LOS ANGELES March Against Mainstream Media NOV16th

Discussion in 'Planning' started by nony tigess, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. On November 16th join the nationwide march against mainstream media. The media is here for US, to keep Us informed. It's about time that they started reporting on the important issues that the people should know about. We need to demand an end to the mind numbing nonsense that's meant to keep our population asleep. Join us:
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Media is a business, not a public service paid for by taxes. Media companies report what people want to hear. A media company that deviates from that will not remain in business very long and will do no reporting whatsoever.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Are you underestimating how malleable the viewing public actually are? Lead them and they shall follow, in other words.
  4. At what time does the march start?
  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Media entities are private property. They serve the will of their owners. OP, you are delusional in thinking that they have any obligation to do anything "the people" want. Also, calling them "mainstream" is propagating the very meme by which they do what you protest.

    Anon #2 is somewhat correct, in that a media entity with no audience is useless, and nobody is (yet) forced to subscribe or watch or read any particular media offering, so there is at least some degree of market success required, which in turn requires at least some degree of giving people "what they want to hear". However, it's becoming increasingly obvious that that doesn't mean giving you what you want.

    The Old so-called Mainstream Media are dying, along with their captured, ossified audience of blue-haired Tom Brokaw idolizers. Their owners can't give you what you want, since that would ruin what they want. So... if you don't like what they do, don't waste your time pestering their minions about it. They won't change, because they can't. So let them go. Find an honest media entity and join it, or start your own. Be for something.

    For illumination, I suggest the story of Amber Lyon.
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  6. Anonymous Member


    Wouldn't that just piss these morons off, to have a thousand Anons turn up. I'd love to see that Motherfuckery :p
  7. The Internet Member

    Maybe we get the journalism we deserve?
  8. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Ultimately, that's true. We can each choose where we look for news and info, and we can change those choices at any time.
  9. The Internet Member

    6430 sunset blvd los angeles ca is CNN. So you guys are protesting CNN.

    Bad journalism is running press releases or crap from the Moonie-owned Washington Times as actual news reports. Fox is probably the worst offender. CNN might be one of the better ones.

    I think I hate you guys but I am not sure.
  10. The Internet Member

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  11. The Internet Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    History of manipulation of MSM
    The People's History
    Reviving the Fourth Estate / A Catalyst for Change / Independent Investigative History
    Source documents here
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  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Well, yes. However, that's a wart on the butt of the actual problem. Look into who owns/controls the media in the first place and find out what they want. There's an assumption of neutrality which most of us seem to unquestioningly make instead of checking the actual dox with an open mind.

    Visualize being upset about Operation Snow White infiltrating the US gummint, but not being concerned about the gummint itself. Yeah, it's a little bit like that.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Can the date be taken out of the title of this thread? I think it's a good topic and the date makes it seem irrelevant.
  15. Anonymous Member

    The Report Button is Good and It Helps People!
  16. Anonymous Member

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