LRH wanted a machine built that would get rid of his BTs and kill his body

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I guess this is old news, but want to note Marty's introduction, as well as again memorialize Sarge's information.

    Seriously, take note of Marty's introduction.

    Marty: Emotions IV: The Top Of The Tone Scale

    As one commentator noted:
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  2. LRH was living in his Bluebird motorhome on his Creston Ranch. He reportedly died in the motorhome. It is likely that his motorhome was maintained but I can't see it on the satellite photos and have not read any accounts of what was done with it after he died. If anyone who posts on Rathbun's blog reads this please consider asking him and Sarge if they know what happened to it.
  3. Sarge is willing to answer questions. he's a decent guy, but don't be a dick otherwise he won't answer anything. Google for his email.
  4. Random guy Member

  5. Well then. That would prove that anonymous helped LRH in the way that he wanted.
    Hasta la Hasta, Ron.
  6. It may have just gone to his son. They were off and on at different points in time.
    Just guessing.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Wow. Just wow. Hubbard was suicidal.
  8. wolfbane Member

    One thing Marty consistently fails to mention is that this info from Sarge on Hubbard's BT zapper fetish was originally uncovered and published by Lawrence Wright, in the Enhanced Kindle Edition of Going Clear, which includes an incredible video interview of Sarge that does the story far more justice:

    (If ever there was need for a vidfag savvy crack - ^^THIS is it. And it is not that I want the sales of the enhanced version to take a hit. I honestly think if this vid interview with Sarge was available in a bastardized form on the interwebz, it would not only make Marty STFU, it would also encourage more peeps who read the book to also buy the extended remix version.)

    Marty's lame attempt at tying Sarge's info into a discussion about emotions and the Tone Scale, rather than keeping it in the proper context that it was given - what Hubbard was like in his final days - is telling imo. It shows how Marty is still pushing the Hubbard propaganda line and attempting to handle the flap of the truth coming out about where the bridge led LRH.

    With Reitman's book, Marty refused to speak to her and be included in that text. Then him & all the other indies quickly backpedaled when it came out infused with her hero worship cock-sucking of Gordon Melton & James R. Lewis (see the acknowledgements at the back of the book). He apparently learned from that mistake and granted Wright interviews for his book and then went to great lengths to deal with that text ahead of time with the PR flap handling that kicked in BEFORE the book came out.

    So since he fails to give credit where credit is due and mention that it was Lawrence Wright who first revealed this info from Sarge about Hubbard's final days and did so in the proper context, I think it is only fair to point out his hypocrisy.

    What Marty had to say about Going Clear....

    From: Long Cold Winter, November 12, 2012
    ^^This is quite over the top if you ask me, in light of how Wright actually treated the subject of Hubbard with kid gloves in terms of allowing the reader to draw the obvious conclusions. Unlike Reitman who pulled a Scientological word play game with her claim to being "objective" when the reality was she took the middle road between the extreme leftist stance of the cult's most ardent apologists and a truly neutral objective stance, and called that objectivity (with her justification being that Lewis' book was the only academic work on the subject in blatant ignorance of several classic academic texts cited in her bibliography and the ICSA book review that found Lewis' book "to be of no academic value").

    Just for the record, here's what Der Spiegel recently said on Wright's gentle handling of Hubbard that makes Marty's PR Handling before the US edition was published look utterly ridiculous:
    More on what Marty has said about Wright's book, which totally scooped him on revealing his buddy Sarge's story of Hubbard's final days...

    From: 'Going Clear' muddies the waters, January 20, 2013
    ^^Total fuktard. So while everybody is clamoring over the bombshells dropped in Marty's affidavit in Monique's injunction case, it should NOT be overlooked that Marty ALWAYS has an agenda. And that agenda is not based on telling the truth, it is based on spinning a propaganda line that mixes justification and PR techniques to enforce an agreement of reality as Marty perceives it.

    In the Tech Dictionary Hubbard defined "reality" as:
    • "agreement as to what is" (COHA, p.249)
    • "that sequence which begins with postulates and ends with mass, which we originally defined as an agreed-upon thing. Reality is the agreed-upon apparency of existence." (CMSCS, p. 11)
    • "That which is real is real simply because it is agreed upon, and for no other reason." (Dn 55!, p.35)
    • "reality is a postulated reality. Reality does not have to persist to be a reality." (PXL, p. 62)
    ^^That is groupthink at its finest. So while Marty claims to be all about transcending and integrating, all he is really doing is going to great lengths to redefine a new reality about Hubbard that justifies everything that is so utterly wrong about the basis of Hubbard's claims to being an authority on the mind. And Marty is so hell bent on righting those wrongs with his own transcended reality, he fails to realize his justifications show his true intentions.

    In the Tech Dictionary Hubbard defined "justification" as:
    • explaining away the most flagrant wrongnesses. Most explanations of conduct, no matter how far fetched, seem perfectly right to the person making them since he or she is only asserting self-rightness and other-wrongness. (HCOB 22 Jul 63)
    Wanting to end one's life via electrocution, as a means of zapping the body thetan demons the tech failed to exorcise, shows how truly wrong Hubbard's techniques really are. He utterly failed to fix himself but was hell bent to still win out over the entities he was unable rid himself of in the end. THAT is the reality Marty is trying to brush under the rug with justifications by means of distraction and redefinition.

