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    Ludicism [ˈlü-di-ˌsi-zəm] means "ludic anarchism" ( It's the political state we were in when little. All children are ludic anarchists before well-meaning, and not-so-well-meaning, adults tear them away from the natural ludic ( and inquisitive state they were in. Ludicism, in a post-scarcity society (, is a real alternative to capitalism as well as socialism and communism. A ludicist society is a society focused on passion and play rather than work and consumption. It's a world Anonymous can help hacktivate into being.
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    "Ludic Ontology" by Rachel Shields shows how the natural playfulness of Homo Sapiens — Homo Ludens — lies at the very core of our being.

    The playful origin of Anonymous, in other words, the origin of man.

    Next step is to put in place a near-future society that recognizes and accommodates our true nature, ridding itself of the dullness and stress of the one we inherited.
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    Consciousness: spotlight, lantern

    "Cognitive psychologists sometimes talk in terms of two distinct types of consciousness: spotlight consciousness, which illuminates a single focal point of attention, making it very good for reasoning, and lantern consciousness, in which attention is less focused yet illuminates a broader field of attention.

    Young children tend to exhibit lantern consciousness; so do many people on psychedelics.

    This more diffuse form of attention lends itself to mind wandering, free association, and the making of novel connections – all of which can nourish creativity.

    By comparison, caffeine’s big contribution to human progress has been to intensify spotlight consciousness – the focused, linear, abstract and efficient cognitive processing more closely associated with mental work than play.

    This, more than anything else, is what made caffeine the perfect drug not only for the age of reason and the Enlightenment, but for the rise of capitalism, too."


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