LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/22 -- (part4)

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  1. President Barack Obama press-conference 090623-short summary

    President Barack Obama press-conference 090623

    (short from the memory)

    On answering the correspondant from Huffingtonpost who had a Q from an iranian in iran.

    Under what circumstances would you accept the election as it is with president Ahmadinejad as the winner and legitimate president of Iran?

    Its not what USA thinks that matters in this case - as much as the iranian ppl.
    A big size of iranian ppl dont think that this election can be accepted.

    Its an internal problem and should be solved by the iranian ppl.
    There is a democratic way to go about this problem - or a not so democratic.
    I hope the government of Iran choose the first option.

    on Obamas mild reaction to Iran...
    he said: I am not going to be used as a tool by other countries -
    and we dont know yet how this is gonna play out...


    on Neda
    Have you seen the images from the girl Neda was shot down?
    Yes, they are heartbreaking - and shows something that is fundamentally unjust.

    the regims repression force the movement to maybe go underground - and it is much quiter in iran today...
    Is that a concern for you?

    of cource it is a concern...
    As I said before it is fundamentally human values and international norms and regulations that is in breach.

    I get a feeling that obama want to consciously play it cool and let the regim in iran hang themself, so to speak.
    It would only get fuzzier, he thinks, to meddle and take too much stand right now.
    I think that is the right strategy for the moment - and everyone knows where he and the western sympathies lies anyway.
    (and I really hope he meddle in concealed ways)
    But he doesnt have to speak it out, for now.
    I think there is no doubt that he firmly feel for this situation.
    He who of cource has his own story as an leftist african in USA and the M,L King story in his geins - and he is a advanced politician who knows how to play the game.
    I think that he will come on harder and harder and play with the action as it happens in iran.
    If the regim looses more ground there is a tippingpoint where obama and EU will take a much harder stand and make it to a mayor issue.
    Very much are in the balance in that case - like the nuclear question, the shia-crescent in the middle east, USA:s future in middel east and the palestine Q not to mention the af-pack situation for instance.
    It could be very tough for this weakend repressive regim - who has lost a lot after the election....
  2. That's about 3 days old
  3. New video

    There is a new video on International Post of a protest outside of Tehran on June 23.
  4. they did send this very graphic video on alJazeera today...

    they did send this very graphic video on alJazeera today...
    hope the other big media broadcast it too.

    [ame=]YouTube - ‫??? ?????? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ????????? ???? 30 ?????‬‎[/ame]

    I have no story behind this...
    "Decomposed brain of young Iranian clashes Wednesday"

  5. Bullet Fee

    "Bullet Fee" Son's Death Has Iranian Family Asking Why -

    How can such a thing be? When will this end? first Komenei has innocent civilians killed and then he charges their family because his foreign recruits or corrupt police "waste" bullets on the murder victim's priceless life. what's next, charging everyone who has their car, business, and home broken/destroyed/burned down, because he wasted batons, basij boots, and lighter fluid on destroying such "worthless things" as precious human beings and and their worthwhile, valiant and hard bought ways of living. Does his contempt for his people, his religion, and his own country show no end?
  6. dom_perignon Member

    Several Twitter:
    all foreign embassys surrounded by militia to stop ppl going in
  7. dom_perignon Member

    Twitter@persianwiki: all hospitals is surrounded by militia to check why ppl going in - if gun or baton injury - they arrest and beat u #Iranelection
  8. baghalizer Member

    Guardian Council demanded 5 more days on investigation of the presedential ballot and final results.
  9. Hesperornis Member

    Why? They hope people will give up?
  10. dom_perignon Member

  11. Gathering support to depose the Shah.
  12. dom_perignon Member

    yes. I'm sure it is.
  13. Persiankiwi's tweets seem different than their usual style and a lot seem to be trying to scare people from going into Tehran to protest. I hope they didn't get hacked again.
  14. Strange. They also announced today that the ceremony reinstating Ahmadinejad will take place a few weeks from now, iirc. What's the point of investigating if you've already made up your mind?!
  15. look at the pole and the chain reflecting on the blood are for sure the same in the two videos
  16. Ardalan Member

    Bit of Fact-check
    Allah o Akbar means "God is Great"
    Marg bar Diktator means "Death to Dictator"
  17. Sounds like they're stalling for time. I don't like that.

  18. dom_perignon Member

  19. scroobious Member

    For some time now, Seymour Hersh has been reporting that the CIA and U.S. Special Forces have been operating on the fringes of Iran. I think most of the info he's getting involves the Baloch, but I have little doubt there's some sort of U.S. presence there.

    (He's a good source for this sort of thing; he broke the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam, the Abu Ghraib story, and recently broke that Dick Cheney had intelligence answering to him privately before the Obama administration released records showing as much. He has some good moles.)

