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    Lord Janner admitted to sex abuse of a child but was not brought to trial because he claimed to be too ill with dementia. The prosecutor agreed. After that he visited the House of Lords a few times and transacted business. Charges have been brought against him now. At last.,_Baron_Janner_of_Braunstone
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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator
    "trial on facts" must be a Britfag law. Does it mean evidence but no testimony?
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  5. For you non Brit fags be aware with your twatter ops etc, in Britain there is such a thing as "Trial by Media".
    This can result in some cases never reaching court due to the previous press coverage influence on the public at large.
    Negative press or accusatory types of articles can often be the cause of cases being stopped in advance of court proceedings.
    Twitter is now the new weapon in that particular arsenal.

    Think again with your ops, spreading the word is good but mind out what you say.
    Inflammatory remarks have a tendency to spiral when the less educated hit the keys and spout the hate.
    And again. Watch out for your bandwagon jumpers who will use twitter as an excuse to derail a trial, it happens.
    Friends of the accused?

    Just saying.
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    The best thing that's come from the Saville/ Lord Janner Rich Upperclass Brits Assault Children is this.
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