LVA Chanology Global Raid 2012

Discussion in 'Protest Planning' started by LastOneStanding, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Hey guys
    Right now I'm running the idea by my cell but most likely we will do it.
    I'll keep y'all posted on what goes down beside the cult!

    Hahaha I'm such an ass :::facepalm:::
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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Why do you keep posting in the Introduction area?

    Anyway, post this in event planning. Let's all be shocked at the people viewing that thread (er, zero), then let's get the two people we know and do this shit. 6pm.
  4. If it helps i made a thread in the fail forum where we all met in the beginning.
    hopefully all the people that where there for the back in action raid will see it.
    If you see sporadic on skype let him know. He blocked me from contacting him.
    I just sent AnonX a message. Now its out of my hands.
  5. Here's some history for you since you weren't around.

    We didn't all meet there in the beginning; we met at the first two raids. The first forum we agreed to use was Shadowfawkes' forum. That forum was short-lived though because he disappeared; since people wanted a webforum and nobody was stepping up I bought a domain and set up a forum. That forum was around for a couple of years, and I shut it down because of drama, lack of interest and protesters dropping out, people looking for any information to discredit me (this was around the SWAT time), non-protesters spamming shit, and people planning raids and never showing up. The most butthurt were the non-protesters; they cried the hardest because I closed down a protest planning forum. Yeah, seriously butthurt because I refused to pay for them to attack me. Still butthurt, in fact.

    They were so butthurt and wanted a protesting planning forum SO BAD, because they HAD to have one, that the non-protesters created the forum you referenced and never really used it. Because, you know, they're non-protesters. Hosting a protest forum. And they still fucking cry about it. Boo hoo.

    It took a couple of years and then X or someone wanted to finally do a largish raid...but after the second raid it was the same shit - don't want to raid anymore. Look where we're at now. (I would hope X would come, but he seems to always be busy...)

    Spor says he'll show up if a lot of people show up, but that's a broken cycle, isn't it?
    R says he'll show up if a lot of people show up, but that's a broken cycle, isn't it?

    Nobody uses that freesite forum and it can't be relied upon; you're the only active protester posting there. In general, nobody gives a shit anymore. If you want to think we'll be lucky and someone really wants to protest in the next two weeks, chances are they'll show up here rather than that shit freesite board.

    (sorry for posting all this shit, I'm bored and I figure I can reference it in the future. Fuck yeah, histories.)
  6. amaX Member

    oh, the protest stories we can tell.
    always good to see one of your posts, CA.
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  7. You know me CA.
    If I wasn't as suborned as an donkey I don't think we would be friends right now.
    You also know I will always be there no matter what happens and maybe some day I'll tell you why.
    Also when I said we all met at the beginning I was referring to the beginning of MY time with LVA.
    I know you guys had 3 years of history before I came around.
  8. Major Boyle Member

    We've had drama with our forum. The dramafags are now gone. Non protesters want to have an online place to chew the rag. Protesters want to do raid planning and have a beer after the raid. /b/tards want to post weird shit. So we do all of it, including having private sections for private stuff, cross cell raiding, etc.

    The key to getting a successful raid structure is to make it fun and to recruit moar protesters. New blood is more numbes but also more phone. Not everyone can keep protesting year after year. So, oldfags go, newfags come in and the meme just keeps on going like an energizer bunny.
  9. Malory Member

    Even if only two of you turn up, it's still a raid and shows the clams there's still a presence and that's all that's needed these days; a physical reminder that Anonymous is still here, chipping away and ready to stick the boot in (metaphorically speaking for benefit of OSA) when drama like the TomKat split comes up.

    Yeah, it's annoying when other fucks give up or won't even begin, but this shit works because guys like you pair are going to see it through to the end. Besides, when I see the likes of CA and AMA not giving up despite the crap they went through, it motivates my lazy ass into action.
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  10. We basically did the same thing, but all it turned into is "I WANNA BE MOD" (mostly everyone was a mod, what's the point) and "fuck CA he so butthurt let's piss on him some more." I'm fine with and pretty well used to drama, and I laughed at the personal attacks during the SWAT ordeal (although search engine results don't help my professional life and career) but it came to a point that the forum was completely useless. If raids took place, the people that went all lived in the same household. It wasn't worth the time, expense and attack vector to keep it up.

    They wanted a forum, so they got one, and they never used it. Don't care, the end.

