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Protest in London, second saturday in Feb 2011?

Yes 34 vote(s) 77.3%
No 10 vote(s) 22.7%
  1. Pigeon Member


    Recruitment exercise? Chill out. It would be nice if some of these groups liked what we were doing and decided to come along, but we shouldn't start this with the express intention of nicking people.

    Our numbers aren't really that bad, by the way. Not many forum regulars, but what with ex-scis, old-guard and occasional posters (not to mention you lovely newfags) we have a regular 20 in the summer. Winter is a bit shit. Make sure you get to the Jan protest. ;)
  2. Namenlos Member


    Is it deffo the 12th now? I need to know ASAP to book time off work. I might not be able to make it to January as is due to so much time spent fucking around :[
  3. Zero has offered us an Ad V an for 12/2/2011

    I say that settles it.
  4. It's been a long time. Anything I should know?
  5. Perikles Member

    Not to whistle while your pissing?
  6. We've been unbanned from most of the places we were previously unwelcome.
  7. ZeroC Member

    Ad Van has been booked for the 12th. All funds transferred.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Fuckeye received this e-mail:
    Let me him know if you're interested, and I'll he'll put you in touch.
  9. xenulondon Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anime recommendation:
    Just finished watching Chaos:HEAD and found it pretty enjoyable.
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Magnonymous Member

    I can't do 5th, I can do 12th.
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Second Saturday is the 12th
  16. Gentlemen Member

  17. afternon Member

    Theme? It's going to be the third anoniversary after all...
    Cue, the usual faggotry and bitching...
  18. Can the theme be 'the usual faggotry and bitching'?
    With a special guest appearance of my new friend. Mr Stabby?
  19. On that note.
    I have discovered there is an actual sport that involves beating people violently with wooden sticks?
    Consider me signing up for Kendo once I've raised the money for some sessions.
  20. If somebody buys me a suitably awesome costume. Such as

    I promise to wear it to an upcoming raid.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous approves of this message...
  22. WhiteNight Member

    For the love of god no!

    Actually..... I'm not going to be there.
    Go for it!
  23. garlic Member

    Ohia guys,

    I shall see you all on the 12th! I now have a base of operations so may be able to be more useful than the past few months
  24. Anonymous Member

    Why the fuck not?
  25. wolfyrik Member

    Google Epic Nose Guy. This one 15 year old made it calling scientlogy a cult at protests, entirely legal according to case law.
  26. Spangly Member

    Not really, no. Only a court can create case law - the CPS simply decided not to take the matter to court.

    It was the level of precedent that the City Of London Police were after, though.
  27. WhiteNight Member

    Manchester calls and Manc looks like it's going to be fucking epic this year. We think we're going to have a Jaegermeister Rep coming with "free samples". Manc Anon is fucking sponsored by Jaeger!
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. WhiteNight Member

    au contraire mon frere, I am simply doing what any honest Loldoner would do and bringing Loldon-grade lulz to the impoverished miners in return for alcohol.
  30. BigBlue Member

    Devastated,nothing could have stopped me making Londons Feb raid.....except that after this week im not allowed to do anything but breath and eat cold food for 3+ weeks(i shouldnt have read OT3 hehe), worst timing, GALANON thanks and i hope to still make that trip soon just not this time, good luck to all and keep a space warm for me for nxt time
  31. XanonX Member

    jew is back, back again. guess whos back, guess whos back guess whos back.

  32. XanonX Member

    i miss you
  33. WhiteNight Member

    Made this just for you jewboy:

  34. XanonX Member

    god i miss you all.
  35. SeenTheLight Member

  36. SeenTheLight Member

  37. So Stefania is no longer DSA then? Interesting.

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