Los Angeles Anons: OP Earthquake Weather Aug 12th 2013!

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by PTSwantsCOBinRPF, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. I'm back and ready to protest! I hope you will join me for the Sea Argh Raid August 12th!

    >WHERE: Picket and protest Scientology PAC Building (BIG BLUE/A.K.A. The COMPLEX) located at 4833 Fountain Avenue & L. Ron Hubbard Way Los Angeles, CA 90029. Scientology's West Coast headquarters and main Los Angeles location

    > WHEN: MONDAY AUGUST 12TH, 2 p.m. (This is a Scientology Holiday known as “Sea Org Day” in which members may be more likely to see us protesting & escape if they want to). Park a distance away, put on masks, and meet across the street. When leaving, walk in the opposite direction of where you parked your vehicle. I was followed a great distance on foot while leaving a recent protest here so please be safe.

    > Actions: Picket and protest by Anons demanding cessation of abusive practices. Attraction of Media Coverage.


    Signs & Flyers – Use large bold letters and be creative. Please don’t forget to put URL’s on
    them such as :,,
    Masks (Recommended. Scientology has history of retaliation.) Suit, hat, and tie optional.
    Video Cameras (Record this adventure for evidence and posterity!)
    SUNSCREEN! This is AUGUST... you will need it.
    Water & straws (to drink through your mask)
    Positive attitude.

    Negative attitude.
    Spray paint.
    Weapons of any kind.

    > GOALS:
    To encourage Sea Org members to BLOW on this Co$ Holiday August 12th
    Build a network of peaceful yet meaningful opposition against Scientology in Los Angeles.
    To show Scientology they do not go unopposed in Los Angeles despite “Celebrity” support.
    To help Scientology's members be rid of oppression and to see the light.
    To restore families, hearts, minds, and souls.
    To bring awareness to L.A.’s public everywhere of the evils of Scientology.
    To continue to impede the growth of Scientology.

    > What you can do to help TODAY:

    We need help getting the word out. Even if you do not live in or around Los Angeles, please share this on facebook, twitter, word-of-mouth, and by any other means possible. With your support, this protest could be one big protest indeed. (Twitter @opquakeweather).


    To Whom It May Concern,
    Greetings citizens of the internets. I write this today to inform the reader of a concerning issue. The Los Angeles Scientology branches are finally getting recognition that they are a dangerous cult. However, they are still devastating families, ruining lives, and rending souls with their corruption, ideology, physical abuse, brainwashing, and greed.
    We the united Anon people of Los Angeles California do not accept this, and we will not stand idle while they continue to bring ruin to families, hearts, souls, and minds.

    I extend to you a formal invitation to join us at operation EarthQuake Weather on August 12th beginning at 2pm at the Los Angeles Complex with signs and flyers to protest & condemn them for various human rights abuses. Spread and share this message with any that are sympathetic to the cause! Whether we number 5 people or 500, we shall be heard. Join us!

    If you are part of an anon group in the area, plan on attending, or would like to join the Coalition to help plan this and future events, we welcome you to send an e-mail to Or start trending this event on Twitter @OPQuakeWeather or by sending a PM right here in this thread.

    Bring friends!

    P.S. Yes. There will be Delicious Caek!


    > MISSION STATEMENT: Scientology has not gone without opposition in Los Angeles and we will continue exposing the truth. We will help free the minds and hearts of your members, and continue to expose your corruption. Even if we prevent one soul from being oppressed, we will have won.

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. EXPECT US.
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  2. Sonichu Moderator

    I'm posting. I'll try my darnest to be there!
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  3. I'll be there with bells on. I'll even tell you and everyone else who's there my real handle on WWP.
  4. Awesome! Spread the word! :D
  5. Anonymous Member

    Stickied. I'm going to be recommending this thread as a great example of how to organise a protest.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Good to see you back!:)

    Since you are trying to get sea org out perhaps you can try some of the messages that have worked well before like the classic:

    "It's OK to have doubts", "Your doubts are valid" and it's variants have been mentioned by several blown exes as something they mulled over as well as "Religion is free, scientology is neither"

    I would also think with all the disconnection and family stuff highlighted by Leah R's departure something along the lines of "Your family loves/misses you" might be good as well.

