LIVE transmission from Iran prayers with Ayatollah Khamenei

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by nildor, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. nildor Member

  2. And I thought that Christian sermons were think the plan must be to make all the protesters sleep.
  3. Visionary Member

    I know, I'm watching and paraphrasing the important parts of his speech on my facebook account. But he is so damn repetitious.
    Corruption, Zionist, trust...blah blah blah.
  4. nildor Member

    could you post the summary here as well? please
  5. Unverified but Khamenei just dismissed outright the allegations of fraud
  6. Visionary Member

    Sure, but it's kind of rambling and I'm missing a lot of stuff. I have to wait until he finishes.
  7. He just said to stop protests or face consequence!
  8. This sounds like a declaration of war. it's full of threats. saying that nothing is wrong with the elcetion and anyone coming to street is the enemy of nation and all rebel people and their leasders will be dealt with harshly if they continue. he even said that he may even said indirectly that he may declare Jihad against protesters if they continue.
  9. NCPersian Member

  10. What the hell was the crowed chanting?
  11. NCPersian Member

    "Death to America" and Allah Ackbar are the two main things they chant.
  12. Will the Iranians now fall in line behind him, or is it one lie too many for them?
  13. Visionary Member

    So here's what I have.
    It's pretty messy and missing a ton of stuff.
    Also it's kind of incoherent, because I had trouble hearing what was being said at times.

    Ok here we go, my own thoughts are in parenthesis.

    (I'm watching Khamenei's speech is it boring! There sure are A TON of people that they bussed in there though. Supposedly it can be fairly empty at times. Now he's's getting a little more interesting. lol)

    (Now he's just going on about God in every couple of words for like ten-fifteen minutes. He's starting to talk about the protests and not to let them distract the youth from God. blah blah blah I suppose he isn't THAT bad a speaker, but the translator is making it sound incredibly boring. Great, now the translator disappeared for a couple of minutes. I have no idea what I missed, but it seemed different.)

    ( he's going head on into talking about the election.) (I just saw Ahmadi in the crowd.)

    (Khamenei's thanking people for for doing a great job on the election.)

    Says it was a great demonstration of a sense of responsibility and a great display of a cooperation and how the people love their state... Says it was unprecedented and better than any other democracy in the world
    (maybe he means the turnout)

    Khamenei says some people believe in one individual and others believe in a different individual. Says everyone believes they should preserve their state, their country (doesn't want to lose his power...) The election was a popular renewal and refreshment of the revolution. Apparently the record numbers are because everyone loves the 79 revolution so much and how the country is doing....

    Khamenei says that the people are happy and hopeful unlike the propaganda from outside Iran and that if people were not happy they would not take part in the election. (What utter crap!) The enemies of the Iran want to break the trust of the people and cause hesitation in the election and question people's trust. (in other words, doubting the election and the leaders= being duped by the West) (what an asshole)

    the enemy started casting doubt weeks before the election. The debates were so transparent that some people objected (he means Rafsanjani, I think) the evil zionist media is causing all the dissent and confusing everyone. Ahmadi is trustworthy...and he mentions mousavi and says all of them belong to the state. The evil foreign media is trying to make these people look evil

    they all have flaws, but the people have made their choice, they decided who should be president. It is a competition within the state, anyone who tries to change the election into a referendum on the state are evil. The voters all believed in the state. this led to a great transparency...(yeah until your guys got the votes together)

    (he's repeating himself a lot)...the reason the votes were so high is because people were able to have a better understanding of the candidate's views. The debate over the election should not continue and lead into differences. (Oh geez, this is never going to end...)

    People in some cases became too emotional and lost logic and tried to destroy the other side and question their integrity.

    he says someone accused Ahmadi of being superstitious and that Ahmadi questioned the 30 year record of the state and the reputation of some people. He mentions some names....and says they have been accused of financial corruption (Rafsanjani). And says they should not be mentioned until it can be proved. goes on with niceties about him, says he differs with Ahmadi in some ways, but Ahmadi is more right.

