Los Angeles Police Department removes Scientology kiosk after Establishment Clause complaint

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  1. Los Angeles Police Department removes kiosk promoting Scientology after Establishment Clause complaint.

    Patheos: A Scientology Kiosk Was Installed (Then Removed) from a Hollywood Police Station

    By Hemant Mehta

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    A couple of weeks ago, visitors to the Hollywood Community Police Station, a division of the Los Angeles Police Department, would’ve seen a giant kiosk consisting of a large TV flanked by posters and pamphlets discussing human rights, children, how to cleanse your body of drugs, and how to achieve happiness.

    If that seems like a strange mix… you’re right. The display was put there by Scientologists.


    It worked. While AA was told there were no public records relating to the displays (more on that in a second), Richard Tefank, the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Police Commission, wrote back within 48 hours to say the Hollywood kiosk had been taken down and that there were no other displays promoting any religion anywhere in the LAPD.


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    The kiosk:



  2. Los Angeles Police Department Removes Massive Scientology Display from Department Following Establishment Clause Complaint.

    American Athiests: Atheists Commend LAPD for Removal of Massive Scientology Display from Department

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    Los Angeles, CA—Following a demand letter from the American Atheists Legal Center, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Hollywood Community Police Station has removed from its lobby a large kiosk promoting the Church of Scientology.

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  3. Tony Ortega has posted a story about this.

    Kiosk-Gate: LAPD told Masterson accuser its Hollywood site was compromised by Scientology

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    You probably saw the story that hit yesterday, reporting that American Atheists had convinced the LAPD to remove a Scientology kiosk from its Hollywood Division station house, but the police department refused to turn over any information about what it was doing there in the first place.

    What the stories about that kiosk didn’t mention was something we reported back in March 2017 when we first broke the story that Scientologist actor Danny Masterson was being investigated by the LAPD over allegations that he had violently raped multiple women.

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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    The Church of Scientology Kiosk in LAPD Hollywood: How American Atheists Got It Removed | SurvivingScientology


    Geoffrey Blackwell, Counsel for American Atheists describes how his group was able to get the Scientology Kiosk removed from the LAPD Hollywood station.

    This kiosk was placed there by the order of LAPD Capt. Corey Palka, a long-time ally of the Church of Scientology. This relationship raises questions about the propriety of Capt. Palka's conduct as a public official.

    Jeffrey Augustine then asks Geoffrey's impressions of Scientology's contracts.
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