LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/21 -- (part3)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by I Ran Hubbard, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. ok allright
  2. IranTracker

    Someone suggested earlier that the names of those reported arrested be consolidated. I just wanted to mention the existence of this site, which is already making efforts in this regard in in tallying up other data:


    I suggest efforts be coordinated.

    Sorry if redundant.
  3. As long as elections are profitable...people will seek an edge.
    Keep the headlines rolling. Will check back later.
  4. I have to leave it for today, but learned one thing in farsi today:

    Natarsid! Natarsid! Mah hameh bah ham hastim!
    Don't be scared! Don't be scared! We are all together!

    See you tommorow again.
  5. your tearing yourselves apart. exactly what the big govt wants.
  6. Ma vi hrvatski kmetovi samo moete da nam liete jaja! (You Croats can only lick Serbs testis) hahahahah

    How Iranians say? MARG BAR CROATS! hahahahahah
    Can somebody correct me? :)))

    I like Persian language, it's indoeuropean but sounds like Hungarian which is not indoeuropean.
  7. Regarding "news" on election results.
    Suddenly media is covering things that has been known her and outside for days.
    Actually cnn is rediscovering their own news/proofs. And that in turn is redistributed as sudden facts everywhere.
    This link
    is the source for cnn
    Analysts pore over 'ambiguous' Iran results -
    (june 16)
    today its the 22. That goes as well for the other discussion her:
    that is also old news. And more remarkable is the coverage on the protest, embassies and not least the killing of Neda.

    Something is swinging the media, public offices and opinion.
    Looks like somebody is getting the message.
    Keep up the good work.
  8. Swarm Theory Member

    Serburbia was an awesome movie, but I'm tying to watch the Iran channel right now.
  9. dom_perignon Member

    Pls do not forgett to spread!!!
  10. You got etra battery?
  11. Just got this tweet.

    UNCONFIRMED - Iran - Khamenei Supreme Leader has left Tehran
  12. tonethetiger Member


    Keep discussion targeted on the current issue with Iran, and leave the "ethnic cleansing" to another forum or bboard.

    Currently, we need to focus on the today's events and what plans are made for tomorrow, the next day, etc.

    Stay organized, resist the disinformation and concentrate on only tending to the issue of Iran's struggle for reform. For a more representative democracy, for peace and the struggle of those who have sacrificed their lives to secure a more real liberty.

    The only relevant subjects are:
    what accurate news can be shared with the outside world?
    What time and place are planned demonstrations/events?
    what organized strikes/ancillary movements are occurring and when?
    who has been injured or killed or arrested?
    where can demonstrators find safe haven?
    What strategies can be used to positively affect change?
    Well-wishes for those who are making the real change here: the Iranian people.
    And prayers of hope and safety during this challenging time.

    This is not a religious forum or a ethnic forum. This is a forum for encouraging and supporting the hundreds of thousands and millions of people in the streets, in university in iran, objecting the failed leadership and direction of their country. This is what this forum is about. Concentrate on this and do some good with it...

    Peace be with the people of Iran, and may they find their perfect futures!
  13. IRIB (Seda & Sima) is a mouthpiece for the regime's lies, slander, and propaganda.

    We call on the staff of IRIB to resign immediately and refuse to cooperate with the organ that is directly linked to the Leadership and his illegitimate coup d'etat government. To continue working with IRIB is to be hand-in-hand with the Sepah & Basij in the savage bloodshed they are visiting on the streets of Iran. Your resignation can help cripple the vile lies being fed to the Iranian public.

    To IRIB audience - please boycott all products advertised on state television & radio. Do not support their side in the media war.

    Also, please spread the word to people who may not have access to the Internet & satellite - inform them that the state media is no different now than it was under the Shah - it misrepresents the reality of events on the ground to the sole benefit of the governing dictator.
  14. This is stupid.
    Why would he leave when he is controlling all key parts Teheran? And riots are isolated.
  15. dom_perignon Member

    for stupids: do it while u r driving!
  16. This is what I get from tweeter, probley was not relible?
  17. ..............................
  18. dom_perignon Member

    Form Twitter again:
    Rumor: Rafsenjani got 50/54 votes needed to remove Khamenei out of office. What do you think?
  19. tim new Member

    Voting Fraud admitted

    The Guardian Council admitting voting fraud is significant, isn't it?

    Guardian Council: Over 100% voted in 50 cities

    Didn't the supreme leader just say on Friday there was no fraud, no cheating? This hurts his credibility, if he had any left, doesn't it?
  20. sorry though was helping.
  21. Consensus Member

    Couple possibilities:
    1) It could be to help them save face. If they are going to back down and annul the election (after affirming the elections legitimacy and insisting they wouldn't), they need an excuse. If they back down because of what amounts to a mob demanding they do, they lose legitimacy. If they suddenly 'discover' an irregularity and back down, they can say 'my bad yo.'
    2) It could be that they're trying to demonstrate that they are fair and objective, but acknowledging some (minor) irregularities, so that you're more likely to take their word when they say that the irregularities would not have affected the outcome.

    both of those possibilities would make sense if the council themselves discovered and brought up the irregularity - and, if that is the case, means they'd have incentive to fabricate those irregularities.

