London June Planning Thread

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Namenlos, Jun 7, 2011.


June the....

Poll closed Jun 21, 2011.
11th 3 vote(s) 13.0%
18th 11 vote(s) 47.8%
25th 9 vote(s) 39.1%
  1. Namenlos Member

    No one has started this yet, so get your deciding hats on.
    If it ain't on June the 25th, I can't make it. So you all know which day to choose.
    (Yeah I'll update with details once we get a date).
  2. Gentlemen Member

    If it's on the 25th, I can't make it. The way I see it, this boils down to who you love more.
  3. Namenlos Member

    I have tits, your argument is invalid.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. /r/ People Vote for 18th, As that is the most evenly spaced between last months and the megaraid.
    Leaves comfortable room to plan and recover between both events.

    Also, 11th is silly. A raid with 3/4 days notice will likely have just as many anons in attendance
  6. 100% THIS

    Sorry Nam :(
  7. Gentlemen Member

    Pigeon also has tits and also can't make it on the 25th. YOUR argument is invalid!
  8. Namenlos Member

    She hasn't said so on this thread, so it isn't true.
  9. SeenTheLight Member

    London Scientology events for June:

  10. afternon Member

    I also have tits and quite pronounced nipples!
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  11. 18th has it.

    Poll's closed due to raids
  12. Namenlos Member

    It's only 8 to 6 votes though.
  13. Anonymous Member

    9 to 6. Sorry Nam.
  14. afternon Member

    Why not do BOTH?!
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  15. ohai gais, wats goin on in this thread
  16. little_red_derpy_hooves_by_drchrissy-d3d1zd8.jpg
  17. FYI Mods can't close polls
  18. By the way, I can't come this Saturday. Again. Got an afternoon gig at a party.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Does that mean we can stop spamming you all with hoardes of poll closing requests each month?
  20. Do or don't you'll get the same result.
  21. afternon Member

    It's getting close- which day(s) is/ are the raid(s) happening now?!
  22. Anonymous Member

    Mancfag here voted 18th, but I can attend either. So it's more like tying.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Why Voting Is Cancer: Exhibit 1

    For fuck's sake, can we PLEASE just go back to Second Saturdays, so that those of us with actual lives can schedule things in advance?
  24. Well, I'm planning on rolling out on the 18th, because 25th is off the menu for me. Anyone who wants to join is eminently welcome.
  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Fuck off, Mancfag. Loldon doesn't bow to you
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. I'm going on the 18th, screw the 25th right in the ear hole.
  29. ^ This.

    I second a notion to bringing some sanity back to our raid dates.
    I'm freelance and have trouble planning round these things. So, its certainly not fair on those with non-flexible commitments.
  30. Dear Mancfags,
    For many raids during the last few years, we have moved our dates around to suit yourselves.
    Now if you could be so kind to sort your stuff and return the convenience, it would be delightful.
    Hugs and Kisses,
    Trap ^_^
  31. OK, time to rest up

    18/6/2011, 12:30, TCR

    Trap and myself hope to see you there.
  32. rest, what's that now?

    Just checked my account as I was about to leave to find I only had £3.25 in there. So sadly, I won't be making it due to no money for train fair :-(
  34. WhiteNight Member

    Shit! I forgot! Sorry gais...
  35. Pigeon Member

    Baww. I was hoping I could come along later and say goodbye to you guise before I bugger off to You Rope. But no. I can't. Because you're not there.
  36. strobe Member

    Lol no.
  37. Namenlos Member

    /r/mods change title etc.
  38. But we were.

    Or at least, Garlic, Terril and myself were there.

    We had fresh new Org staffers to play with, and a Replacement Trap.
  39. I forget to budget for one train fair and you just go and wheel out the Acme Insta-Trap.

    Well, it better be built like a truck driver and half as graceful or I'm bringing the knife pole.
  40. We were Trapless... We made do with what we had

    Actually, she was quite charming and softly-spoken. Drinks scotch.

    You'd have liked her.

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