Lorna Carleton refund civil claim against Scientology British Columbia

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Apr 30, 2015.

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    Former member wants money back from Church of Scientology

    By Glynn Brothen, April 30, 2015

    KAMLOOPS - A former parishioner has filed a notice of civil claim in Kamloops Supreme Court against the Church of Scientology of British Columbia for “negligent misrepresentation” in counselling funds and extra payments.

    In her claim filed April 29, Lorna Carleton states during her time as a parishioner for the church from November 1988 to July 2014 she signed up for pre-payments for 'counselling services.' Carleton argues the payments were supposed to be returned to her if she stopped participating in the services but didn't receive a refund after the church advised her she was no longer permitted to participate.

    Carleton’s funds towards the church went towards buildings and the International Association of Scientologists. As part of her membership, Carleton said she made “extra payments" to the church by purchasing books, compact disks and promotional materials. She filed the claim after discovering the additional funds were not required but also contrary to pre-payment policy.

    The plaintiff is asking for the church to return payments with interest and other relief.

    A spokesperson for the Church of Scientology of British Columbia did not return comment by deadline.

    None of the allegations have been proven in court.

    To contact a reporter for this story, email Glynn Brothen at, or call 250-319-7494. To contact the editor, email or call 250-718-2724.

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  2. I'm interested to see how this plays out in Canada where the CoS does not have charitable status. The IRS closing agreement puts a fig leaf over the ridiculous notion that "fixed donations" are not fees for services (contrary to court rulings on the matter) but without that modest protection it seems unlikely that a court won't see it for what it really is. Also, Canada doesn't have the same absolute approach to "religious freedom" in that it only guarantees such religious practices that are "demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society".
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  3. RightOn Member

    is this the same person as Lorna Levitt? already on the list?

    edited, nope not her, looks like fresh meat!
  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    More testimony that Scientology’s celebrities know all about Sea Org deprivations

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, May 2, 2015

    We like to keep an eye on litigation involving the Church of Scientology, so we were interested to see the news yesterday that a woman in British Columbia has filed a lawsuit in order to get back about $86,000 that she says she’s owed by the church.

    But then we got Lorna Carleton on the phone, and realized that her story is more interesting than just the money she’s trying to get back.

    Lorna tells us that she had been living in northern British Columbia when, in 1988, she moved down to the town of Kelowna on Okanagan Lake and it was there that she met an OT 3 at a dance club.

    The man (who had achieved the level of Operating Thetan Level Three, one of the higher, secretive levels of Scientology achievement) introduced her to the idea of Dianetics and then took her to the org in Vancouver.
    A week later, she was on staff.

    But she wanted us to understand that her career in Scientology was not a smooth one. She says she was declared an “illegal PC” three separate times, and was on and off of staff. She was even, at one time, a member of the Sea Org.

    She was still “flowing money” to the Vancouver org as recently as 2013. But last year, she looked up a friend she had known in Scientology, and he shared with her something he had written. And that changed everything.

    Doug Davidson had written a lengthy “Debbie Cook” letter. Cook, a longtime Scientology executive who ran the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida for 17 years, stunned Scientologists by sending out a lengthy accusatory letter on New Year’s Eve, 2012, announcing the ways that Scientology was being corrupted by its current leader, David Miscavige. Since then, it’s become somewhat customary for Scientologists to announce that they’ve gone “independent” with lengthy pronouncements listing their grievances.

    Davidson’s announcement was focused on the problems he had seen over the years in the Vancouver area specifically, but it contained many of the same kinds of complaints that Cook had brought up. For many Scientologists who have left in recent years, they felt the organization was getting away from what founder L. Ron Hubbard had intended as Miscavige altered technical procedures and put a heavier emphasis on fundraising.

    For Lorna, Davidson’s letter was a revelation. She says that within a week of reading it last summer, she was auditing with Davidson in Grand Forks, B.C., and never turned back. She had become an independent Scientologist.

    And she wanted the money back that she’d put on account at the church. She now knew that she’d never take the courses at the org that she’d already paid for, so she wanted those funds returned. She got the run-around from the Vancouver org, so she had an attorney send a letter. When that didn’t help, she went to a litigation attorney, who let the church know in December that they intended to sue.

    Lorna says she has about $38,000 on account at the Vancouver org (Day and Foundation). And she’s also asking for $5,000 she gave to “Ideal Org” projects, $20,000 to the International Association of Scientologists, and another $20,000 for book donations and other campaigns.

    “It’s roughly $86,000 altogether. But I’m not asking for any money I spent on courses, or for back staff pay,” she says. Her lawsuit was filed in Kamloops Supreme Court, but the church hasn’t responded yet.

    Her attorneys had been getting responses to their letters from Gary Soter, the Los Angeles attorney who often represents the church. “I was really shocked that that’s who the Vancouver church would go to,” Lorna says. “Why would they risk the bad PR and not just give me my money? Why let it go to litigation?”

    Meanwhile, the Scientologists she knew at the Vancouver org have all distanced themselves from her. “The rumor is that Lorna has gone crazy,” she says with a laugh.

    Asked what it was that she saw in the church that drove her away, Lorna said she was affected by “the insane way they treat people. I don’t want to belong to a place that treats people like they do in the Sea Org.”

    Continued here:
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  5. Yet another story of Scientology improving conditions as usual.
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  6. AnonLover Member

    A wee bit of news from Lorna that floated thru Facebook recently:

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  7. RightOn Member

    no gag order
    YAY!!!!! way to go Lorna!
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    Couldn't say it better.
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