LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/22 -- (part4)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by I Ran Hubbard, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Head of parliament's judiciary committee: Mousavi accountable for illegal protests, can be pursued legally
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    Please RT: Demonstrators should not gather in a single main spot, they should spread around
  3. DanX Member

    Foreign Ministry: Iran mulls over expelling foreign diplomats
  4. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran Guards vow protest crackdown

  5. Based on the above news snippet, I'm wondering if the cell phone providers could retask satellites to provide coverage in blacked out areas?
  6. vienna Member

    wishing everyone on the ground safety, here a youtube-video to maybe lighten up your hearts a very small bit:

  7. nildor Member

    from Iran in crisis: live - 22 June 2009 | News |

  8. Cell phones don't use satellites, they use, microwave based cells.

    The phone system in Iran is owned by the Iranian government, so they can shut it down or cripple it whenever they like.

    Of course doing this would be costing the Iranian economy millions of dollars each day as people can't do business. Same goes for the internet crippling.
  9. Al Jazeera TV say the riot police are using

    TEAR GAS :eek:



    as they try to break up the demonstrations on the Tehran streets today Monday June 22, 2009
  10. My primary analysis of the situation

    hi there, i am an iranian living in tehran. again i thank everyone for their support and kind words. its truly, really appreciated. thank you, thank you.

    about that tank thing. iran heavy armored vehicles are in the Army not the revolutionary guards. and from what i heard the army is not on good terms with R.Gs or khamenei

    anyway, someone with a contact in the revolutionary guard told me today that Rafsanjani is brewing something nasty for khamenei. its a rumor i heard from other sites and persons. he wants to displace him, create a leadership council and move it from Tehran to Mashhad, the religious center of Iran. this way they will stay away from politics as far as possible. i guess this Friday, with khamenei's speech in the prayers, we shall see the result of all this. by the way, the guardian council will announce its vote by Wednesday.

    the fact that khamenei praised rafsanjani in this friday prayers is interesting. i guess the situation is going out of hand for khamenei, he has fallen in a trap that without doubt rafsanjani has placed for him. dont underestimate rafsanjani, he has become a cunning and ruthless politician.

    and about that *** hole ahmadi nejad, he is just a puppet, and an ugly one too.
  11. SPIEGEL ONLINE-Neda Becomes a Symbol of the Protests

    "Neda died with open eyes. Shame on us who live with closed eyes," was one entry. "

    A Martyr for the Iranian Opposition: Neda Becomes a Symbol of the Protests - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

    Neda Becomes a Symbol of the Protests

    By Ulrike Putz in Beirut

    She sinks to the ground -- and a few minutes later she is dead. A video that has been repeatedly posted on the Internet purports to show the last moments of Neda, a young Iranian woman shot in the heart by government sharpshooters. Overnight she has become a symbol of the opposition.

    Images of an Iranian protester's death have galvanized the opposition.
    They are shaky, blurred images: A young woman collapses onto the pavement, a dark pool of blood spreads beneath her body. Two men kneel next to the woman and press on her chest, screaming. The camera phone which is filming her zooms in on her face. Her pupils roll to the side, blood streams out of her nose and mouth. "Neda, don't be afraid! Neda, stay with me. Neda, stay with me!" cries one man. Another man beseeches someone to take her in a car. Then the footage stops.

    It cannot be confirmed if the 40-second film, which was posted on the Internet on Saturday, really shows the death of a young Iranian demonstrator. Like almost all the video and photo material coming out of Iran these days, it is impossible to verify its authenticity.

    However, even if it may never be certain if these images really show the death of a young woman named Neda, she has still become an icon, a martyr for the opposition in Iran. Neda has given the regime's brutality a bloody face and a name. Overnight "I am Neda," has become the slogan of the protest movement.

    Find out how you can reprint this SPIEGEL ONLINE article in your publication.
    The video footage appeared on the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter on Saturday evening. It immediately became a viral sensation, being forwarded repeatedly. User groups were determined to get around YouTube's attempts to block the immensely graphic film. The posted the clip so often that it became impossible for YouTube to remove it.

    The first postings were furnished with a commentary. A supposed eyewitness described what was happening. He gave details, presumably in order to underscore the clip's veracity. The incident occurred on the Karekar Avenue, at the corner of Khoravi Street and Salehi Street in Tehran at 7:05 p.m. local time, he reported.

    A young woman, watching the protests together with her father, the commentary said, was shot in the heart by a sharpshooter with the Basij, the government militia. "I am a doctor, so I rushed to try to save her," the man says. "But the impact of the gunshot was so fierce that the bullet blasted inside the victim's chest and she died in less than two minutes."

    Iran's Joan of Arc

    "The film is shot by my friend who was standing beside me," he continues. "Please let the world know." Persian-speaking Internet users quickly supplied a translation. The screams, "Stay with me, Neda!" are said to have come from the young woman's father.

    By Sunday morning "Neda" was the fifth most commented topic on Twitter. She had already become a kind of Joan of Arc. "It took only one bullet to kill Neda. It will take only one Neda to stop Iranian tyranny," was one posting from Tehran on Twitter.

