long island, NY st. paddys parade fun!

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by mang3lo, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. mang3lo Member

    long island, NY st. paddys parade fun!

    with the upcoming st. paddys parade in few of the towns on Long Island, NY, within the next few days, there is massive chance to recruit for the ides NYC. i'll be attending a few of them, slipping silently through the crowd and handing out various cards, flyers, reference materials. i'm not going to stop and preach anythin to anyone i meet, (ie. talk about anon, scientology, etc etc). I just want to get some more public awareness as to what's really going on, and how they can learn more / participate.

    you can to! its reeeeaaal EZ, especially if your already planning to attend with friends/family like i am. (i wouldnt advise w/ family, no way i'd want to put my family at risk for anything). just print up tons of material, make sure it has ALL the necessary information about the ides, and when you're enjoying the parade and getting hammered (woot! the one day police don't care about public drunkeness) you can hand out some material to your fellow parade - goers. ensure it has websites for information, a date and time. nothing that would leave your unwitting target (to hand the reference material to) a reason to seek you out, or ask you anything. nothing that will confuse them, etc

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