Los Gatos celebrates 5 years. 16 Feb 2013

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by Anonymous, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    This makes it 5 years for Los Gatos.

    As we were walking up to the morgue we spotted someone mowing the lawn. My guess was Joe but the body movements were off. So I took a pic, and zoomed up, only to realize it was Mark Warlick. Maybe lower conditions? Or an "all hands". My hope was that Joe left but I spotted him driving by later on.

    I asked Mark if he wanted a Life Saver. I even got red ones. He said "no thanks". I didn't expect a response let alone a civil one. He quickly wrapped up his gardening tools and went inside to check on the blinds.

    Adhocrat is reading Jennas book and was pretty worked up because of it. He let them have it as they were coming back from lunch. I got to meet RickyBobby for the first time and admired her passion and style.

    There was tons of horn love and thumbs up from the cars passing by. The 3 of us were there for about an hour and a half. It was getting too hot so we left.


    I will post more pics later tonight. and maybe a video
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  2. MOOG Member

    that new SCAM sign is a winner. nice job LOSGATOSANON <3<3<3
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  3. justaguy Member

    I'm soooo sad I missed you guys. Newbs are going to newb.
  4. rickybobby Member

    Yes, thanks, Signpost for letting me use the coveted SCAM sign!
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  5. ravenanon Member

    Those are Awesome Signs!
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  6. rickybobby Member

    Ooooooo.... also fabulous was the couple that drove by, stopped, parked and joined us for a little while. They held signs and played Rick Astley songs for us . AWESOME! Gave them info, hope we will see them again!

    We had lots of support from the passersby. There's not a ton of foot traffic here, but lots of cars. I saw many people taking pictures of us. I like the people coming by and wave at them, so there was a lot of horn honking in support. Adhocrat, with his loud voice on, was helping educate the staffers about Jenna's book and asking them if they were happy they were supporting that kind of slave labor. SignPost likes to stand around and look cool in his Clint Eastwood kind of way.

    I was surprised by Mark Warlick. I had seen him in the videos all puffed up and stuff, but IRL he looks so..... sad and broken. He just seemed tired and empty. Pitiful, actually.
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. RightOn Member

    great signs guys
    oh hai Adho!
    Happy 5th!

    LOVE the teach your children about cults sign = WIN
  9. Anonymous Member


    I &lt;3 land yachts!

    They better not mess with me today grrrrrrrrr

    Me and Bobby we're free

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  10. fefe Member

    very nice
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  11. pooks Member

    Great raid. Thanks all.
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  12. rickybobby Member


    What do those staffers DO in there all day? It was a Saturday, and we saw exactly one student.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Tough Old Man: Hollywood's Golden Age Theater presents a touring production of a humorous play by L. Ron Hubbard. Feb. 23, 1 p.m. Free. Church of Scientology of Los Gatos, 650 Saratoga Ave., San Jose. 408-249-7400

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