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  1. Are these from the new:
  2. SeenTheLight Member

    Yes that's the source.
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  3. RightOn Member

    he wasn't a special anything
    well... cult leader maybe
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  4. Or a c**t leader
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  5. Thank you for scanning them and posting them.
  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Hubbard Hype

    By Mike Rinder, April 17, 2015

    This, as usual, is all hype.

    Somehow they slide in that LA has been “enjoying record levels of reduced crime” — as if this had ANYTHING to do with L. Ron Hubbard or the Way to Happiness. There isn’t even a WTH campaign being run in LA.

    So, next time someone claims crime has been falling in an area “thanks to WTH” you can point to LA where there are “record levels of reduced crime” (whatever that means) WITHOUT the WTH.

    Everyone knows that city resolutions are handed out like beads at Mardi Gras. If you submit it, you will get a signed proclamation. But the one I wonder about is who was suckered in the LAPD Operations West Bureau (which becomes “the LAPD”) into giving this badge/recognition?


    Continued here:
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  7. Ersatz Global Moderator

    That certificate looks very Scientology graphically.
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  8. Ersatz Global Moderator


    Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 08, 2015
    Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard Receives Over 5,000 Awards and Recognitions for Enduring Impact of his Works

    The Los Angeles L. Ron Birthday Celebration, held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, announced over 5,000 awards and recognitions presented to L. Ron Hubbard for his positive influence and impact across the world

    As thousands gathered from across Los Angeles at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre (also host of the Academy Awards) to celebrate the annual birthday celebration of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard and the announcement of the ever-increasing number of recognitions in his honor having surpassed the 5,000 mark.
    The event was held live in Florida and screened around the world in the major cities of Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Mexico City, London, Rome, Moscow, Johannesburg and Sydney to name a few. The presentation featured recognitions and awards presented in honor of author, humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard.
    L. Ron Hubbard was named by the Smithsonian Institute as one of the “100 Most Significant Americans of All Time” and among the 10 most influential religious figures of American history. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) presented a plaque in appreciation for his service as a Special Officer in 1948 and “his subsequent humanitarian works that have contributed to improving the quality of life of the citizens of Los Angeles.” In New York, the esteemed Explorers Club honored L. Ron Hubbard for his everlasting mark on this world and distinguished him as “Explorer Immortal,” now cast in stone at their New York City headquarters. In Seattle, Washington the Order of the Arrow, the national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America awarded him honorary membership for his pioneering expeditions as America’s youngest Eagle Scout in the 1920’s.
    For his literary accomplishments L. Ron Hubbard received this year’s Best Audiobooks award and the milestone award for 80 audiobooks published in 80 months. The Cultural Association of Iran recognized Mr. Hubbard for his literary achievement and how his “fabulous spirit of adventure gave the world a new vision;” the State Space Agency of Ukraine for his works that have helped “pave the way for Man to reach the stars and from Italy, a literary award for his stories that “touch the core of human existence."
    In all L. Ron Hubbard has received honors from every facet of society, on a local, regional and international scale, not only for his humanitarian works but also also his accomplishments as a writer, educator, explorer and many more totaling over 5,127 recognitions.
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    Since the name of the real place is the Smithsonian Institution, I wonder what the "Smithsonian Institute" is supposed to be: Fake or Delphi graduate spelling?
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  10. DeathHamster Member

    Damn, looks like Delphi graduate spelling!

    However, it's not the Smithsonian Institution, or even their Smithsonian Magazine, but two authors of an article who concede that their method has limitations.

    For one thing, if they weighted by Wikipedia articles (lol), most of the many Hubbard ones were created by critics to document where Scientology and Hubbard were full of poop.
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  11. ''Following the war L. Ron Hubbard continued his research and served communities as a Special Officer of the LAPD where he further studied the criminal element....''

    If that doesn't make you laugh you are probably a Scientologist or brain dead.
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  12. L. Ron Hubbard flunked out of college but he was an honor student in criminal elements studies where he majored in fraud and criminal abuse.

    'Dr.' Hubbard purchased a 'doctorate' from fake diploma mill Sequoia University where he 'graduated' #1 in his imaginary class Phonius Summa Scam Laude.
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  13. DeathHamster Member


    The person who added that to Wikipedia failed to notice that the documents released in 2009 dated from the 60s and that later digging showed that Hubbard didn't own Sequoia University.
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  14. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Painful scilon fluff..... is painful...

