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    Link to the video?
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    This turns up on a search for "edmonton" (recent) ...

    Published on Jun 8, 2013

    Hello...Citizens of Edmonton Alberta Canada...We are Anonymous. We have been waiting patiently over the last twenty four hours for your police service to respond to us with some form of proof that they have apprehended the individuals that we lured out during our pedo sweep operation in your city...we have not received any confirmation.

    There has been no reply. unacceptable...Together...we must act, and we must act swiftly to protect our children. For your benefit, we will begin to reveal the identities of the people that were identified. We will reveal them.....Now...

    This is Dana Pon....immediately after discovering he was speaking to a 14 year old female online, Mr. Pon began asking our bait if she wanted to be his girlfriend...He insistently invited the female over to his house, and promised to be gentle on her sexually, as it would be her first time with a real man...He then proceeded to forward videos of himself masturbating to the female, and then agreed to meet her at West Edmonton Mall and pick her up, where he would then return with her to his residence, and she would spend the night...The Edmonton Police Service was contacted and made aware that Mr. Pon was on his way to your mall to meet a minor, and nobody went to meet and take this man off of the streets...Why... Shame on you, Dana rotten...vile....creature. This is your karma...Dana Pon works at Edmontons Capital raceway. Be sure to let him know that you are aware of his circumstance...

    Say hello to Omari, Edmonton...Omari is a transit operator for your citys mass transit system...This means that he is amongst your children on a continuous, daily basis. Omari also forwarded pictures of himself nude to what he believed was a 14 year old female. He offered to picke her up after her parents went to bed, and return her no later than eight in the morning, before her parents awoke...He offered sex, gifts, and a lasting relationship, as long as it was kept quiet...why keep it quiet, Omari? Is there something that you do not want people to know?? You sir....are disgusting...

    Citizens, we will give you these two individuals, not as an invitation to vigilante justice, but to make you aware of the kind of people you may be surrounded with...the kinds of people your children are surrounded with. To the Edmonton Police Service...24 hours from now, more names will be made available to the public if there is no progress...We want to see action...We demand it...We deserve way or another....we will get it....

    We are Anonymous
    We are Legion
    United as one
    Divided by zero
    This is not over....
    Expect us....

    This seems related, posted around the same time:

  4. I approve.

    If the cops insist on doing nothing proactive to apprehend these beasts, then it must be down to the public.

    I hope they kill themselves, these pedos, nothing of value would be lost.

    I also hope that this activity will catch on, and more of these creeps will be exposed for the deviant child abusing scum that they are.
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    Are these the guys that the person "Anonymous" named to the police? And they haven't "been in contact with the men"? And they were "surprised by the video"?
    Oh sh- the internet is here.

    This link is worth re-posting
    Crime Stoppers or Cyber Tip at

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    I liked this
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    I have no problem with this OP.
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    Here are the videos in order

  10. Anonymous Member witch hunt fight justice/8528664/story.html

    No matter how indignant we may be about an alleged crime, especially one with young victims, there are no shortcuts to justice. Those who have real evidence have an obligation, as citizens, to turn it over to the police, without threats or melodramatic grandstanding. Pedophiles are despicable. But we can’t make our community safer with online witch hunts or social media mobs.
    Anonymous says its members are “the ones who dare to think freely without regard for others.”
    But in a civil society, we need to have regard for others — and for all the ethical consequences of our actions.
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