LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/22 -- (part4)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by I Ran Hubbard, Jun 21, 2009.

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    "Majid Dari, student was arrested."
  2. DanX Member

    While many question the election results, Ahamadinezhad is busy recruiting for his cabinet
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    توجه: مراسمی برای ندا در هیچ مسجدی برگزار نمی شود چون به مساجد دستور داده اند حق برگزاری این مراسم را ندارند
  4. The clerics in Qom now appear to have an unbridgable fracture amongst the clerics

    ThreatsWatch.Org: RapidRecon: Regime Change Iran: Movement Seeks to Eliminate 'Supreme Leader' Position

    Why does this matter for Iran and Iranians? Pay close attention here, for Iraq's Sistani carries great weight among the Iranian Shi'a faithful.

    Sistani's appeal does not end at the Iraqi border, as Iranians increasingly observe his leadership with interest and fondness. Some are "intrigued by the more freewheeling experiment in Shi'ite empowerment taking place across the border in Iraq," which is fundamentally different in approach than the Iranian theocratic brand of dictated observance and obedience. The Boston Globe's Anne Barnard reports that within Tehran's own central bazaar, "an increasing number of merchants are sending their religious donations, a 20 percent tithe expected from all who can spare it, to Iraq's most senior Shi'ite cleric."

    If that didn't quite sink in, go read that paragraph again. many Iranian merchants have been sending their 20% tithes to Sistani, not Khamenei. Since at least 2007.

    Anonym URL

    Regime Change Iran. It's not just a slogan for the Persian diaspora. It's coming.
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    twitt: "There is a massive, massive, massive police presence - their presence is really intimidating"
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    "Note: The ceremony for the call can not be held because no mosque mosques ordered events do not have the right"
  7. Well it worked didn't it?

    My feeling is the protests will fizzle out over this coming week, people will get tired and the police are not splintering at all.
  8. ^ continued

    In the end we will all look stupid for believing any form of regime change is possible in Iran. It is very entrenched.
  9. ^My feeling is you are getting a government paycheck
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    Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi speaks on the political unrest in Irans ruling clerical class at a National Press Club event.

    NOW on C-Span
    C-SPAN Live Stream - C-SPAN
  11. Reza Pahlavi on Video in Washington Live

    Watch Now!
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    more about Reza Pahlavi (from wikipedia)

  13. DanX Member

    هلی کوپتر ها بیشتر از روزهای گذشته بر فراز آسمان تهران در پروازند
  14. you having fun analyzing the situation from behind the monitor?
    come here, take a stone and we will see how many seconds it takes before you piss in your myself dont dare to go out anymore after what i experienced two days sure other poeple are no diffrent.
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    بر درب مسجد الرشا در نیلوفر نوشته شده: مراسم ندا صالحی اینجا برگزار نمی شود وما هم اطلاع نداریم کجا برگزار می شود
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    نیروهای نظامی برای متفرق کردن مردم مدام تیراندازی هوایی می کنند
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    Neda's fiance told BBC Persian TV she was buried yesterday and her family are not allowed to hold a memorial ceremony for her.
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    Let us assume your feeling acts out as fact: the regime in no way can return the country to "normality" - because there is too much evidence circulating "out there" proving them wrong, proving their violence towards the Iranian people - that will lead to a growing and even more uncontrollable backlash of the people. If normality does not return, the same backlash will occur. For the momentary proponents of the regime it is a no-win situation.

    That's enough of debating on my part in this thread - gladly in another, fitting one.
  19. I myself am a supporter of the protests, but i don't see how the regime can be toppled hundreds of thousands everyday
  20. The son of shah and the modjahed

    This groups are just talking and think they are good for Iran. But no body wants them! Espacially not when Waliat is standing in front of an american flag. Where is the persian flag?
    And the modjahed, this stupid fatherland betrayer...!
    Please help the people of iran and no political groups like this!
  21. nildor Member

    The Associated Press: Amateur video turns woman into icon of Iran unrest

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    نیرهای نظامی و لباس شخصی ها برای متفرق کردن مردم از گاز اشک آور و باتوم و گاز فلفل استفاده می کنند
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    Families of UK embassy staff being withdrawn by UK govt.
    Source: BBC World news.
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    مسوولان پزشکی قانونی بخشی از اعضای بدن ندا را گرفته و نداده اند
  30. DanX Member

    فوری: لباس شخصی ها به محل روزنامه کلمه حمله کرده اند
  31. it took about 17 years for the shah regime to fall...revolutions dont succeed in days or weeks...this was just the spark...
  32. DanX Member

    بسیاری از اعضای روزنامه کلمه هم اکنون در ساختمان این روزنامه مبحوس هستند
  33. 1/4 starters

    Exactly, this is the beginning of something great. The struggle for Iranian democracy dates back nearly a hundred years to Reza Shah's rise to power. This is greatness in the making and the spark has surely been united.
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    یکصد و هشتاد روزنامه نگار با انتشار بیانیه ای با ابراز نگرانی از
    وضعیت کشور اعلام کردند که به دلیل فشار دولت ، قادر به انجام وظیفه نیستند
    180 newspaper reporters have made a statement about being concerned for the current situation
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    Laleh Park and Shiroudi Stadium have become the command center to organize anti-riot police and plain clothes RT
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    تا دقایقی دیگر بیانیه جدید مهدی کروبی منتشر می شود
    Minutes from other Karroubi new statement will be published
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    BBC Persia 180 journalists in Iran released statement sayin they cnt do their job due 2 govt restrictions
  40. DanX Member

    از تبریز اخبار به شدت نگران کننده ای میرسد اخباری چون روز شنبه تهران
    Frightening reports coming from Tabriz (Mousavi’s hometown); they resemble Saturday’s massacre in Tehran

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