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  1. Anono Mouse Member


    I read this on 711, sum anons are acting wheak over there:

    Look at yourselves, go on take a look around.

    This is not anonymous. Anonymous wouldn't be panicking and shitting themselves like you are now. This panicking is like something that 4chan would do.

    We must begin to rationalize these actions of what are obviously the $cifags. We declared war on the Co$. We threw the first punches, with the DDoSing. We fired the first shots by passing out flyers. We dropped the first bombs when we stood together, united, in front of their businesses and protested. Surely, anon is not naive enough to believe that the enemy would not fire back?

    This is where the true war begins. This is what separates Anon from the posers. This is the part where non-anon turns tail and runs. But what does anonymous do?

    What did anonymous do when one lone gunmen fucked with football? What did anonymous do when Gaydiamond, Hal Turner, and countless others threatened to call the partyvan on us? I'll tell you what anonymous did. Our cocks got hard and our voices got louder. We stood up, looked other anon in the eye and screamed "Are we having fun or what?!" Then whipped out or massive boners and beat the enemy to death with them. Then lulzed over their corpses, at the piss-ants that cowered at our feet when the shit got rough.

    This, Anonymous, is not even close to a threat to our campaign against the Co$. This is just the Co$ sending their messenger and telling us to surrender.

    Now, anonymous, the ball is in our court. Do we cower from a pathetic attack that didn't work in the 70's against a solid target, and surely won't work against an idea like anonymous? Or do we look that messenger in the eyes. Ask him if he finds this to be madness, then kick his sorry ass down the well proclaiming "THIS IS ANONYMOUS!"
  2. Whitehat Member

  3. Flame Member

    Are ppl really shittin pance over this?
    I couldnt give a rats ass personally, Mehs @ CoSsies :lrhcries:
  4. Amomynous Member

    Good speech, but what's being advocated, exactly?

    I don't think anyone's really worried about anything...

    What has the CoS done, anyway?

    Are we talking about the bomb threat? We're not even sure that was them.
  5. Bumblefuck Member

    They're going to send Fetch to our houses to make faces at us. That is their dastardly plan. Their hope is that we laugh hard enough that we'll have a stroke.
  6. Amomynous Member

    OH SHII—

    That might actually work... :(

    Good thing they don't know where we live. ;)
  7. Haha, stupid $cifags won't know what hit them if they dare retaliate.
  8. Our numbers will blot out their sales.

    Then they will shit bricks in the shade.
  9. Wa

    Definitely lol'd irl at that but I don't think any anons are shttin' bricks just yet.
  10. CandyWaffles Member

    We are anonymous, I am not afraid. I am more afraid that things might get difficult for our heroes such as WBM and Tory. Without their support I doubt Anonymous would be where it is today, but they do not have anonymity to protect them.

    Even if they are not our leaders, we have no leaders, the CoS may seek to stop them just because they are helpful to us, if this fight gets down and dirty things could escalate for them, and they have faced far more than any of us can really imagine.

    What do you see them do however? I see Tory posting here daily, WBM sent us a message despite still recovering, they are are still fighting and supporting not Anonymous, but the cause, they are not backing down, and any of Anon that does is betraying not only the cause but those that have fought so bravely for it for so long. Suck it up, this is just the beginning.
  11. Anono Mouse Member

    I dont think anyones really freaking out. but some newfag/scilon plant over at 711 got all butt hurt cause ED and partyan were down for a couple hours.

    still lulz though
  12. Whitehat Member

    Ten Thousand Legion decend upon them.

  13. Hornet Member

    *Rapid coughing!*

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