    Given that, I think Obama is saying the right things at the moment. Of course the U.S. right wing is complaining, but whenever someone mentions Mossadeq the right argues no one remembers that -- maybe in the U.S., but not in Iran.

    I don't think the argument "if the people only had guns" makes much sense either; for one, having a gun doesn't mean having military combat training (meaning they'd most likely get killed); for another, a destabilized Iran with an armed populace would unnerve Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, causing even more problems.

    Strangely, it seems that if the protesters are going to hunt Basiji, the most effective way would be to engage asymmetrically like they are, via tactics, contacts, and make-shift disposable weapons like the molotov cocktails. (The IRA even used slingshots with deadly accuracy.)
  20. Hesperornis Member

    FACT: Allahu Akbar means "Allah is greater"

    ilah means 'god'.

    Arabic (Allahu Akbar): الله أكبر

    Allah = الله (alif ا, lam ل, lam ل, ha ه)
    ilah = اله (alif ا, lam ل, ha ه)

    Allah is the name of Islam's deity, even though in those regions, it is used interchangeably with 'god' because most people are Muslims; and to them, Allah IS god. So to make the distinction is redundant. It's kind of like in America when you say 'god' , most people think you are talking about Jesus, because Christianity is the dominant religon.

    You can see they are not the same word even in the Shahada:

    أشهد أن لا إله إلاَّ الله و أشهد أن محمد رسول الله
    ašhadu ʾanla ilāha illal-Lāh, wa ʾašhadu ʾanna muḥammadan rasūlul-Lāh
    There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

    كبير (kebir) means "great" but Akbar (أكبر) means "greater."

    Both kebir & Akbar are used in this verse (both highlighted in red in the source link) - kebir means 'great' and Akbar mean 'greater.'

    Therefore, Allahu Akbar means "Allah is greater."
  21. Fox News just spoke to a freelance journalist not yet muzzled by the Iranian Government. Sounded almost pessimistic. Says no Allahu Akbar chants tonight, that people are striking but bazaar shops (on threat of licsence removal) are not.
  22. That is contradictory to other reports we've gotten today. Do you have a link or some sort of source for this?
  23. He is correct. There has been some chanting, but it's not the same. The people are tired and worn out. They no longer seem to have the fighting spirit. A few do, but not the 10's of thousands. There were like a few hundred hear or there. Bazaar was not shut down.

    Very sad situation. It's all over, it seems.
  24. Even if the protesters are simmering down (which i still won't believe till confirmed as i know government post have been rampent here) the resistance and opposition is very very strong. This is just the beginning.
  25. a desert Member

    There's no purpose to give up before it's over. Keep a little faith. :)
  26. Exactly :)

    Also tweet reports giving much more faith ;)
  27. The conversation took place on Studio B which hasn't finished airing yet.

    I doubt things are over yet. It took months for the 79 revolution to be successful, it hasn't even been a full two weeks for this one yet.

    The moment the martial law and/or the blackout is lifted (and it will have to eventually just from the cost of maintaining the presence from all those troops and loss of revenue from lack of telecommunications), I think they'll have problems again. I think people are waiting for their window of opportunity so kindly provided by the short-sightedness of Khomenei and Ahmadinijad.
  28. Remember that the Iranian Revolution of 1979 took a long time too.

    Seems the Iranian people in for a long haul.
  29. The 79 revolution was actually a process that took over 20 years, this really is the beginning and the window can only open more from here.
  30. Oy, talk about split-personality.

    Fox just got an exclusive video from Channel One in San Fernando, CA with protesters shouting Death to the Islamic Republic. Apparantly there is a big show of force going on over there regarding the rally today (in Iran, tomorrow for the US) in front of Parliament. Mousavi is gonna show up.
  31. Ardalan Member

    whatever, i did not have all night to write the encyclopedia description and the history behind the phrase, and the neighboring phrases. and allso USE DIFFERENT COLOURS
  32. dom_perignon Member

  33. Dont be discouraged you have come a long long way!

    Keep it up people. Dont be discouraged! There are simply to many of you and to few of them. You will beat them.
    All you need is time and you have it. It is on your side.
    WE are all looking and hoping for you. This is the first really big fight of many that will eventually be all over the world. Tyranny is worldwide but in different forms and we all need to stand up to it.
    YOU are leading the way. Thank you and may god bless you.

    Greetings from Sweden
  34. Ezhdeha Member

    Hardly. Think of this as recharge time for the people where as the basiji and others get no down time during situations like this. The longer they are made to stand out in the heat with all that gear on the more tired they will become. This is also the time where networks and plans are made. Things are far from over.

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