LulzSec hacker found in possession on 170 CP images.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by FloGold, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. FloGold Moderator

    And to think I used to talk to this person on IRC for hours on end...
  2. Anonymous Member

    So they let him skate on the child porn??
    BTW this is funny
    They have Sabu as a Brazilian and Barrett Brown as a hacker.
    I thought he was TheJester?
  3. FloGold Moderator

  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I vote no jail time for on-line protests and 20 fucking years for the child porn.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Message unclear
  7. Anonymous Member

    Pretty stupid to keep CP on your computer when a raid for haxoring approaches certainty over time.

    On the other hand, CP is easy to plant on someone's seized computer.
  8. Anonymous Member

    He didn't scream "not mine"
  9. 170 child porn images on a computer for personal fapping pleasure is about average for a federal agency employee.

    True story.
  10. The Internet Member

    Perhaps his attorney advised him to keep his mouth shut.

    Here we have a young person with no money or power against arguably the most powerful enemy on the planet, the NSA and its related contractors. The Big Guys have demonstrated a callous disregard for legal protections put in place years ago by people highly motivated to save future generations from truly horrible abuses of power. Something from another thread:

    The child porn thing is just too easy and too convenient. In light of the far more troubling issue on the table --evil, manipulative, rat bastards pitching nasty plans to the Feds involving, ahem, trolling for dirt and planting evidence to create public embarrassment for perceived enemies-- I say we assume the kiddie porn was planted without further evidence (that can't be faked) to the contrary.
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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    MAKING indecent images
    I hope the lighter sentencing for cyber activities shows things are changing in the judicial thinking. Chances slim-none.
    "Anyone who gets away with child porn charges is obviously collaborating with the feds," according to a post by "ro0ted" to the pro-Anonymous CyberGuerilla blog."
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    Speaking of cyber security and government tracking of suspected terrorists (all of us) I added duckduckgo as a firefox add-on and can click on all the links in peace.
  15. The Internet Member

    By "making" do you think they mean Photoshop? Or did he take pictures of little kids himself?

    If he's manipulating images to make them dirtier or something, the images weren't planted on his machine, clearly. But if he was taking pictures of little kids himself, that is way worse than porn.

    I knew this guy a few years ago who was 19 and got in trouble for being with a 13 year old girl. But she was actually the mature one in the relationship. He had aspergers or something and was unbelievably gullible. You could say, "go steal that hot dog for me out of that store," and he would probably do it. So when I hear about people who are 19, 20, early 20s doing retarded things on the Internet, I wonder if they're emotionally a lot younger than their actual age.
  16. Anonymous Member

    If he was making CP, then that's serious, and nobody would plead guilty to it unless they had him cold.
  17. I just can't swallow the fact that he had CP on his computer.
    I don't know what to think or believe.
    Used to talk to ViraL for hours on end on IRC. He seemed so dedicated to doing what was right, I can't believe that article.
    This is breaking my heart. :(
  18. The Internet Member

    Ah, the story is starting to make more sense to me now. They're not locking him up because he's a social imbecile who would be victimized by others in prison.

    I'd consider him an informant but not because he cut a deal like Sabu. He's going to blab to anyone who wants to listen due to teh ronery of constant social rejection irl.

    Some nice law enforcement person will likely check in on him from time to time. His name will be on a list so no jobs near kids. Parents will learn about his problems when they Google his name. That's an acceptable outcome, I think.

    One last thought: LE tempt people into downloading kiddie porn routinely. Presumably only sick pedos take the bait and we're glad to have them arrested and registered as sex offenders. But lonely, developmentally delayed people are gullible and easily manipulated. So I don't know if this guy is a true pedo or not. He's clearly an idiot which can be just as bad so maybe the point is moot.
  19. Anonymous Member

    While he did plead guilty, I'm wondering what could be possibly be involved to classify it as CP. Are we talking something that would require eye-bleach, or are we talking a BS charge over a photo of giving a six month old baby a bath without a bathing suit? Don't know, so I'll keep my skeptic sense tingling.

    Personally, if I was threatened with over 9000 charges of haxoring and LONGTIME in prison, or plea-bargain with BS guilty CP pleas, that would be a deal-breaker.
  20. Anonymous Member

    The two counts of making the images are just because they were stored on two different computers. In the UK, saving an image counts as making it and technically even viewing an image counts as saving it because even browsing the internet you have to download the information to your computer to be able to see it in the first place.

    In other words if you've been on an imageboard and saw a CP pic posted, congratulations because you would know be guilty of the same charges as Ryan. A lot of people don't realise that.

    Now look at the SAP Scale because level one images are

    All of the pics I've opened on Facebook, in order to be able to report them, would be enough for me to be prosecuted. Of course I'd fight any such charge all the way, but if they were tacked on to the end of hacking charges I knew I was guilty of, it might be different, especially if I were to be told that losing the gamble would mean the difference between a light sentence and years in jail where I'd have to stay in a segregated unit with child rapists and murderers because the general inmate population would want to beat the crap out of me for being in on nonce charges.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I hope that's true. Weev said the drugs were planted at his place, too. So we know shit like that happens.
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  22. PresidentShaw Member

    lol really? You gonna make shit up without anything to back it up just because you can't fathom that your hero might not be that much of a hero after all? The lengths at which moonbats go to validate their claims are incredible indeed.
  23. The Internet Member

    I don't have anything to back up because I was only expressing my bias. Then I heard more about the evidence and changed my view. But I'm still not clear on the difference between the 2 pics the guy "made" and the other pics.
  24. Anonymous Member

    If the images that they found were in the browser cache then their case falls apart. A lot of people don't realise that either.

    So long as it wasn't my trial, I'd love to be in court passing notes to the defense lawyer with questions to ask the prosecution's "technical expert".

    "You say that the files were dated two months before the seizure. Please outline for the court the steps you took to determine that a simple utility program wasn't used to alter those file dates."

    "How were the files situated on the disk? Were they scattered and fragmented, indicating a recent copy into available free space or not? What, you say that you don't know and never looked?"
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  25. Anonymous Member

    If I were on trial I'd like you passing notes to my defense.
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