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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by NoProd, May 11, 2011.

  1. NoProd Member

    i have many problem to access your forum.
    undstead i was logged and when i want to post a thread, i have the error page and this :
    "you must be logged to do this"
    So i re -log me and after i can post, but everything i do on the forum i have the same error message...
    It's too hard to do something, i must re log everytime...
    I was on TOR.
    Whats the problem ?
    PS: sorry for my bad english but i'm french. (and no one can help me in the french section).
  2. Anonymous Member

    PM a moderator.
  3. NoProd Member

  4. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Not sure if this is your problem, but this does happen to me occasionally. If you stay idle too long you will be logged out. Try clicking the "keep me logged in" box so that this doesn't happen. Of course if you share a computer make sure you log out when you leave the computer.
  5. da5id Administrator

    the behaviour could have something to do with tor as well.. i haven't used it personally with the site (since i'm not concerned about me seeing my IP), so it's possible that XF is doing checks on IP as well and if yers is flipping that quickly.. I donno, pure speculation on my part. I'd start off by clearing ALL of your cookies, deleting site caches, then logging in with the checkbox to 'stay logged in' checked. Then if it persists, it's likely due to tor.
  6. L1Qu1D Member

    tor on a desktop is crap! on the other hand, on an android, its good. tor does not allow you to access this forum for reasons i do not know. try using a VPN and see if it works. good luck!
  7. Anonymous Member

    Got on to the forum using tor,was able to log on but it's not great.
    Got a java error box pop up when i tried to post ITT.
    All my other proxys work fine though
  8. da5id Administrator

    We arent doing anything as it relates to tor, so I'm not sure offhand.
  9. Anonymous Member

    I regularly use TOR on this forum. It does work.

    TOR has some quirks as I'm set up, but once one learns them it is not a problem.

    1. Always clear history/cache/cookies before logging in or you'll get an out-of-date copy of the forum
    2. Log into the main site page or the main forum page b/c the forum will not recognize you as logged in on whichever page you first log into, but it will be fine on all other pages. By logging into the main forum page you will be able to post on any other page you like.
    3. Definitely check the "stay logged in" box or you will have irregular problems submitting content
    4. If you submit a post/like/reply or other command and get a disconnection error box =>i) Check the X to clear the box, ii) manually request a new ID in your TOR tools, iii) hit the browser refresh button and your command will complete
    5. Recognize that while using TOR the site will frequently not refresh so you may not see posts made after you log in and after checking alerts it will not update to indicate you already checked them. You will need to log out and go through steps 1-4 above to get a fully up-to-date copy of the forum.

    It's a little less convenient, but your alternative is to trust anonymous.
  10. Anonymous Member

    login through TOR wasn't working for me any of the times I've tried
    (up until yesterday) but it seems to be working now.

    Possible issues with certain exit nodes?
    I noticed immediately before I successfully logged in, this time, WWP reported my password was invalid.
    Could have been a typo on my part- not 100% sure.

    [not sure- will have to dig some more.]
  11. NoProd Member

    thanks a lot for all answers, cool.
    For the moment TOR dont want to connect so i use an OpenVPN to connect yet, i try this.
    how i be sure i was anonymous now ?
  12. NoProd Member

    It's ok i have confirmation that i can reply now , yes !
    I use tunnelblick under arethusia.
    anonymous or not , that is the question...
    has soon
  13. Anonymous Member

    Go to to see your ip, location and service provider. Obviously, the results should be different when you have your proxy or whatever on than when it is off. Or you can click Zak's "sand trap" thread and it will show you the info.
  14. NoProd Member

    Thanks anons,
    For my IP adress, it's ok, i know it. I was located in another country than mine. that i want to know is if i was really under an openVPN ?
  15. NoProd Member

    So it's ok with TOR and open VPN too on WWP, i have to clear cookies and "stay logged".
    thanks for all anons !
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