LRH building on Hollywood ideas (LAfags)

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by LaAnonarama, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. LaAnonarama Member

    LRH building on Hollywood ideas (LAfags)

    Well, I sadly was unable to make it to the raid on Sunday, but I was in the area later in the day, where I ran into this fine gent:

    The other thing I noticed (right around 4pm) was the large number of kids making their way back to the building. Apparently, Sunday is their day off and 3-4pm is when they are expected to come back. I see this as an INCREDIBLE opportunity to talk DIRECTLY to these unfortunate souls.

    No mass confrontations, but just a few people with fliers and (if feasible) cds loaded with information. Not just Scientology info, but places where they can get help if they want to get out.

    Other ideas:
    Cheap sunglass/nose/mustache or other (cheaper) disguises and handing them out to the public before they get to the buildings along with information regarding their surveillance tactics. Hey, they are protected and loaded with some funny info they can try out in the next 5 minutes to see if it's true. With the right timing, it could be around the same time as the kids coming back to the org. Get them talking to each other and we have a foothold on the inside... seeds of curiosity that can grow into dissent.

    Fun facts about the kids walking around:
    usually groups of 2-3 at a time, a diversion tactic may be required to get one alone so they are not going to be ratted out.
    no cameras on them
    they walk around outside the bounds of where the church goes

    This would be best done with an intelligence op sitting within view of the org to watch for reactions and alert ground forces of approach.

    The goal here is to be invisible in plain sight. If you have something to lose, are not self-employed or have anything buried in your past that you don't want aired.. this is NOT the op for you. 6-8 people tops needed to pull this off between the hours of 2-5pm on a Sunday (one or two spotters, two-three teams of two). No signs, dress nicely, no xenu or criminal issues to be mentioned... talk about family, friends, lifestyle and that there are people to help them out if they want out.

    Do NOT be confrontative with them, be informative and helpful. They were most likely brought up in the system, but would probably be willing to talk about it and also listen if you let them.

    It's a golden opportunity to strike the org at it's roots, also a chance to save the kids before they waste their lives away.
  2. NonMoose Member

    Re: LRH building on Hollywood ideas (LAfags)

    Only bad part is getting kids alone. It's a trap! Otherwise, not too shabby.
  3. LaAnonarama Member

    Re: LRH building on Hollywood ideas (LAfags)

    Yea, that's the only catch I'm seeing in it. The only real troubling observation I have made is that they travel in groups, never alone. I really wouldn't want to put them into a position where they are getting KRs written up on them for the crime of talking to someone who made sense to them. Maybe a business card with "youfoundthecard" just to get that information to them. Or possibly a new site focused on issues that strike home with them more and a card with that link. But how to get it to them in an indirect way... that's what needs more thought...

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