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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Oct 15, 2013.

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    The policy for reluctant families is to bring them What is Scientology? the book. I'm not sure he will be able to apply that to Reddit. The policy rests on false assumptions - that anybody who is against Scientology doesn't really understand it, which is a "no true scotsman" argument. Also that former members don't have a valid opinion on the subject - they are "defects" which ties right into the liability formula where you have to decide which group you want to be a part of. So if people who were never members don't have a valid opinion, and former members the same, that leaves only current Scientologists as the people with a valid opinion of Scientology. Ta-da!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    How old is that child???
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  4. [IMG]

    You never go Full Retard
  5. Rod Keller Member

    Also, if you're trying to convince people you're not Slytherin House, you probably shouldn't use Malfoy as your spokesman.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Red face scilon looks like he has been crying in that first pic.
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  7. [IMG]
  8. This thread is hilarious. If that's a troll over on Reddit, he's doing a good job of playing the part - ignoring all the controversies and just forking over links to cult sites.

    We had a young guy doing that sort of PR stint in Chicago a few years ago, and it did not fare well for his Scientology "career." He ended up leaving a year or two later.

    IMO, Scientologists using the net anywhere outside of their little insular bubbles (like Scientologist-only Facebook groups and such) is always great. Exposure to the real world and free speech can only help them.
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  9. 14qhvp.gif
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  10. RightOn Member

    "openly answer any questions you may have"
    you know... the way I was trained, taught, drilled, brainwashed to
    freakin' sad
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  11. RolandRB Member

    How do they find these throwbacks or are they especially bred on Scientology farms?
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Charlie Wakley.. I called him cunt on his face whilst working on London org under his supervision. His registrar ass did not take it lightly..
  14. Anonymous Member

    Scientologist Draco Malfoy dressed as Hitman...
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  16. RolandRB Member

    It's not a game where everyone loses. The Scientology lawyers and PIs do very well out of it and I can think of a small man who has accumulated well over a billion dollars in his dWARf CHEST.
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  19. He has the Travolta chin.

    However I don't think John can claim paternity.

    Pederasty maybe.
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  21. SeenTheLight Member

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  22. RolandRB Member

    Cult spawn retards.
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  23. fishypants Moderator


    Always nice to see open communication. I hear it's a kind of 'universal solvent'.
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  24. RolandRB Member

    Why have a large Ideal Org in the centre of London when you have cult spawn retard staff in the place that would make any sane member of the public run out of the building screaming?
  25. RolandRB Member

    That's what you get when stupid mates with ugly.
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  26. DeathHamster Member

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  27. The DIANETICS books are nice I guess. The pics show these happy Sciloons with a copy of the greatest invention since the wheel and all that. But it is a lie.

    It is a lie for many reasons but the one I would like to talk about has never been mentioned before, I think.

    In all my time in the cult, I have met many Scientololgists who have read that book but it is not like the Bible, or the Tao, or any other inspirational book. It is not like that at all because unless the Scilon is on a course where the book is required reading; no one, not even Scientologists ever reads or even looks at that book a second time. I have never met a cultist who ever did that. That's because it is a boring, hard to stomach book and Scientologists know it.

    I am sure you all know that but even in the org I was in all us Scientologists knew that as well. We just didn't talk about it that much. Some of us would even regularly joke about how hard it was to read. It was a commonly known fact that it was boring. I knew more booksellers who never read the book than ones who actually did read it. I only read the book as a point of honour because it seemed like something that was expected. It was a painful experience that make my legs twitch and my foot tap in frustration. I had to take many breaks to recover in order to get through that book.

    I doubt very much any of those culties in the photo reads or re-reads that book either. The phony principles of Dianetics could be expressed in a few pages at most. Hubbard on drugs chose to write a wordy, boring, faux school text book in an attempt to give Dianetics the appearance of a valid science. I wonder if he thought, ''If it's boring, it must be good.''

    As a non-believer even I can flip through the Bible and read page after page and get something out of it. At the very least, reading it won't be a painful experience in torture and boredom. I could never do that with DIANETICS and Scientologists can't either.

    On a slight digression; I also don't believe John Travolta's often quoted claim that he got into Scientology by reading DIANETICS. That's just a convenient lie he and the C of S uses in an ploy to get new members into the cult. They would get more members if they didn't push that book. I am pretty sure some Scilon brought him in to do an intro course and then he read the book somewhat later.

    Scilons just promote the book because L.Ron Cultman never tired of telling them that it was the best way to get new recruits. Hubbard was just so proud of his little baby, that's all. Also, all those Scilons selling that book helped to bolster Hubbard's claim that it was a perennial best seller. That may even be true but it is one of those books one finds in used book stores by the ton that look like they have never been cracked open.
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  28. fishypants Moderator

    I think you might be right.

    In a way it plays on people's insecurities - if it's written in the tone of an impenetrable scientific text then maybe some people think "I can't understand this - so it must be too clever for me - where can I learn to understand it?".

    Rather than "I can't understand this - because it's a load of bollocks".

    That would fit with the general tendency in Scientology to blame any failure on the individual Scientologist rather than the imaginary 'tech'.
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  29. Well, that's exactly how the whole scam worked on me!
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  30. tinfoilhatter Member

    How many dianetics parodies are there?

    I remember seeing a copy on my ship(i believe this was placed there as a joke, then again we did get a bunch of shit books rejected from libraries as "donations"), reading the first few "testimonials" and thinking, "man, someone tried to write a fiction novel under the guise of a real textbook, and completely failed". It was garbage, and one of the acting chaplains found that book, and heard that some of us had skimmed through it. In response to this, he set it on fire on the smoke deck, and threw it over the side to let mighty Poseidon dispose of it. He told us that no one in military makes enough money to get into that "religion". It was a great laugh.

    The scilons quote that book as the end all and be all, yet it is in no way realistic. ANYONE with good science fiction reading will see it as garbage. Then the dated testimonials with out last names, while being effective for dupes 30-40 years ago, would not be believable to most millineals who have been exposed to the same bullshit advertisement practices by the fraud diet drug scammers. Yet this seems to be their primary means for recruitment.

    One day when i feel mischievous, i will send a copy to those hatemongers that make the chic tracks, and see if they can make a scientology themed one, for the lulz.
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  31. Apparently Mr. Wakley was fond of the boys once upon a time... ;)

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