Loldon Xmas Meal!

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Violenza, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. Violenza Member

    Loldon Xmas Meal!

    It was awesome to see so many of you last night at the Loldon Anonymous Xmas meal. Thanks to the organizers. Food and drink was win. Cilitbang rolling the taxi was fun.

    I hope you all got home safe and sound and I wish you all a merry xmas and all that [STRIKE]jizz [/STRIKE] jazz.


  2. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    I enjoyed it. Would do it again. Trains were made of fail though, although pissing around with the tiny plastic trollcannon present I got made it entertaining.
  3. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    I maintain 3 hours and £60 for a train is too much, but yeh, ill admit this was quite fun. LOL at Randomness and the christmas pudding. NEVAR let him near flammable liquids and matches again plox...

    Honestly, prior to this I wouldnt have made the journey especially for it, but since I was there anyway... Well Im up for it again if you guys are. New Years?
  4. Violenza Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    He found crusty pudding in his ear this morning. gross.
  5. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    What happened to your secret santa?
  6. ARC Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Is santa the only one without a mask on in an anon Christmas?
  7. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    lol got left in the taxi. I was having fun waving it at the chavs, but a pink furry baton gains too much attention. Then I forgot about it till like, half way home. I lol'd and thought about the next person in the taxi who finds it
  8. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    I came wearing a EFG mask with glued on beard.
  9. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    ^ Except it looked shit.

    He looked like he had rubbed his face in glue, then shoved it into a bowl of cotton balls. Then again, thats almost certainly what he did do. Effort was nice though
  10. Violenza Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    True EFG fashion.
  11. Bluebell Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    No calendar pics? :p
  12. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Too much fun, filled with turkey, lube and appropriate racially discriminate jokes in crackers.
  13. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    I still can't believe you shaved Grinman's pubes off when he passed out. Lulz.

    I got back okay, but man, I hate nightbuses.
  14. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Well he deserved that. Who passes out after 4 sambukas and a couple of vodkas?
  15. anomilly Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    OH, xmas meal was awesome, as was booze and stuffing rememberance day sex pig with, er, stuffing. fantastico, nice effort guise!
    Good job i live in loldon, eh.
  16. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Did anyone pick up an oyster card, visiting American anon claims to have left it it there.
  17. An0nand0n Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    James, I picked up an oyster card, PM me the details I'm pretty sure it's his. I'm about to dash out the door to get the train to Scotland though, so I've left it with my flatmate. I'm sure we can work something out or I can post it to him. I also picked up a pair of furry love cuffs and some Jalepeno flavour condoms (WTF?)

    Meal was AWESOME but I'm sorry I missed the pube shaving. Grinman, that's going to itch like a bitch by New Years. Just sayin. I also wonder how long its going to take Randomness to get his eyebrows back. I have hazy yet plesant memories of the evening, the food was pretty good, Gentlemen looked like he enjoyed the stuffing, not sure remembrance day sex pig is really intended to be used for serving it though. I hope there are pics!

    Apologies to anyone and everyone I swore at.

  18. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    By the way - if there's anyone who was there who's name is 'Susan' something, then something they did at the meal may be in danger of name and addressfagging them. So, if your name is Susan, then tighten up security, 'mkay?
  19. basil Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Sounds like I can be relieved I didn't get invited...
  20. anomilly Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    needs MOAR pics of Gentlemen eating stuffing out of a giant pigs arse!
  21. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Basil - so *you're* Susan? Aha. It all makes sense now.
  22. Gentlemen Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    I did what! where? man I must have been trashed.
  23. basil Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Not all the time, that particular club only meets once a month.
  24. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Careful now, you might develop a sense of humour.
  25. SpasticGum Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    How come nearly every thread relating to London always seems to eventually get the most posts?
    Because of the testosterone drama ¬.¬
    And no, I'm not on my period, that ended 4 days ago :D
  26. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    There are no girls on the internets!
  27. SpasticGum Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Have you checked?
  28. Gentlemen Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    I put it half down to us not really having any active local forum to speak of and half no one really giving a shit if what we spout is on topic and just ranting at each other.
  29. SpasticGum Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Good point.
    We just have nothing to say.
    Nothing at all.
    I'll just continue bitching and moaning ^____^
  30. Gentlemen Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    has any one uploaded pics yet of the meal?
  31. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Considering all pics were taken of unmasked people and we were wearing name badges that wouldn't be a good idea would it?

    Mentelgen = OSA
  32. anomilly Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    IAWTC ^
  33. SpasticGum Member

  34. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Yes but no one actually used their real names. Or did you? Cos it sounds rather like you did.
  35. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Real or not isn't the point, but osa having pics linked to forum posts etc would make it easier for them to maintain up to date records etc.

  36. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    fair enough point. I stand by my assertion that you are an idiot though
  37. Gentlemen Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    For fuck sakes why not just blur the faces you fucking autistic prick or lrn2gmask and PM people the codewords
  38. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Thank you captain obvious
  39. Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    Ysoaggro? Because you've been trolled or because Violenza said no to strap-on fucking you? Or both?
  40. SpasticGum Member

    Re: Loldon Xmas Meal!

    You're all on your periods

    Problem solved.
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