    "Neda died with open eyes. Shame on us who live with closed eyes," was one entry. "They killed Neda, but not her voice," was another. During the day thousands of people replaced their profile pictures with tributes to the young woman, such as "I am Neda" or "Neda forever." Others posted images of a broken heart in green, the color of the opposition movement.

    Many blogs, including that of the New York Times, are now speculating if the footage could change the course of history. There are parallels being drawn to the images that became iconic during the Islamic Revolution. The film could become as much as symbol as those now historic images from 1979 which showed the Shah's troops shooting on unarmed demonstrators.

    (images of Neda alive)
    Neda: the true face of Iran
    Neda: the true face of Iran -

    "Neda died with open eyes. Shame on us who live with closed eyes," was one entry. "
  12. DanX Member

    مردم همچنان در 7 تیر تجمع کرده اند در پیاده رو ها مستقر شده اند و سر مفتح درگیری شدید است
  13. DanX Member

    میدان 7 تیر و ایستگاه مترو کاملا در اختیار لباس شخصی ها و نیروهای پلیس است
  14. DanX Member

    بالای تمام ساختمان ها در 7 تیر نیروهای نظامی اسلحه به دست مستقر شده اند
    Theres Anti-riot police with guns in their hands from roof tops in 7th tir sq.
  15. DanX Member

    They're hitting ppl in Hafte Tir Sq.,3-5 thousand ppl are there.A friend who just left there confirmed.
  16. Is that from a reliable source? Sounds like an easy way to deal with the demonstrants...
  17. Are there "back doors" into the Iranian phone system?
  18. DanX Member

    RTConfirmed: Amirabad, Tehran is currently full of guards and police
  19. DanX Member

    هفت تير، كريمخان، سنايي، و پارك لاله صحنه درگيري نيروهاي لباس شخصي با جمعيت سياه پوش وعزاداري است كه شال سبزانداخته اند وبرخي گل بدست دارند
  20. hangerhead Member

    At these parks Tir, Karimkhan, Senate, and Laleh Park, the secret police are attacking all people who are dressed in black, wearing green or carrying flowers (perhaps because of Neda Funeral)
  21. DanX Member

    NC: Riot police R attacking hundreds of protesters w/ tear gas, & firing live bullets in the air
  22. DanX Member

    NC: Helicopters hovered overhead as abt 200 protesters gathered at Haft-e-Tir Square, 100's of riot polices
  23. DanX Member

    تمام خیابان های اطراف میدان 7 تیر و انقلاب و آزادی پر است از لباس شخصی های موتورسوار
  24. It looks like this revolution is on its last legs :(

    The number of people protesting is way down from last week.
  25. DanX Member

    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]اولین عکس از مزار شهید ندا[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  26. BBC website quote

    BBC NEWS | Middle East | Analysis: Iran splits widen

    So the split between the two sides is widening.

    There has been unrest on the streets before in the 30-year history of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    But what makes this crisis unprecedented is the scale of the dissent on the streets and the fact that it is in parallel with a fracture in the ruling elite.

    For the last 30 years years Iran's top leaders have disagreed with each other many times, but they have never taken their quarrels to the people like this.

    Their stake in the survival of the system as it stood outweighed any advantage they might have hoped for by going public.

    Mr Mousavi was a protege of late Ayatollah Khomeini, who led the revolution against the Shah, and is therefore a consummate insider.

    But now he is publicly breaking with Khomeini's successor, Ayatollah Khamenei. It looks as if there is now no going back for either of them.
  27. DanX Member

    احتمال لغو ولایت فقیه و تشکیل شورای رهبری. گفته می شود تاکنون بیش از 40 نفر از مجلس خبرگان موافقت کرده اند Mr. Sistani supports Rafsenjani.
  28. DanX Member

    تمام موبایل ها در مناطق 7 تیر و انقلاب و آزادی قطع شده است
  29. DanX Member

    عباس عبدی، از اعضای اصلی ستاد کروبی اعلام کرد:شورای نگهبان باید خودش را رد صلاحیت کند
  30. DanX Member

  31. =
    "Abbas Abdi, a member of the Main Staff Karroubi declared: Guardian Council disqualified himself to be"
  32. DanX Member

    تا کنون از میان بازداشت شده ها فقط جهانبخش خانجانی و شهاب الدین طباطبایی با خانواده های خود یک بار تماس کوتاهی گرفته اند
  33. =
    "Among the detained since only Jahanbakhsh Khanjani Shahab al-Din Tabatabai and their families with a short contact time have been"
  34. DanX where did the posts about the pics of demontrators and the thread about it go?
    My AV got hit big time...
    check your security guys.
  35. DanX Member

    شهاب الدین طباطبایی در تماس کوتاهی از زندان فقط گفته حال من خوب است شما مواظب خود باشید
  36. =

    "Shahab al-Din Tabatabai in prison only a short call that is good for me now to be careful you"
  37. DanX Member

    جهانبخش خانجانی در تماس کوتاه گفته که القا می کنند که اغتشاشات را ما مدیریت می کنیم و تلفن زود قطع شده است
  38. DanX Member

    مجید دری، فعال دانشجویی بازداشت شد.
  39. The number is down because of brutal force, but it does not matter. Important is that protests continue and I think that pepole of Iran will win at the end.
  40. =

    "Jahanbakhsh Khanjani said in a short contact to suggest that the disturbances that we managed to cut early and the phone is"

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