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Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by an_hero, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. Forseti Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    hehe......sorry man. I wasn't paying attention to the dates....

    Cut me some getting old and it's my day off today....I had just woke up when I saw the thread. :-P
  2. SFCameraGuy Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    I'm comming down from San Fagcisco to shoot this one (I'm a camera guy if you haven't gathered already) Looking forward to it.

    also buttsecks.
  3. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    U R right Casper.
  4. an_hero Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    hehe np, i'm mostly just bustin yer balls... mostly. fwiw, the same thing was said about us protesting the opening of woll smoths school and that turned out fine because by and large LA Anons know how to handle themselves, particularly in the presence of children.

    otoh we have some people that are fucking loons too.. if i behaved like the EFB i'd prolly be suggesting we avoid kids too.
  5. the anti Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    you know it does say hubbards winter wonderland right? have signs saying its a fraud
  6. ataraxia1031 Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    I want to have your abortion.
  7. fotoanon Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    This is WHY

    I <3 socal soooooo much
  8. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    You still have to get down because you're on my list of people to meet.
  9. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    Hombre U can come over any time....PM me.

    (Is that too ghey for this forum??)
  10. casperthegost Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    I think 4 weeks ago protesting in front of the Vertical sign building was a good idea. For starters it is the most trafficked scientology facility in Hollywood. but now with the events that have unfolded in last four weeks it would be wise to reconsider. Alot of stuff has happened in the last 4 weeks for instance:

    1. winter wonderland wasn't set up yet so it was not possible to judge the p.r. disaster protesting it might be.

    2. Me and two other protesters were harassed by the cops and i was made to unmask and show i.d. in front of winter wonderland.

    3. Epic sword guy incident which is serving to make the cops more jittery.

    4. AO arrested again.

    5. Riverside city council showing willingness to ban protest in front of residences.

    6. The utter facepalm of AO's testimony tuesday.

    An Hero i was there at Will Smith's school to protest, didn't see it as a problem, but this? I rarely come out here except to post my video but this subject did get my attention.

    The cult is desperately trying to paint us as religious bigots. Consider this: anons protesting christmas displays (and the cult attorneys and pr people will twist this to show us doing just that) what effect will this have on the los angeles city counsel? Can they come up with similar ordinances to limit our activities?

    Just because the train tracks that were laid goes into the side of the mountain doesn't mean you have to run the train down it. Not being flexible to changing conditions is the perfect way to be lead into a trap. Also changing plains now would totally mess up the cults defensive plans.
  11. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    Wise gost is wise.

    AO got arrested again? (runs away b4 3 new megathreads)

    AO testimony was facepalm? How did I miss that???
  12. the anti Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA


    what did he do this time?

    aright, what do we do then? i still want to see scilon santa in his lair, can't we have signs and flyers saying the whole set is a scam? a lot of people do come by on foot here so maybe a few signs if done
  13. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    ^ Stand in front of the Scientology building or stress test. Stand from across the street. But leave the fucking wonderland alone. Have the public not associating it with Scientology, that'd be the way to go.

    Michael: Are you not subscribed to my youtube channel? D :
  14. fotoanon Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    They set up the same thing every year. It was well known what it would be like.

    You were near guys with big signs correct? Guys who can be loud?
    The anons that were by the Winter Wonderland for the Santa parade had NO problems.

    That I cannot say, but again, anons that were not near AO for the parade were OK and the cops who walked by gave no sense of being jittery.

    He would have been some point. The cult will use any excuse to get AO arrested again, and as was seen in the recent Riverside County Supervisor's meeting, the cult's lawyer brought up that he was "arrested in L.A." as part of the hearing. I do not think AO did anything worthy of being arrested, but just pointing out why it would be good for him to stay away from protests a bit. If he comes to the global, I think BB or HGB would be better for this reason. Other anons are not AO, and don't get the same treatment from the police

    Riverside is Riverside. The Winter Wonderland is not a residence and will revert to a parking lot on Jan 1st...when the RPFers get done packing everything away. could have been worse. He was nervous. Glibby did pretty well. And the restriction was put on hold.

    I was actually VERY opposed to the protest of the New Village Academy. But after the 1st protest, the second seemed to go long as no masks or anything that could scare kids took place. If done properly, it can be OK. I envision the global in front of the Winter Wonderland as fliering info to passersby about the PR stunt scienotology is trying to do with the display, and informing parents that they should examine any literature the Santa gives to their children.
    Malls and department stores have Santas to bring in shoppers. Scientology has a Santa to bring in future raw meat. And try to implant the idea that they are just a normal group. This needs a careful, thoughtful challenge.

    I get your concern. But it all depends on the actions of the anons. If I see anons behaving loudly, or being intimidating to ANY people (handler or tourist), I will certainly go to another venue, like HGB. Pissing off tourists is something LA Police are likely to be concerned about. I want to inform the public, not an hero.

    There is no reason there cannot be anons at WW, HGB AND BB...that would be awesome!

    So, I guess anons need to decide what will work best for them.

    Also, bring your unicycle. ;)
  15. casperthegost Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    They could write a ticket for the unicycle on hollywood blvd, I have been harassed by cops when skating on the walk of fame but i could bring the unicycle to LRH way, that would be no problem, ultimate unicycle enturbulation!
  16. fotoanon Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    I wish this idea had come up earlier...before IRC chatting and such. It may be hard to tell a bunch of people about newer plans.

    You may also want to float your idea in
    12/13 Global - Operation Snow White Christmas
  17. casperthegost Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    The plans as they stand could work as long as people know what they are getting into and plan accordingly. Just putting it out there so maybe next month.
  18. fotoanon Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA


    And bring your unicycle!
  19. i'mglib Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    HGB sounds particularly good for a second group.
    Go Santanons!
  20. ataraxia1031 Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    Hombre, Casper... pretty pretty please register and post on

    And bring the unicycle.
  21. Anonymoux Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    oh....pretty pretty pretty pretty please, casper and hombre.
    do it nao.
    oh please.

    got stats?
  22. Re: Los Angeles, CA

    Do you think you're trolling?
  23. Re: Los Angeles, CA

    They can't write you a ticket for riding your unicycle on the road, where bicycles should be ridden. They might if you're riding on the sidewalk....

    That's the case anywhere, tho.
  24. Anonymoux Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    no. trying my hand at poetry. i'm sorry.
  25. Anonymoux Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    they will. we've seen cute skaters thrown up against the wall at HGB, it's ugly.
  26. ataraxia1031 Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    You're still here?
  27. casperthegost Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    I'm not riding a unicycle down Hollywood blvd, do you think i'm crazy? (yeah like riding around gold base wasn't)
  28. Anonymoux Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    et tu?
  29. Re: Los Angeles, CA

    WE ON FOR TOMORROW?!?! I'm game lets send a message!!!!
  30. SFCameraGuy Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    See you all there in a bit.
  31. Anonymoux Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    the melrose bookstore is a fine spot for enturbulation.
    PS Here comes the big storm now~
  32. SweetPeas Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    OHAI. looks like you guys pwn'd the scilons! good job!
    hopefully ill be there next month :] I MISS YOU GUISE,
  33. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Los Angeles, CA

    Still Alive - Marcab

    If folks would be so kind as to throw together some quick, one paragraph summaries of what's been going on in their local cells here, the hope is to get a nice website up compiling everything (kinda like Anonymous Resources, only with some more information about the groups). We could even *gasp* KEEP IT UP TO DATE!
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