London, England - 17th March 2012

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Delicious Trap, Feb 19, 2012.

    London 17th March 2012 - Planning Thread

    11:30am - 12:30am - Scientology H.Q Queen Victoria Street

    Nearest Tube station is Blackfriars, which is scheduled to reopen on 26 February 2012.

    1pm - 3:30pm - Dianetics Centre Tottenham Court Road

    Anons will be traveling en mass to this location, getting off at TCR Tube station.

    Police prefer people to get off at TCR and walk up, or if you don't want to walk then Goodge Street Station, on the Northern Line, is right opposite the protest area. Check Transport For London for transport directions and information.

    Bring your buddy to raid day

    (Also, Saint Patrick's Day! So think Irish)


    If everybody coming makes an effort to bring along one friend who's never raided before we can double our numbers overnight.
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  2. 17th March?

    Saint Patrick's Day!

    Irish theme?
  3. Terril Member

    icon1.png Re: ChanologySF 2012: 4th Anniversary Caramelldansen

    In celebration of the fourth anniverary of London Protests some anons and FZers had been researching the whole track, as we do in the after protest pub meetings, and came up with an ancient Markabian recipe for:-

    Markabian "Bitter Apostate"


    For those of Marcabian descent the bio-chemistry of this beer creates
    a dulling of the senses and somewhat like ro-hypnol an obediance of relayed instructions.

    However so far in our researches, Freezoners, Exes and anons, if not of Marcabian descent appear to have a different reaction. To them it is a refreshing, extremely flavourful beer not unlike the belgium "Pavel Kwak",
    with an abundent head and delicious bubbles.

    We are trying to find Markabian FZers exes and anons to see how they react. Any such reading this please contact me. smile.png

    However preliminary data suggests its very much an aquired taste and
    caution is advised.
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  4. loldoners i need your help.

    Is there weatherspoons and/or chef and brewers near london victoria or an equivilent?

    Thanks guys and delicous traps.
  5. ObamAnon Member

  6. Ai... Never had problems anoneque behaviour in the victoria weatherspoons.
  7. I have recruited a buddy! his name is Thermite46.
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  8. Thermite46 Member

    Can't wait to go XD
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  9. Cover a buddy in green vomit day?
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  10. WhiteNight Member

    Holy christfuck, I might actually be able to come to this one. I'm back from Manc around then so fingers crossed
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  11. Have you buddy cover White in green vomit day?
  12. WhiteNight Member

    End up looking like the Anon flag
  13. Ai, Irish raid it is lads :p

    With that in mind can we have a big pot of gold?
    I'm sure you all can come up with something to troll the cult over involving a involving a large sum of jew leprachaun goldz
  14. Then we will have the power of 2 troll cannons!
  15. Fantastic idea!
  16. I shall appear, but first I must find something green.
  17. Is it worth putting this on an mp3 to troll cannon at scilons?
  18. afternon Member

    I am so glad my "bitter apostate" idea has evolved into such a wonderful brew of pure enturbulation/ beingness and Marcabian celebratory beer!
  19. SeenTheLight Member

    Neil Gaiman's nephew, Emilio Calcioli

  20. Thermite46 Member

  21. I got a load of the songs on miphone.
  22. Indeed aha :)
  23. Any anti clam songs?
  24. Thermite46 Member

    Listen to The Holy Bible album by the Manic Street Preachers !!!
  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. new guy Member

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  27. Never gonna give you up
    Another one leaves the cult
    Cake is a lie
    Everybody walk the dinosaur
    Fresh prince of Bel-air
    More money
    Pedobear song
    Scientology song
    Still alive
    This is aperture
    Want you gone
    Xenu song
    Xenu story (not a song)
    1812 overture
    8 days of scientology
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  28. WhiteNight Member

  29. All that stufff.... The Lulz, corruption of Lol albums.... YTMND stuff too

    All, good... especially if it spares jedi from having to kill all his own gadgets batteries during the day.
  30. new guy Member

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  31. novu Member

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  32. WhiteNight Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    Who're you again? Aren't you that newfag that turned up for a little bit on the 4th anoniversery?
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  34. WhiteNight Member

    Ha ha fucker.
  35. Nice! I think thats all we need tbh :)
  36. Would it be too much to put Dianetics Doesnt Work on a placard?
  37. Not at all... Rather that's a bit drab and pedestrian.
    There are many clever and punchy things you can come up with that will entertain rather than being another boring protest sign.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Kids today have no imagination, I blame the internet.

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