London November 2010

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Galanon, Oct 20, 2010.


London November - pick a Saturday!

6th 4 vote(s) 10.8%
13th 3 vote(s) 8.1%
20th 27 vote(s) 73.0%
27th 3 vote(s) 8.1%
  1. new guy Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Hello there.
    What do you need help with
  2. Clemonymous Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Directions, mostly. I'll be getting the train to London Victoria. I have no idea where to go from there. Also safety is concerning, if I go alone I'm going to run the risk of being followed etc. I'd want to go the busiest route, even if that means adding time and money to the journey.
  3. Re: London November 2010

    Welcome newfags! As with most things, the first time can seem a bit scary/intimidating, but let me assure you there's really very little you have to worry about (apart from gangrape, but we'll get to that part later). Firstly, London Scientology are the very epitome of fail and AIDS, and couldn't manage to follow you in an empty room, so don't get too paranoid about that. Remember, that on your way to the protest, no-one knows you're going to it, so you don't need to stress about being followed; and on the way back, if you hang with us/come to the pub afterwards, you'll doubtless be in a crowded central area of London where no-one's gonna be able to successfully stalk you. If in doubt, someone will be heading to the tube at some point and will gladly accompany you at least part of the way on your journey. Also, despite the epic faggotry inherent in every London thread on WWP, we're actually a very personable decent bunch of [STRIKE]people[/STRIKE] geeks, freaks and general misfits in real life.

    A few pointers: Firstly, get yourself a mask (I daresay you figured this one out already). You can usually get them from your local comic book/sci-fi store (Forbidden Planet is a good bet if there's one near you), or from [ame=""][/ame] or elsewhere online. For the reasons outlined above, there's no need to mask up until you get quite near to the protest area.

    Locations with maps, and even a soopa-seksy video walkthrough can be found on Spangly's site here and also in the second post of this thread.

    Since this is already becoming a wall of text, I'll stop there for now, but if you have any further questions, feel free to ask, or PM me.
  4. new guy Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Caution is good,but they don't follow anons all that often anymore,and you are unknown to them.
    Here is a route you can take
    Directions to 69 Tottenham Court Rd, Camden, London W1T 2HA, UK - Google Maps
  5. Pigeon Member

    Re: London November 2010

    You don't have to come to the 11am QVS protest if it's hard to find. I personally never make it, but that's because I'm a lazy fuck who can't get out of bed on time. If you come to Goodge St tube at 1pm, you'll see us right across the road.
  6. new guy Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Are you still bringing the troll canon pigeon ?
  7. Pigeon Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Yup, I can still bring all that stuff. I'll have an extra pair of hands (possibly several?), so there's no problem with transport now.
  8. Clemonymous Member

    Re: London November 2010

    I lol'd.

    I'd like to go to the pub, it would be nice to hang out with everyone. Depending on what the train and tube times are, I may be able to go to the pub. I hope so, I'll check tomorrow when I'm sober.

    I'd really like to make it for the whole day, maybe after a few weeks I might be lazy and let the mornings slip. Especially as it gets deeper into winter. Lonely and cold is never a good mix.
  9. new guy Member

    Re: London November 2010

  10. Re: London November 2010

  11. Pigeon Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Yeti, if I can hope to be half as badass as that I'll turn Hindu. Although my entourage of teenage girls might make a pretty good substitute.
  12. Re: London November 2010

    This is relevant to my interests.
  13. WhiteNight Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Fuckkkk yes. Finally! Not lesbians I can only hope. You seriously disappointed me when you pulled that out of the bag.
    Don't worry mate, I'm sure someone can arrange to meet you and London Vic. I obviously won't be there, but anyone feel like volunteering?
  14. Pigeon Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Yes. They're all lesbians. All of them.

    Keep awaaaayyyyyyy.
  15. WhiteNight Member

    Re: London November 2010

  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Is this before or after The Namenlos Bukkake party?

    ITT: We learn Whitenight moved to Manchester to find non-lesbian Anons.
  17. WhiteNight Member

    Re: London November 2010

    All male populace in Manc bar one (that I've met) =(
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Re: London November 2010

    Actually, you'd be quite surprised how many post-op TS's end up forming relationships with women. Go figure.

    Protip: Sexuality isn't just about what you've got between your thighs or what your partner has between theirs.
  20. Re: London November 2010

    Honestly, the only fanciable male anons are all spoken for.

    What is left over, is a constant reminder of all that is bad and undesirable amongst male kind. Hell; Just sharing an IRC # with Heretic alone is enough to push somebody towards dating the fairer sex.
  21. WhiteNight Member

    Re: London November 2010

  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: London November 2010

    One day when you calm down, finally come off the pills and manage to handle normal every day life without freaking out and curling up into a ball crying. Maybe then you'll be able to form an actual relationship with someone.

    And not bitch you on IRC that you cannot find anybody while dating people who you're slagging off constantly on IRC.

    Just maybe.
  23. Re: London November 2010

  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: London November 2010

    I love that picture dude lol
  25. Clemonymous Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Too interested in the lesbians. Haha.
  26. basil Member

    Re: London November 2010

    My apologies.
  27. afternon Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Ah, I'm heartened to see that London still has the lovely hugbox vibe..!

    Still, lesbians..
  28. Clemonymous Member

  29. Re: London November 2010

  30. WhiteNight Member

    Re: London November 2010

  31. Pigeon Member

    Re: London November 2010

    They're not actually lesbians. They're friends of my sister.

    Hey kids! Every time you molest a sixth former, a pigeon dies! Also, they stop coming to raids. Which would be a shame, as they'd increase Loldon's hawtness potential by approximately 600%.
  32. WhiteNight Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Shit, lucky I'm not going to be there. I'm not one for the long game lol
  33. Re: London November 2010

    Well I know which T-shirt I'm wearing this month.
  34. WhiteNight Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Pigeon, don't you dare tell them who / what Pedobear is. I want to see photos of a guy in a pedobear shirt with his arms around six 17 year olds.
  35. Re: London November 2010

    Indeed. Let them find out for themselves. In the meanwhile, I'll just have a seat right over there.

  36. XenuV2 Member

    Re: London November 2010

    In your case I would take the Central or District lines to Monument. You can walk from Monument to Bank without having to go above ground. It is clearly sign posted. St Paul's is one stop on the Central line. London is quite easy to get around you should be OK. You can also pick up a map at any underground station.
  37. WhiteNight Member

    Re: London November 2010

    Yeti; a fiver for you if you can get an amusing photo with one of them along these lines without getting caught.

    This would suffice though:
  38. Pigeon Member

    Re: London November 2010


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