevdan - Trubaci[/ame]

    BOLJE GROB NEGO ROB! (Better grave than slave!!!!)
  10. tim new Member

    Netherlands to protest

    From @breakingnews

    The Netherlands will make a formal protest against Iran regarding the "excessive force against peaceful protesters," minister Verhagen says.
  11. TO BRATE!!!

    Better grave than a slave!
  12. Get you fucking serbian ass out off this thread!
  13. Don't waste anymore space addressing the troll. Keep to the topic.
  14. If I'm not mistaken it's about 11:05pm in Tehran? Shouldn't be long before we get more dark images of home raids and property damage.
  15. err, no, it's 2.37am
  16. tim new Member

    I think you're mistaken. It is about 11 in London now; Tehran is what 2 Am?
  17. Ah. 9 hours ahead of me. Thanks to both of you.
  18. tim new Member

    9 1/2 one of those half zones
  19. No video from the overnight hours so far? Dan has presumably gone to sleep but I'm curious if any of you have found twitter videos since sun down in Tehran?
  20. Twitter:Ann Curry

  21. Can we please stick to the topic? It feels like there's more bickering, arguing and fighting going on in here than there is information of the fighting in Iran. Why don't we take this opportunity for all the people of all the nations to make a united voice heard in support of the Iranian people. Here's an issue where the people rather than the governments can step up and really make a difference, and we're bunching our panties over our personal nationalisms. Let's stop.
  22. We are(Independently) working on a gerneral Strike Plan. Please help us
    with your ideas if you have expertise on this issue, send plans to our email
    adress and write ideas as comments below.

    Mousavi on Facebook. Confirmed?
  23. tim new Member

    From Twitter:

    Report and are fake and dangerous
  24. Strike Plan

    Nobody should go to work and continue with protests till they gave our Country back. They can't stay against the whole population in IRAN.

  25. Calling a strike now would be too soon, i think. More time has to be spent promoting the uprising to get as many people to join the movement as possible. And then, when the numbers of people participating are peaking and the people is most hungry for freedom, the strike has to be called.

  26. Of course we are fighting, we the Serbs are always fighting for justice and freedom! (Better war than a pact! Better grave than a slave! ) - just joking :)))

    Tell me , what is happening in other cities? Why are there no information about other cities? Does Ahmadinejad have bigger support in other cities? Does he have support in South Teheran or it is all mixed?
  27. dom_perignon Member

    CONF: MONDAY leave car headlights on all day, TUESDAY nationwide STRIKE. SPREAD

    Spread this!!!
  28. Serbs and Americans always fight

    Yes, Americans and Serbs always fight. In school, my doubles partner in tennis was a transfer Serbiab student, who became my best friend.

    We got in a fist fight pretty much every afternoon, and partied every night like brothers!

    We Americans and Serbs are very similar one to another. :) That's why we fight like brothers.

  29. So... This is pretty much the Iranian government admitting election fraud, isn't it?
  30. Sounds like it's leading up to them saying, "Yeah, there were some irregularities but not that it would have made the difference".
  31. Yeah.. Just an attempt to try calm the people.
  32. dorkier 4)Chico

    You should see voting in Croatia, when dead people are voting. :)))

    P. S. Serbs you can suck my dick, Turkish slaves!

    Popuite mi kurčinu katoličku!
  33. Atleast 3mm more votes than eligible voters and still they hand counted them all in 4 hours. Wow!
  34. Happens in America too.
  35. Last time it was crucial in some discrits, and nobody said almost nothing. They talked about it 3 days after elections, but nothing happened. Same thing happened in Italy...
  36. Remember not to post any names of those inside Iran.
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