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Which Saturday in April should we raid Scilons in Paris?

Poll closed Mar 31, 2011.
9th April 0 vote(s) 0.0%
16th April (My Birthday) XD 8 vote(s) 27.6%
23rd April 3 vote(s) 10.3%
30th April 18 vote(s) 62.1%
  1. Magnonymous Member

    Okay guys, gals and other assorted weirdos (maybe we can recruit that freaky black guy and unleash him on the Paris cult?)...


    Paris have said they'll plan their raid to coincide with any UK Anons who want to raid scilons in Paris for attacking one of us. Keep in mind we will need to take an overnight coach on Friday evening to arrive Saturday in Paris (probably horribly early) and then take another coach from Paris on Saturday evening, again arriving horribly early on Sunday morning. Sounds arduous as the coach journey takes 9 hours, but think of the lolz!


    If there are UK-fagz wanting to do this who are from a ways outside London and are worried about making the trip down in time, I'll be taking the Friday off work to ensure final stages of planning go ok and to help coordinate peeps on the day. I'll provide a phone number through PM's to interested peepz later.

    If others aren't working that Friday and want to travel down Thursday evening to make it travel easier on the Friday, I don't mind loaning my front room to a few of you, but there is only couch space for 3. Any more than 3 and you can fight it out amongst yourselves as to who gets the floor. XD

    To buy individual coach tickets it costs £63 (edited coz website removed the cheaper ticket type after I originally posted) per person for a return. Max you can save on doing a group booking is £3.80 per person, so I'm not going to bother as the hassle in coordinating that, making collections of money and the risks involved (from previous experience) means that it isn't really worth it for £3.80.

    Terms and conditions of tickets below:
    • Must be booked 7 days prior to departure date
    • Return journey must be within one month of the outward departure date
    • Non-refundable
    • Open dated returns not available
    • Amendments can be made up to 7 days prior to departure, subject to amendment fee
    • Amendments within 7 days of departure and not less than 48hrs before departure only available by upgrading to the next available fare category. The difference between the two fares will be charged (subject to normal amendment fee). The ticket remains non refundable.
    So, can you guys please let me know in the next 7 days what date you want? Then we can start booking tickets and making arrangements with Paris-fagz.

    Tickets from London to Paris can be booked here:

    Coach from London departs on the 29th April at 22:30, arrives in Paris at 07:30.
    Coach from Paris departs on the 30th April at 23:00, arrives in London at 6:30.

    Will be using the London Central coach, goes from Victoria Coach Station to Paris. Please ensure that if you choose to attend you book this ticket. We'll want the latest coach on both Friday and Saturday to ensure we A. have time to get to the coach stop and B. arrive at a time in the morning where we will not have to wait around for too long (hopefully). And of course, on the return trip the latest coach ensures we have time to get back to the coach station...and maybe time for a quick trip to the boozer with Paris-fagz.

    Any French speakers want to come? I could use a translator... lol
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  2. novu Member

    If I can book a couple of days off work (and a place at Casa Mag) I'm definitely interested. I'll know more on wednesday when I'm back in the office. I'm voting 23rd or 30th to give moar prep time.
    Also, 16th is my birthday too XD
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  3. Magnonymous Member

    The amount of people I am meeting lately who share my birthday is insane. Consider Casa Mag booked.

    P.S. Not confirmed yet, but I might be out of the country on the 16th which is another reason I've voted 23rd. 30th is also good for me.
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  4. anonsoldier Member

    I'm neither a Paris nor London Anon, but I want to be a part of this. I vote for the 30th, because I'm busy on the 9th and 16th, in London on the 23rd, but free for the 30th.

    I'll need to buy a new mask just for this, because I had my old one shadowboxed and wasn't expecting to return to the fight until next year, but for this it is worth it. The culties upped the ante, and I want to be there to remind them that we run this.

    An attack on one is an attack on us all. Let's bring justice to Paris, from every corner of Europe.
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  5. Clemonymous Member

    I would be interested in going but I'm not sure if I can leave the country. I will find out next Monday if I can.
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  6. cfanon Member

    I'll go. Although this will be my first time meeting london anon :) So the more mancfags the better ;)
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  7. Magnonymous Member

    Get recruiting mancfags then! XD
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  8. cfanon Member

    Will do. I voted 16th but then decided 23rd / 30th would be more appropriate. I can make any with notice though.
  9. novu Member

    Sounds ominous! Legal trouble?
  10. Clemonymous Member

    Mayhaps... I'm pretty sure I can legally cross the border, just gotta make sure. :3
  11. xenulondon Member

    I'd advise the leaders not to go to this via coach. (Go by train and meet up with the others there), as you'd inevitably give up your anonymity.

