Los arpones de Barcelona???

Discussion in 'Español' started by Zak McKracken, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Zak McKracken Member

  2. anymousse Member

    I'm sorry Zak but the link just send me to the forum again, could you edit and put the link again?
  3. Zak McKracken Member

    No, sorry.
    The forum software changed, and none of the links work anymore,
    and search function is broken so I can't find the new link now.

    Also, the post you are replying to is TWO YEARS OLD.


    I believe the thread was about the pro-atheism advertisement campaign on city buses though.
  4. anymousse Member

    I just have arrived here, but if you need some help for translating catalan-english or spanish-english I'll do my best ;)
  5. Zak McKracken Member

    Thank you!
    but I recommend you find a different thread to offer that help.
    This one is 2 years old, and quite dead. It was actually dead even when first posted.

    I will explain the title, however:
    "Los arpones de barcelona" - translated as "Harpoons of Barcelona", does not refer to literal harpoons or spears or weapons.
    In Anonymous' own peculiar dialect, "harpoon" means a new method of providing information, usually directly to the public, or to government or other official persons.

    A Website - is not a harpoon.
    A letter, or campaign of writing letters or petitions - could be a harpoon.
    A protest on the street - is not a harpoon
    A telephone call - could be a harpoon.

    The ad campaign of an atheist organization in Spain, that promoted secular ideals and "freedom from God" on public buses
    and other similar places a few years ago, is something that Anonymous would call a "harpoon".

    The original message was posted, not because I agreed with the project, but because it was a different form of communicating
    than we had been doing, and I thought it would be interesting to consider.

    I wrote the post in THIS THREAD, after making the original post, because I could not read the article or understand it very well.
    But this is now ancient history :)

    Thank you for visiting!
    I hope you enjoy your stay, in this crazy web-place.
  6. anymousse Member

    Thank you very much! I was wondering what the fuck matters you harpoons in barcelona, now it takes so much sense XD
    Thank you for the information and the welcome.
    I don't now a thing about this atheist organization and I don't remember this campaign so I can't offer you any information about it.

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