London, England - 18th February 2012

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Delicious Trap, Feb 1, 2012.

    London 18th February 2012 - Planning Thread

    11:30am - 12:30am - Scientology H.Q Queen Victoria Street

    Nearest Tube station is Blackfriars BUT BLACKFRIARS IS CLOSED UNTIL LATE FEBRUARY 2012. Anons should go to St Paul's which is on the Central Line and walk down.

    1pm - 3:30pm - Dianetics Centre Tottenham Court Road

    Anons will be traveling en mass to this location, getting off at TCR Tube station.

    Police prefer people to get off at TCR and walk up, or if you don't want to walk then Goodge Street Station, on the Northern Line, is right opposite the protest area. Check Transport For London for transport directions and information.

    Before anybody says 'Bawwwww... Why not 11th'... Because the great cake in the sky says so. (Also, consensual agreement between all current London regulars)
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  2. garlic Member

    I am Spartacus and I agree with trap.

    Any possible themes apart from an anniversary cake?
  3. afternon Member

  4. afternon Member

  5. Doubt I'll be able to make it, going to Mancraid. Do my best though.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    I take it your not doing feb 10th then? About 150 are on Friday.
  8. Not in London they're not.

    Enjoy lonefagging
  9. Of which I am the supreme rulah!
  10. C J Member

    im new how can i help.
  11. Turn up.
    For brownie points, bring chocolate brownies.

    If you have the materials and time to build a sign. That would be fine too.
    There is a giant thread on here slumering from the distant past with over 9000 slogan suggestions.

    Lurking, you can never do enough of it.

    And come to have a good time. Because any revolution without dancing. Is no revolution at all.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Any revolution without Trap is a waste of time.
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  13. There is a firm possibility of me turning up!
  14. Anonymous Member

    Praise the Lord!
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  15. Don't you mean...
    ... Xenu?
    I guess that kinda failed
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  16. Anonymous Member

    How many are going?
    Coz last time no one was there
  17. You best be trolling nigger.

    I distinctly remember spending time with the several other people there.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Oh rly how many?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Oh rly how many?
  20. I was there, but I'm OSA so it might not count.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Don't bother Judas boy. We know you have been discussing members of London Anonymous behind our backs - A-non-non-anon as well as Trap. So fuck off and take that back to your OSA handlers. We are watching you.
  22. Anonymous Member

    What do you mean by behind your back? Plus, yes, on anonymousuk website 18th is chanology day for London
  23. DISCLAIMER: "anonymousuk website" is a wholly owned subsiduary of Occupy LSX and member of the Planner Enterprises business group. It is not endorsed by London Chanology, and is intended for entertainment purposes only.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    However many turn up- it always excedes the number and quality of attendees at the cult!
  25. I might make it, I won't know for a few days.
  26. SHdude Member

    I might come... It depends on whether or not my Guy Fawkes mask arrives by that time :cool:
  27. If it does not... There is nothing wrong with making use of a scarf / bandana / tshirt / whatever to hide behind instead. While gf mask may be prefered. Many others make use of alternative means of hiding faces.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Does age matter? As I'm 14 in 11 days. So I don't wanna seem like a runt wearing a mask.
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  29. Not a problem at all, provided your confident traversing london on your own and can behave relatively maturely.
    If possible, definitely consider dragging a buddy along to at least the first one. But very unlikely there would be any problems if not.
  30. I'd definitely suggest getting off at goodge street if you don't know london well.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Thanks, I'm trying to bring along a few people too.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    For TCR? I can make it to QVS easy from Blackfriars.
  33. Anonymous Member

    So how did that work out for you?
  34. Ok, I should be able to make it to both places, but I'm gonna have to leave straight after. Sowwy.
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Good luck in that endeavor.
    I'd recommend checking ahead for planned closures. Those half decade long engineering works really can come out of nowhere sometimes. :p
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  37. Anonymous Member

    a wild newfag appears
  38. May i have some form of explanation?
  39. Anonymous Member

    OH HEI.. meybeez someone could make an event page like the germanfags did? spread the word :) . i would do it but i'm a neofaggot and all i'm good for is eating caike and trolling scifags.
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