    To all those going : i salute you. I would go but I'll be too busy fapping and eating cake. What a great act of solidarity* from those London people who can travel to Paris (for Nobo)

    * I'm not sure what solidarity means, exactly. But hopefully you know what I mean.
  12. xenulondon Member

    I wonder if German fags might want to come along, too? Cos Germany is just next door, right? (is a Germany <---> France train fare even affordable? i d k)
  13. damn fucking straight~!
    good luck Paris Anons
  14. anonsoldier Member

    ICE goes to Paris from quite a few cities in southwestern Germany, and rather rapidly, but it's a fair sight more expensive by train. I'm sure bus fare would be cheaper, but I can afford to take the train. Munich and Frankfurt Anons may be able to easily show their solidarity (you used the word right) by appearing in Paris. I know that I certainly will be there.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    9th will be guaranteed no-go for the Mancs. Just sayin'
  16. xenulondon Member

    I used the right word. I is getting so kleva!

    What those cunts did Nobo was beyond-the-fucking pale, and this needs publicity. So far, no media attention at all - scandalous!
  17. xenulondon Member

    In a way you don't want to go (in a big group), the cult will probably send a spai to observe you and give y'all surprise butt secks. Just sayin'
  18. Fuckeye Member

    No. No they will not. Shut your hole.
  19. cfanon Member

    No, it'll be Fuckeye that surprise butt secks everyone.
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  20. I won't be there but Dallas Texas will be raiding on the 16th. We will carry signs and banners remembering NoNo the Clown!!! God Speed and safe travels UK fags. Make those frog scilons remember we still own this!!
  21. Vigdis Member

    Actually I'm a french fag but it would be my first "meeting". It would be good for me the 30th.
    So if you agree to counting myself, it would be kind
  22. xenulondon Member

    i might be inflicting b secks, myself
  23. I will be your guide.
    If some orther nationalities want to come, i speek spanish and portuguese too. But our German friends probably speaks other linguages :D
    Join us in Paris it will be a great raid !
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  24. garlic Member

    As long it's in my easter holiday and I save for it I can come. May have to buy some delicious bread when we arrive in paris though.
  25. cfanon Member

    I'll be camerafagging. Which unfortunately means I'll have a fair amount of heavy equipment with me :( Even with just my basic stuff.

    I assume we'll be going to the pub after?
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  26. cfanon Member

    That's a point... If it's 23rd it'd be Easter which might make things a bit easier with getting to loldon on friday, seeing as I won't be in work :p
  27. Yes with a good glass of wine :D
  28. Fuckeye Member

    Issue: Not enough time for pub.
  29. cfanon Member

    But enough alcohol time. Remember, there'd be a long coach journey that we'd need to endure... Alcohol required.
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  30. Don't worry we will start the day with a cool Paris tour and on the afternoon a Big Raid. After the raid a litle glass of wine.
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  31. Perikles Member

    I would love to come,but can't guarantee anything due to lack of moneys.

    I won't therefore fag up the poll by voting, but the later the better for me.

    If I come I'll be going by train. 9 houe coach journey? Fuck that. And then there's moar pub time in Paris.

    Respect to Mag for being inspired to look into this.
  32. Magnonymous Member

    Yeah, 9 hour coach will suck...but it's the most affordable for the majority so Imma stick that one out as I suggested the fkn thing...and anyways, I'm a biker, I can sleep anywhere. XD

    And yes, per usual I'll be attending the raid fully leathered up...don't see the point in breaking the habit now. Every protest I've been to, whether scilon, WL or whatever, has been full leathers & armour. Possibly not a bad idea if peeps are being attacked.
  33. cfanon Member

    The chances of such a large group being attacked is verryy low. No one is that stupid, there's guaranteed to be cameras on them in big groups and bullies are generally afraid of people in numbers bigger than them.

    That being said, all leathered up is always good.
  34. Voted 30th because thats a big chunk of monies to afford and could not raise it any sooner.
  35. Will make my own way there. Is there a french anon who could put take me home just before midnight on the fri and lend me their sofa?
  36. Circus Fag Member

    I possibly maybe might be interested in going, but considering I'm a Mancfag all the way up north it might be a bit tricky... we'll see though :p
  37. Profanity Member

    Tempted. Will have to check schedule, bank, and invent a lie to keep family off my back.
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  38. Perikles Member

    You so shouldn't be posting on WWP at this ungodly hour of the morning.
  39. Profanity Member

    Yeah...I get that a lot.
  40. cfanon Member

    Some say, she doesn't sleep.

    Some say that the gods themselves cannot stay awake as long as Profanity.

    Some say underneath Profanity's mask is another mask, always.
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