    He said corruption should be tackled wherever it appears and the crowd cheers loudly. He says Iran is one of the least corrupt states in the world. And that we should not accuse the country of corruption based on Zionist rumors. Competitions have ended and all belong to the state. Everyone voted for the revolution, the state. The people have endorsed the state and know it would not betray them or their votes.

    There is no chance for cheating, especially with the disparity in votes (shows why they made sure he won by so much...;-) At the same time he said that if anyone has proof they should go and submit it.
    (even though they have all the votes and won't show them to anyone...although the real ones were probably dumped)

    If the results were overturned, no election would be trusted. Let those with doubts, go to the council. And they can recount.

    the people should be careful how they behave and what they say. If they act with extremism, we would not be able to address it anymore. If the political elite want to break the law they will be responsible for the bloodshed that will take place. (A threat?) He would like to advise them to be patient and have control.

    There are hungry wolves that are removing their covers from their face and showing their true face.

    foreign diplomats who have talked with courtesy in the past have taken off their masks and are displaying their enmity and the most evil is the British government.

    What have the people done wrong that we have to show them followers on both sides. Infiltrating terrorists are not seeking political interests but could hide among the protesters. Some times you become sad by what is happening.

    He says some people are attacking dormitories. And they chant slogans of who they support. I want all sides to put an end to this. If they don't, they will be responsible. It would be wrong to have pressure from the street to force officials to submit to illegal demands. It would be the start of a dictatorship. (nice move) If their are consequences, they would be against the leaders. (the crowd cheers in unison)

    he says don't allow the enemies to destroy the celebration of the victory of the election. (crowd cheers repeatedly again, He keeps telling people to pay attention)

    Now he's addressing the "arrogant media". America and European countries during the past weeks was different. Before the election, they wanted a smaller count and guessed Ahmadi would win. But they never predicted this great turnout.

    They were shocked by the great turnout (not really). They saw that the candidates were objecting and their tone changed and become hopeful. They revealed their true nature and so did heads of state of foreign nations European countries, and America. They said they were waiting for such a day when the people would turn out in the street for the other man. (total crap!) They started to cause trouble and riots in the street.

    He says that was not the supporters of candidates, but done by foreign agents and zionists and american zionist capitalists spent money in Georgia to change the government. They tried to compare Georgia to Iran. But they do not understand Iran. He says that the us politicians say things, but do they really care about human rights. who did bloodshed in Afghanistan and shamed Iraq?

    Now he says people burned themselves alive in the US under the watch of the husband of Hilary Clinton, who has been so critical about human rights in Iran.

    Iran defends places where people are being oppressed, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine. We care about human rights. Now he finishes with a prayer to God. He has a disabled life and a disabled body and he has the little power that was given to him by God and is willing to us it to sacrifice himself for his Lord. He asks God to support him and Iran in the prayer and their path.
  14. grokitt2 Member

    Visionary beat me to it. ;)
  15. Visionary Member

    Mine's kind of long winded though and has my own comments in it too. So it's not really a summary of the speech as a whole. I probably missed a lot because I was typing so much. So if anyone else wants to tackle it and give a shorter
  16. nildor Member

    here are some excerpts from the speech posted in Guardian's live coverage

  17. Jaymax Moderator

    Excellent summary - rush transcript is coming soon hopefully...
  18. Allah-u-Akbar (God is Supreme),
    Khamenei is The Leader,
    Down with America ,
    Down with England,
    Down with Israel,
    Death to opposers of the supreme Leader
    We are Ready To obey Khameney with our Lives..
  19. Mrs

    cant access the link....good job man thanks for your help with setting this website up...wish it was easier and quicker. As , you are aware of , internet in Iran not really doing a great jon .Any chance of making this web more userfriendly or I better say more Stress freindly. People who come on this are full of tension, fear ,stress and need something quick and easy to play around to get their head around.

    Thanks again for your great job.

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