    Every time I see the words 'humanitarian' and 'Hubbard' in the same sentence I want to violently toss my cookies, yucky-foo.
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  15. Ogsonofgroo Member


    Freake One did such a fine jorb of this, needs moar! :)
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    Ha ha!

    In CoS's image with the 1950s police car, Hubbard's signature is different from the photocopy of the LAPD file. They used Hubbard's later fancier signature.


    (Sort of. There is a real card, but it's probably still in LAPD files.)
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    Here's some of the current LAPD Special Officer regs. This and Hubbard's card make it clear that he wasn't working for the LAPD, but for a private security company.
    • You can't make people think you're a real LAPD cop.
    • You work a private security company and turn in your card when you leave or are fired.
    • You can arrest people, but if there's any blowback, you're on your own buddy.
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  18. Ok - found this thread because I was Googling "Special Officer". We found the same card in our family history stuff. It belonged to my Great Grandfather. He was 63 years old at the time. It was among boxes and boxes of stuff like this and old photos that a family member is using for geneaology. So, of course we wanted to know what a "Special Officer" is. According the Google, Wikipedia, etc... they were originally a group of officers appointed to guard LAX (named something else at the time). LAX was transitioned to the city of Los Angeles after the war ended and this is the security group assigned to it. Originally just 6 guys in 1946 and eventually 8 guys by 1949 - after that they were absorbed into the LAPD. So... its pretty clear why LRH claimed that he was LAPD while LAPD claims that he was not. Interesting that my relative would clearly have known him... wonder if he thought the dude was a wackadoo?
  19. Quentinanon Member

    Amazing that the cult's OSA PR department continues to spew lies about Hubbard who has been dead now for over 30 years.
    On August 31, 1948 he was arrested and prosecuted in San Luis Obispo for petty theft, becoming a "special officer" thereafter, but before the end of 1948, he moved to Savannah, Georgia then moved to New Jersey in 1949. So, his "special officer" stint could not have lasted more than 4 months and that length of time is of no consequence. No documentation exists that during the time he had the status of "special officer", he accomplished anything. How many days did he report to work? More scientology bullshit PR.
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

  21. This is an old thread, but perhaps I can clean up a few things. I have an advantage - I actually held a “Special Officer” Commission in Los Angeles at one time, long ago.

    The term “Special Officer” in Los Angeles probably came about in the 1920’s. At least one other CA city had them - San Francisco. In SF, they actually owned “beats” and were hired by businesses to patrol FACILITIES. They had to be fingerprinted and issued permits by SFPD.

    Meanwhile, in LA, they didn’t have the sale of beats. They did have, however, security officers at fixed locations. It’s important to know that they were NOT Special Officers. They could be armed, but only on site where they were employed.

    Private Patrol services did exist in LA. They were subscription based. They still exist today, but mostly as alarm response. Trouble was, they were armed but not at one site. There duties this were different from security officers. They needed to be armed while responding from location to location. But they needed permission to do that. Thus started the practice of Special Officers being commissioned by the Police Commission.

    It’s important to note that Special Officers in LA were not part of any contracts to protect City facilities. (Except - some Special Officers were actually City employees hired to protect proprietary facilities. More on that later). The non-City employee Sorcial Officers did not do general patrol or other LAPD work. The commission card merely established that they had applied, were fingerprinted and were authorized to travel over city streets while armed and on duty for their employing company. (LAPD also issued the cards to bank guards and armored car crews; it was not unusual for bank guards to rotate locations).

    There was also a requirement at one time that Special Officers of two City departments receive these commissions. That was because they, too, were armed while using City streets. The two Departments were the Harbor Department and the Airport Department. The requirement for airport and harbor officers to be commissioned by LAPD was eliminated in 1979 or 1980, when a change in the penal code gave them authority from the state.

    So - the photo being circulated of LRHs card does NOT mean that he was ever in or with LAPD. It simply means that he was employed with a private business that needed him to be armed, and he covered multiple sites. The card was essentially a license, signed by the Chief of Police, authorizing him to do so using City streets. He was not a peace officer, not a cop, not in LAPD.
  22. Thank you.

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