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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gregg, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. gregg Member

    Here in Boston we had 43 people show up basically on time, and about 10 stragglers who didnt end up meeting up with us, but showed up at the original location and did the standard rally things.

    We were very happy with the turnout. Flyering, marching, talking to the general public, and then a late lunch to sit and brainstorm. It went well.

    Now on to the meat of the post. I waned to talk about our local organizing and what we're doing to try and get this to grow. And I really wanted to hear what others are doing locally to try and accomplish the same things. Maybe we've missed something and you all have some stuff we should be doing.

    One of the main things for us is trying to get all the users we can over here to WWP so we can actually have some meaningful discussions about this. But first we have to find them all.

    So first up, we have setup all of these: Event:

    Mailing list:

    Facebook Group:

    Facebook Event for Feb: Group: Event: Event for Feb:;Pro-Wikileaks_Rally

    (As always, facebook will out you if your anonymous, so use an anonymous facebook account, a fake, if you dont want that to happen.)

    I've just finished getting the last of that setup this morning. So now its time to try and get traffic to those sites. We talked a little about methods to do this.

    Here is how we are going to try to get some initial users on these sites:

    1. We took down everyones email address at the late lunch after the rally, and we have emailed all of these URLs to them, and added them to the mailing list.

    2. On facebook, we have encouraged all the current members of the group to invite all their friends that might be interested.

    3. There was another facebook event for the January event, we are going to go through that and invite everyone who RSVP'd there to the new event (doing that today.)

    4. We are going to search for activist groups in the Boston area that might be interested in joining up. A lot of the more oldschool activist groups have mailing lists and could email those lists for us if they wanted to help. So even if the organizers didnt want to actually join up, or join forces, they might at least be willing to tell their members about it.

    5. Search for groups on sites like facebook that have to do with Boston. From political groups to technology groups, there have to be at least a few that might match up well with us. Ask the admins of the groups to tell the members about whats going on and link to our stuff.

    6. We are going to search for student groups, student unions and other student related activities at all the local colleges to build a list of them to contact. If there are any that look promising we will figure out how to contact them and ask if they can spread the news. If those groups are the type that have meetings we will ask if we can attend one and talk to them about the cause. At that meeting we would distribute flyers with all of the URLs to join up.

    7. Next search will be for bloggers. Looking for any activism, political, or other related bloggers from this area that have their own blogs or post on multi-author blogs. Talking to them and asking if they might be willing to do a post for us to spread the word.

    8. We are in contact with our local Pirate Party representative. There arent many Pirate Party members here yet, but he actually showed up to our event so we are going to see if he has any sort of mailing list or group he can get information to. Use this link to find your locals:

    9. We are going to have a brainstorming meetup, probably for dinner, this coming week. People from the event on saturday agreed that it would be a good move to meet and figure out how best to approach this locally. Hopefully some more methods for growth come out of that.

    10. Next up, probably the most time consuming thing, we are going to search out any other groups activism, change, freedom, protest, whatever forums. Register, and start engaging them to try and get them over here for these events.

    11. And last but not least we are going to be reaching out to all of the local media attempting to get any coverage we can.

    So thats what we're going to attempt up here in Boston. Whats everyone else got going on? Did we miss anything huge that we should be doing?
  2. Shadowflare Member

    These are all good ideas for putting together public demonstrations, and we'll be looking to do some of that here in Minneapolis to grow our numbers.

    As a college student, I have the power to create an official student group on campus and freely promote it in journalism, computer science, and web design classes, anywhere there might be sympathetic souls. Any cell that has currently enrolled students can probably do something similar.
  3. Pavement Member

    Yeah, I think you are going about a great approach and really like how you've laid things out. I'm in Detroit...there are some advantages in this region in that there's a university and a relatively young crowd of people moving back to the city. I really like your idea of hooking up with other groups and perhaps sharing events. The e-mail list/facebook group is a fantastic idea.

    Having done and organized rally's with my Union in the past I'm generally skeptical of the typical protest/rallies...a lot of people will honk but overall that's what it boils down to. I think they work best when promoting a specific issue and something people can act on. More than just 'promote free speech' instead something like 'write this specific congressman and ask them to vote for this specific bill that supports free speech'. Hooking up with other like minded groups could really help tie into these organizations.

    The Green Party used to host a really great event at a local bar where they would offer free beer while people listened to a speaker and then there would be a band. They were really well attended and got out some great information. I think these types of events are probably the most useful in disseminating information. Perhaps once the next election cycle comes up looking at local races where third party candidates with ideas that are actually progressive and supporting those candidates.
  4. Anontana Member

    So far I've set up a twitter feed, e-mail account, and private forums. To find more people I put an event listening on the local college radio and in the local independent news paper. I also tweeted it to the main newspaper in town, and they retweeted it for me.

    At the rally on Saturday we only had 4 people so we hit downtown where there was a lot of foot traffic. We handed out over 100 handbills.

    We will continue to put up posters and flyers.

    I'm going to try and contact more groups and encourage people to spread by word of mouth.

    Once school is back in session we're going to hold rallies on campus.
  5. knightwolf420 Member

    Well we were talking in portland about protesting every month for the next year and starting a pirate radio station. If anyone is interested in starting a radio station check out free radio berkeley oh and fuck the fcc
  6. n0pants Member

    There's other Anons working on pirate radio already. Find me on Anonnet IRC, I'll put you in touch.
  7. n0pants Member

    Per-city wiki pages to collect all of the points of outreach might be useful. Somewhere to act as a hub/reference point, more focused on being a local directory than lots of content. Links to past events & writeups, relevant forum posts (or even just searches), local cell websites, local IRC channels (via mibbit), lists of local groups to reach out to, etc.. Perhaps linked on event pages. Is functioning?
  8. n0pants Member

    Actually, now that I think of it, a good bit of this stuff could be automated when creating an event on WWP via APIs (I know facebook & Meetup at least both have them). But that sounds like work.
  9. missy Member

    welcome to whyweunctuate
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