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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Bluebell, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Violenza Member

    Re: London UK

    ahahaha I love the gentlemen bit at the end <3
  2. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London UK

    I like your style Interhat!
  3. Re: London UK

    You and your beard and real ale are not fooling anyone:

  4. Gentlemen Member

    Re: London UK

    "Many are unaware even of its most basic needs such as sharp suits, masses of attention and random amusing objects to put in its mouth for comedy effect."

    Thank you, Never before have I heard the plight of my people expressed with such decorum and poetry. I have no sound on my computer but if it is anything like the visuals the next object to be put in my mouth will be your cock. awesome video.

    Also thanks DA for specificly going out of your way to purchase objects to put in my mouth.
  5. Re: London UK

    Then rate and comment. DO IT, FAGGOT.
  6. Re: London UK

    What is the song of your people?
  7. Bluebell Member

    Re: London UK

    No worrys, quite welcome :)
  8. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK

    /creeped out
  9. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London UK

    I has rated!
  10. Re: London UK

    I should have thought that was perfectly obvious.

  11. CLOCKSHIT Member

    Re: London UK

    As in Lock Stock and two barrels "YOU LUCKY BASTARD!" any action from BLUEBELL is great!
  12. SpasticGum Member

    Re: London UK

    Every weaboo's dreams crushed in one simple video.
  13. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK

    that macaron chacaron song makes me cry with laughter every time.
  14. Re: London UK

    Then you might not want to watch this ling.

    [ame=""]Everyone in this should be given Seager trollgear on the NHS[/ame]
  15. CLOCKSHIT Member

    Re: London UK

    Great job Brit Anons!
  16. Gentlemen Member

    Re: London UK

  17. Re: London UK

    Well done Sir, I feel slightly trolled by your ling.
  18. anomilly Member

    Re: London UK

  19. Re: London UK

    <3 Trollgear!

    I'm also happy to report that the Shoop Box/Hate Machine has recovered from it waterlogging and appears to be back to its original 9000+ power level. It's been with us since the beginning, and to lose such a valiant enturbulator on the cusp of our Channiversary would have been a tragedy.

    /r/ Trollgear Special Report on it at the next raid.
  20. Re: London UK

    It's a bit too old to get it's own trollgear review as such. Maybe if it was a joint effort with the antiques roadshow or similar. Or you upgrade it with the aidS of Tim Westwood on 'Pimp my trollcannon'.
  21. Re: London UK

    Can I get MacGuyver in to help instead?
  22. Bluebell Member

    Re: London UK

    I had meant to cross post this from Ex Scientologist Message Board - Powered by vBulletin earlier sorry

  23. Re: London UK

    I'm getting a lot of flyers actually given back to me now, by people saying "It's OK, we know." Is dat sum victory?

    This is the kind of thing that gives us a bad name.
  24. Re: London UK

    tl;dr EPIC FAGGOTRY, as is the mask signature you've got. Although neither are anywhere near as bad as your e-mailing saying 'I know who you are'.
  25. Re: London UK

    If this shit keeps up I am genuinely going to junk my Skype account.
  26. anony.max Member

    Re: London UK

    do you know how we can get the AnonFlag?
    we really need one in the Middle East.....
  27. Re: London UK

    Get one off ebay!
  28. Gentlemen Member

    Re: London UK

    One of the london anons had them made up when chanology started (i can't remember who), I know that they were all sold since, it's possible that theres some people who own them who don't want them any more who are dropped out of chanology but finding them is half the issue. Your best bet I think is probably finding somewhere locally to make them up if you think that you can get a reasonable sized order together.
  29. Re: London UK

    Flags were organised by Dess from a supplier he knew.

    The vector file used is easily available, so take it and produce your own (I gave mine to the Hamburgfags as a token of appreciation)
  30. Re: London UK

    my flag is currently on the sitting room wall, after one of my flat mates asked if i had a flag

    its gona stay there tho. cos im selfish. and it looks good. beter then a union jack (makes you look bnp) stars and stripes (makes you look natlistis yank) or the hamas flag (gets you shot on the tube). genuninly look awsom tho.
  31. Re: London UK

    I feel strangely trolled by that. Second day in a row I've been the victim of the dark arts.

    pic clearly related

  32. Re: London UK

    Funny you should mention the dark arts, Woolworth's had a massive pile of Mad-Eye Moody toys they were clearing out today. I was in their for mai plastic John Barrowman toys, though.
  33. Re: London UK

    pix or it didn't happen
  34. Re: London UK

    Didn't get any. Eight quid for a minature of Captain Jack's ship from The Doctor Dances, and that was with 20% off.

    Fuck you, Russel. Fuck you.
  35. Re: London UK

    You can take pix of what you bought. Ideally modified to include memes.

    Also check the dome.
  36. Re: London UK

    I didn't buy anything.

    If I have to say it again, it's the naughty chair.
  37. Re: London UK

    pic related? If so can we get a double one for Basil and Blujob.



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