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Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by contra, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. contra Member

    Hey everyone. I'm looking to help with anything i can do, but i am currently running without a static ip so i can't run a proxy... any ideas?


    EDIT: 3rd post is me :)
  2. J23

    Set up a Tor relay

    I recently did this. I have no idea if it seriously helps, so if someone out there knows that it is a waste of time, or hindering the Iranian people, please LET US KNOW. I did mine and I do not have a static IP address, but it shows to be working. I am not much of a tech person, but basically it is like networked with a bunch of other Tor relays, and they bounce around the iranian's location and help them use the internet. Pitiful explanation, I know. Try this site, it does a lot better job than I.

    How to setup a Tor relay or Tor bridge How to help #iranelection
  3. i was thinking about like port flooding anti-democratic websites, anyone think that is agood idea?
  4. Bcoat Member

    @contra use dyndns hosname instead of ip. that'll do it as long as you keep it updated.
  5. Help--I need to know what to do w/this

    A friend fired up an old domain that he wishes to give to those on the ground in Iran. It can be found at The Voice • Index page . He added some categories, the site can be used by guest accounts or registered users. There is no confirmation or anything. A forum like this can be useful because it is obscure at least for awhile.

    He also added a post on a secure IM client to that forum. The client can be found here: BitWise IM - Download

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