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    Ludicism [ˈlü-di-ˌsi-zəm] means "ludic anarchism" ( It's the political state we were in when little. All children are ludic anarchists before well-meaning, and not-so-well-meaning, adults tear them away from the natural ludic ( and inquisitive state they were in. Ludicism, in a post-scarcity society (, is a real alternative to capitalism as well as socialism and communism. A ludicist society is a society focused on passion and play rather than work and consumption. It's a world Anonymous can help hacktivate into being.
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    "Ludic Ontology" by Rachel Shields shows how the natural playfulness of Homo Sapiens — Homo Ludens — lies at the very core of our being.

    The playful origin of Anonymous, in other words, the origin of man.

    Next step is to put in place a near-future society that recognizes and accommodates our true nature, ridding itself of the dullness and stress of the one we inherited.
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