    I also find the timing of this post suspect. Mighty convenient of him to make this point that Sarge's info on Hubbard's final days proves some sidelined reasoning about emotions and the Tone Scale when his popularity is once again in whistleblower hero mode.

    tl;dr - Subterfuge... Marty does it well.

    /hattip for Tech Dictionary wordplay examples:
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  9. The Internet Member

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  10. blownforgood Member

    The Bluebird motorhome was moved to the Base. It was stored at BV (Bonnie View). Also stored up there was his 4x4 and some sort of sedan.
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  11. i haet to bust into your know it all rant, albeit thought through and everything, but I knew this story from at least 12 years ago. I respect Lawrence Wright, but he was not the first person to uncover or discuss this private matter with others.
    I can't figure out if you are an ex scilon to some extent yourself. You are very emotionally involved in this subject and give the same opinion.
    I don't see any contradiction with discussing the tone scale, whatever the subject may be when they are talking about past events. It's basically like a simple code language where they can briefly tell the other they are communicating with what their emotions are about any given thing they are observing.

    Why don't you start your own blog?
  12. DeathHamster Member

    It's too bad that no one made him an Electrocution-Meter back in 1949.
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  13. The Internet Member

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  14. Random guy Member

    In this day and age the preferred method of doing that is emoticons (see Tory for an instructive case).
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  15. wolfbane Member

    Yeah but he was the first to publish it. Which came out prior to Marty's book. Albeit in the print-only version, it doesn't come up until the ending with only the full Sarge interview in the enhanced kindle version. Yet Marty pimps his version of the story as if he was the first publish it. That was the point of my rant, along with pointing out that Marty puts a bullshit spin on it.

    And no, I'm not an ex.
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  16. amaX Member

    High five, woflie.

    dox of stfu. and i'm not talking about how you online chatted with another scilon about this shit. i'm talking about linkage to published works where this shit was told in detail and was widely distributed beyond local houses of woo. we're waiting.
    bitch, please. maybe in your little world people aren't passionate about what they do. there are people who care deeply about getting rid of this cult who were never in. and they've devoted a lot of their life to exposing the bullshit. wolfbane is one of those people. you owe wolfie an apology. now.
    you say that the tone scale is like a simple code language where they can briefly tell the other they are communicating with what their emotions are about any given thing they are observing? i suggest you word clear simple.
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  17. These people have been around forever.
    Longer than you.
    Longer than anon in its current form.

    I don't think this story is bullshit in the slightest, because i heard about it when i knew lots of certain people at a certain point in my own life.

    What makes me laugh is that these stories are old to me, and so i don't even need to read or buy any of their books because i was around talking to people about these things before anything was ever even published.

    can you stop being such a cunt please?
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  18. can you stop being such a cunt please?
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  19. wolfbane Member

    Nope. Cunt is what I do best. And I didn't say the story was bullshit, I said the way Marty uses it is bullshit. And I've been lurking the Scientology critics scene since Kobrin tried to pull the plug on ARS. But there was way to much bawl and not enough "get shit done" back then. So I didn't get proactively involved until Enturb came into existence. And here I am, under various socks and socks of socks, ever since. In all my cunt-based glory.
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  20. Group think is still alive and well. In this forum as well.
    Also, then stop being such a cunt to the people who actually got shit done outside of yourself. thank you.

    well, i was around at ARS, as well.
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  21. amaX Member

    You're in the Cunt Zone now, dickless.
    like a billion years longer?

    dox or stfu
    dox or stfu
    dox or stfu

    what makes us laugh is that you come here with all this info without any documentation. so we don't believe you. you have no proof.

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  22. Thanks, I was pretty sure it would be preserved. Maybe LRH hasn't returned because he is trying to find his Bluebird at his Creston Ranch :(
  23. Bonnie View with a garage big enough to house a Bluebird motorhome:
  24. Hello, you're 12 and what is this?

    Also, learn2English re your failtroll monicker.
  25. (this is the correct spelling for yourgay. thanks for showing your concern as to proper english)
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  26. First, cockgobbler, i don't owe you any goddamn dox.
    Second, go fuck yourself for a billion years.

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  27. Enturbuleak Member

    In OT-speak, that means he was trying to Causatively Drop His Body.
  28. The Internet Member

    Where do non-sequiter gifs fall on the tone scale?
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  29. The Internet Member

    My Breaking Bad reference was the best .jpg so far in this thread. Because the mobile meth lab idea would explain all those chatty body thetans stuck to Hubbard's skin. Only problem is, the meth lab fad took off after the old guy kicked it. Still, I imagine that the BlueBird was well stocked with all the uppers 'n downers Hubbard required.

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  30. The Internet, I like that picture.
  31. The Internet Member

    Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 3.52.51 AM.png

    Let's see if I got this:

    WWP is 1.1 aka "yourgay."
    Trust nobody is 1.02.

    OMG, Black Dianetics at work!!
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  32. zongz , I think you got that right, The Internet.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Abraham Lincoln was fond of asking, “If you call a dog’s tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have?” “Five,” his audience would invariably answer. “No,” he would politely respond, “the correct answer is four. Calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.”
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  34. that is really good. ^^
  35. Anonymous Member


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