    And of course, you should play that classic, "Never Gonna Give You Up"
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  7. I am attempting to spread the word and hope to be there.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I was followed a great distance on foot while leaving a recent protest here so please be safe.

    If anyone is followed, please take pictures of whoever was following you. We need to get an idea of who all is in the osa, and exposing anyone as being osa will allow us to notify any law enforcement in the area.

    also please invite satanists, they need to point out that the cult stole a lot from Alister Crowley, and it would hurt the image of the cult a lot if this was exposed.
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    here ya go.. I have a few more of these I will upload soon that my fellow anon filmed while I was on the phone requesting a ride from a friend. They are actually quite funny.
  10. Religion is free, scientology is neither : I have already got this one :)

    I actually had so many signs with me the last time I simply didn't get pictures of.. but I love these and will just have to make a few more! :D
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  11. My personal Favorite
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  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Missfit Member

    may not be able to make it on the 12th but any of you feel free to join me every morning at the starbucks on vine, all the clams line up for coffee in the morning, I like to ask them where shelly is :)
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  14. hahahahaha... that is AWESOME. I'll be there reading "A Piece of Blue Sky" (out loud to myself) very soon & join in on this fun. :p
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Maybe a nice big sign saying freeloader debts aren't legally enforceable?
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  17. booski Member

  18. I've been lurking in the background for years watching this sinister cult. the 12th I shall step out of the shadows and join the protest.
  19. Fantastic.. it's the most fun fulfilling feeling to stand up for what you believe in and hopefully help those still " In " finally escape the clutches of Co$.
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  20. Have you actually seen someone blow during a protest?
  21. Sonichu Moderator

    Can't say I have. But I've heard of people blowing BECAUSE we protested.

    Also. Now that Leah Remini has filed a missing person's report. We know what sort of signs to make for this raid!
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  22. Anonymous Member

    I'm not sure that's the point of it.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Yes, many times. Mostly it was anon on anon but that counts, right?
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  24. dbloch7986 Member

    I'll be there. I'll probably take public transportation because I hate finding parking, unless someone wants to pick me up from home. I live about 10 miles east of the complex in the Alhambra/South Pasadena, so it wouldn't be out of the way for anyone heading in from the SGV. And if you don't want to give me a ride home, that's fine too. I can take public transportation home.
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  25. With Leah's utter fail and the LAPD having found no foul play, using sings referring to this would be totally moronic.
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  26. LOL bring your BFF Michael Hobson
    This message by fgootseverywhere has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  27. very cool.
  28. Anonymous Member

    But the question remains:

    Where The Fuck Is Shelly.jpg
  29. Who's looking forward to tomorrows raid?! I am! :D I was thinking this might be a fun thing to do so whoever wants to bring a chair and join in the fun.. please feel free!
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  30. Follow me on twitter and spread the word about tomorrow! @OPQuakeWeather
  31. Sonichu Moderator

    Yeah not going to make those signs anymore...

    on another note... in OC flyers were being handed out for Dianetics Seminars.
  32. Not sure I understand what your talking about.. but I am up making signs right now. :D
  33. Sonichu Moderator

    OC=Orange County

    At a Gay Pride event no less. those little coupons they hand out to see those Dianetics videos.

    Oh, also, I was talking about earlier I was saying those signs for Where is Shelley Miscavige. Not gonna use those.
  34. dbloch7986 Member


    They didn't like my idea :( Haha Cracked is an awesome website though!
  35. dbloch7986 Member

    Hope there's a good amount of people there. It's my first time being at PAC base in forever. Except for the little bit of time I spent there reading my SP declare. Yay!
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  36. Anonymous Member

    we got OSA pooping in this thread. this means Scientology is concerned about Anon protesting in LA. ha!
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  37. Sonichu Moderator

    Terrible News everyone. I have to bail out. My car battery has died.. and I need to replace it post haste.
  38. Anonymous Member

    ikr? Well done anon, they really must not want you to protest there!
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