    On the other hand, if the irregularity was discovered by an independent (presumably objective) observer, based on the data published by the council, then
    3) they are forced to acknowledge it or deny it. In denying it, they'd have to demonstrate either that the data the independent source is using is not accurate, or that their evaluation is somehow flawed. In relenting, they'd acknowledge the election was flawed.

    So I want to know who discovered the flaw, and based on what data (who made the data available? how reliable is it?).

    When the tide turns against the regime, expect the guardian council to try to save face. The president can be removed, the ayatollah can be removed, but if it gets to the point where the council of experts and the guardian council are losing credibility and legitimacy, the Iranian people will have to form a new government from the ground up - and anyone involved in the previous government will have to reapply for their jobs. Nobody wants to reapply for their own jobs.

    The trick is, if the election was rigged, there will be a lot of suspicion re: the guardian council. If they switch sides, they're going to attempt to persuade the Iranian people that the fraud was a plot between the Ayatollah and Ahmadi. If that's the truth, that's cool by me - if they have the fraud brought to their attention, and legitimately had nothing to do with it, and endorse a re-vote, I'm okay with them keeping their jobs after the jerks are kicked out of power. But if they were complacent, they need to go too.

    Hell, they needn't even have been involved with or known about the fraud for them to be guilty - they're charged with the task of ensuring the election is valid, and they failed. Not only did they fail to prevent fraud, they insisted that there was no fraud. Even if they recant that position, they've still fucked up their own job about as bad as they possibly could.
  22. What if state of emergency is proclaimed?
    This will not be good.
  23. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that Ahmadinnerjacket is about to get tossed under the bus.
  24. him and supreme leader needs toss.
  25. jtreglio Member

    From Juan Cole's website

    I always wondered what Sistani was going to do; it looks like he's playing kingmaker.
  26. This is incredible becuase it confirmed by Iranian controlled media!

    allah o akbar!
  27. "So I want to know who discovered the flaw, and based on what data (who made the data available? how reliable is it?)."

    This is essentially this study:
    (st andrews is a pretty heavy source with loots of international credibility)

    It was embedded as a source for cnn
    Analysts pore over 'ambiguous' Iran results -
    (june 16) and the repport is the source for what everywhere today its the "chathamhouse" analysis indicating election fraud.

    There will also come more material (not yet published) in the lines of
    based on the same methods.

    These studies are all based on official material/numbers from the iranian government.
    Here is a link to farsi version of the numbers supplied

    The point is: the official material is proof in it selv of serious irregularities.
  28. btw... im a Babtist Christian... but it seems that as time goes on in this world... that truth and justice emerge where it is needed, just as the truth behind Ghandi and King, Jr are universal.
  29. Boozel Member

  30. Twitter Ann Curry:

    Of course we knew that last bit of info hours ago. Bravo people of this forum.
  31. Twitter: (Iranian living in states)
  32. tim new Member

    Yes the fact it is being reported by Iran Press TV seems to me to be a major shift; no longer denying fraud but admitting it. And to admit to 50 cities and 3 million votes (so far). Yes the victory was supposedly by 11 million but to admit a taint this large taints all of it. I see it as a prelude to an annulment of the election; don't see anything else appeasing the people now.

    I will be interested to see where this goes and how fast


    This is the most pwerful message a people can convey.

    Bring those f***s down
  34. tim new Member

    oops, it is there. I had a character missing from the address I guess
  35. # Ppl stop working - go to work if you must - but do nothing - bring all Gov offices to halt - #Iranelection RT2 minutes ago from web
    Ppl - stop to pay all electricity, gas, water, telephone bills from today - this will starve the Gov - #Iranelection3 minutes ago from web
    Ppl if you have money in bank - withdraw ALL your account - Gov is using your money to kill your ppl - #Iranelection5 minutes ago from web
    Advice to our people - you can help to destabilize the Gov - we will tell you how - #Iranelection6 minutes ago from web
    The Gov is colapsing and the system of control is fast breaking down - #Iranelection7 minutes ago from web
    Advice - do not believe anything on twitter which suggests that Sea of Green or Mousavi is surrendered - this is total lies #Iranelection8 minutes ago from web
    Mousavi is planning to announce national strikes - these will show the world and the Gov of Iran the strength of Sea of Green #Iranelection10 minutes ago from web
    We have a few moments to tweet with you - our friends - from a DSL connection - #Iranelection11 minutes ago from web
  36. It's still up, the link posted cuts off the last bracket for some reason so it doesn't load the correct page.

    Try clicking this.
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