Looks like the cult is vandalizing itself again.

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by ismokewithxenu, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. COREarg Member

    obvious false flag is obvious.


    Oh you so manly...!

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  2. vaLLarrr Member

    "a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology said"
    This seems to be typical Daily Mail "journalism". They invent shit, then they just say "a friend of" or they say " neighbours said".
    If any real journalist was quoting a spokesperson, they would have named him/her. Looks like they just invented a paragraph without attributing it to anyone.
    Looks like the Daily Mail are happy to expose scientology crazyness and that's great, but the shit journalism is really not helping anyone.
    If I wanted a comic I would read National Enquirer.
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  3. vaLLarrr Member

    And the fact that either a genuine Anon, a troll, or even a scilon sprayed "Anon"on the wall of that "mission" or whatever they call those stupid empty bookshops these days, I thought it was funny and it made me LOL.

    Travolta must have shit his wig when he saw that.
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  4. 'Anonymous has claimed responsibility and is currently under investigation for its attacks on Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Sony's PlayStation Network, the Church of Scientology, the Spanish government and national police, as well as for crashing the Australian government's websites in response to Australia's attempts to curb the spread of child pornography on the internet.'
    He claimed the attacks against the Church of Scientology have included anthrax threats, bomb threats, plus threats to kill, cause arson and kidnap.

    Read more:
    Um....ORLY? They have put us out to be perverts and murders now as well. They're trying to make us seem like some sort of internet Al Qaeda.
  5. Anonymous Member

    I've got my keffiyeh...
  6. kittypark Member

    either false fag, or extremist sect of anon, which just like Muslims, give it a bad name. or a 12yr old troll.
    I would like to see if any members here from Ocala, Florida have anything to say about this if there is any.
  7. Anonymous Member


  8. Triumph Member

    Scientology Center defaced a second time
    Staff writer
    Published: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 10:31 a.m.

    walked away to "word clear" anon before returning FIFY

    I guess the norp who was doing it-wanted to increase the chance of getting caught
  9. Anonymous Member

    Not even worth posting a new pic?

    Well..they got the "perp" on video, I am sure they can look at video from nearby businesses to see if they can find the person before putting on their facial coverings. I am assuming Ocala is not very cold and that a covered face would stand the person would have put that on at the last minute.
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  10. greebly Member

    So the same paint used?
    Same letters?
    Same window?

    noone has protested there ever?

    no Cameras or CCTV footage still?
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  11. xenubarb Member

    lol they're really kicking it up a notch, what with all their accusations of erections and now this. Hey derps, anyone can wear a mask. Anyone. And if I were a scilon seeking sympathy for my fail mission, I might just put one on and vandalize myself so I can garner some local sympathy from the community who thinks the sun shines out of a movie star's anus.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I hope this catches on- I mean, people will start looking online at $cientology, realise what a crock of shit it is and how they bully people then they may REALLY start spraying cult buildings!
  13. SwordofTruth Member

    100 hugs says whoever did it, didn't go through the trouble of even wearing an Anon mask. 2nd attempt of smearing is lazy, facepalm demo needed there indeed.
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  14. Sponge Member

    I clicked "like" but then I "unliked" in case that was taken the wrong way.
    I just plain lol'd.
  15. Triumph Member

    I hope they catch this clown,and cut off his/her Scientology can get back to the important work of persecuting and prosecuting homeless persons urinating on their building *snark*
  16. Sponge Member

    What's next? Don't tell me. A stuffed Mudkip was found near the scene and is helping police with their enquiries.
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  17. RightOn Member

    why does the article include this?
    "The mission is open daily and is a public information center and resource center for the religion's social services, such as drug prevention and literacy programs. Scientology members can receive personal counseling sessions there."

    Sounds like an advertisement to me.
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  18. Triumph Member

    have never seen an article published by that rag ( didn't include that cult adverteasment..or one like it
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  19. RightOn Member

    ah yes Travolta has Ocala residents falling for his "happy marriage/ I am not gay" crap
    and "I am just here to help people with the new org of my dreams and the Hero Fund" BS
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  20. zebrafaced Member

    Ocalanon here.

    I'm willing to say it's either someone from the mission itself seeking sympathy or it's that butthurt faggot who showed up here last week or the week before and was promoting criminal activities (who could have just been a Scifag plant tbh).
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  21. anonakatie Member

    Ah interesting! Tricky little buggers, this.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Hot tip: Give his description to the police. Whoever he is - Sci plant or just regular idiot - some popo attention would do him good.
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  23. zebrafaced Member

    What description? He was a forumfaggot, I've never seen him IRL.
  24. Let's compare how many actual deaths caused by "Anonymous" versus Al Qaeda. I bet the ration will be very low in our favor.

    But seriously.... are they gonna send Anthrax to themselves now?
  25. Anonymous Member

    They inhale blue asbestos whenever they set foot on the Freewinds, I doubt they would be too bothered by the risk of sending themselves anthrax to make it look like Anonymous did it.
  26. MOOG Member

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  27. DeathHamster Member

    Pronoun trouble.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Scientology press release.
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  29. CarltonBANKS Member

    Fucking hell!!!!! This is the first that I've heard of this! Wow.

    (pls cross post to the other thread about this!)

    They were giving out a xerox of a UK newspaper article!

    Scientology have form for doing this shit to themselves and blaming & framing critics.

    I can smell the desperation.

    /r/ mods make this a sticky
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  30. MOOG Member

  31. RightOn Member

  32. WogDoc Member

    So let me get this straight:

    A "protestor" who wanted to vandalize a business and disrupt its opening spray painted a window that could be cleaned up with a $3 razor blade scraper in about 5 minutes. I noticed they kept it off of the window frames or any other part of the building that would require repainting or sand blasting to remove.

    At least they left it up long enough to get some sympathetic news coverage.

    What's next? Putting up sticky notes with frowny faces?
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  33. zebrafaced Member

    TP-ing the sign on the front of the building and the crepe myrtle to the side.

    Not that I'm making suggestions or anything.

    Edit: Oh, I forgot that there's two trees in the front. Well!
  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. greebly Member

    Incorrect as I have no knowledge of any protesters ever vandalising any buildings anywhere in the world.
    So by posting that here someone from the Co$ could quite happily hand out that statement too.

    The sad part of it all is that this incident has been published in a daily newspaper and also internationally.

    It is a repeat of the San Jose scenario whereby incidents are simply being associated with peaceful law abiding protesters with no proof whatsoever.

    By doing this everyone who protests is then tarred with this "hategroup" brush for simply protesting an organisation and nothing more.

    If you do protest nearby as I have no knowledge of anyone ever protesting there, make sure you make it 100% clear that you and others have nothing to do with these petty criminal acts.

    Follow the San jose example of harpooning the local law enforcement and community.
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  36. Triumph Member

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  37. the anti Member

    instead of writing "anon" wouldn't it make more sense to put on there "cult"?
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  38. Anonymous Member

    It could be the child of a Scientologist who think he is helping Scientology or it could be...........
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Not if you were trying to get negative publicity for anon.
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