    We've tried the recruit thing but we're all mostly btards so the people who want to protest already do or have. The fun is / was handled by others (I don't drink or party) that don't really raid anymore. We've had one new person in two years, that being LastOneStanding; we've scared the couple of others who have looked into our group. Basically, all Vegas is anymore is like three dedicated oldfags, a couple of don't-give-a-shit oldfags and one newfag. It's a problem we need to work out, but Vegas is unique and I don't really know if it can be worked out here.

    I'm a photographer. I'm still involved because this cult first tried to kill me, and when that failed, they tried to have me incarcerated for alleged acts of terrorism. I won't stop until I'm dead or until they are, so they've got quite a while of me, but I'm still just an amateur photographer. I'm not one to lead or get involved in rallies, shit, I've got no idea what to do there. Our org being on a dead-end residential street means the public doesn't even see me standing around taking pictures. Two of us standing out there isn't really the best use of time, but that said, I'm not doing shit else so...

    Also, our org doesn't really give a shit about protesters. I've only got the Gold Standard and youtube videos as a comparison, but the most we've EVER had is one scilon come up, take some photos and RUN AWAY. Hell, the last raid we went to was basically business as usual for them - no stopping or running away, curious people coming up and looking at us, etc... I _wish_ we got some response out of them; they must know it annoys us that they don't show anything. All we can hope is that it does do something.

    Sorry about the rambling; I had a couple of trains of thought and ideas I wanted to express, but I can only hope I actually wrote them :(
  11. Anonymous Member

    Is that cult "bookstore" in the Vegas Towne Square Maul still open? Maybe not a great choice for a global, but if it is still around it would seem to be a good candidate for some flash raiding, at least as far as foot traffic goes.
  12. Honigdachs Member

    CA welcome back. really. missed you since your raid. no kidding
  13. Nobody showed.
  14. We did, just a little late...
    If your ass would have been patient we could have had a nice raid. -_-
  15. Am I required for a nice raid?

    I waited 20 minutes. I shouldn't have to wait 45 minutes beyond the agreed time in >100F heat, so I didn't. I took a couple pictures and left. I'm will no longer be an enabler for the persistent tardiness at group raids.

    If you want to raid solo, raid on your time. If you want to be late as a group, go for it. If you want to raid on time and have me take photos, I'll be there.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Quoting this because of some context that makes it an astounding quote. This poster is, how can I put this diplomatically, less than agile and ambulatory at the best of times. They still turn up even if it is just them and their +1. And I find that inspiring.
  17. Honigdachs Member

    In case two Hamburgers make it over from Germany to Defcon, is there raid potential?
  18. Anonymous Member

    One or two LV Anons have similar long-term health/mobility issues.
  19. Please don't stop raiding! I'm counting on you. I follow all your events with great anticipation. You're my only connection.
    I appreciate all you do.
    Be happy peeps! I still love you!
  20. Anonymous Member

    serious business.

  21. Yeah, but not sure who is up for raiding during Defcon proper. Are you going to be here early, or any time after Defcon?

    I go every now and then when there aren't any raids just to check up and see that they still aren't doing shit. I'll also global raid of others show up...I am at most of them.

    I take photos. If there's nothing to take photos of, there isn't much use for me. The org was near empty when I arrived and there was basically no activity for 20 minutes, so I left. I'm more useful with other ops than shouting at nobody. They knew I was there, anyway.

    Not sure of the context of this? Is it the fail of people failing to show up? Or the fail of my not wanting to wait in the heat to find out others might not show up?

    Our anons are known for being habitually VERY late or simply no-showing. It changed for a couple months then went back to this normal mode again. If they were to come late, I'd already be heat exhausted by the time they showed up. My right wrist is also injured, so I can't hold my camera for very long. So I left. No drama. Hopefully they raided without me, but I haven't heard yet if they did or not.
  22. No, you're not, but you do help in the numbers section.
    I know man, but you know it takes Avbb a while to load her chair into the PV and you know CE cant help her much cuz of his problems with his joints and shit.
    There was no one there to help them with the chair so they din't come after all..

    raid for next week at an earlier time? maybe 2pm?
    It's up to you to come or not, I would not ever make you do anything you don't want to....
    We have raided with out you before so its not a big deal but I would love to have you at every single one of our raids.
    We can talk about it more on Skype.
  23. They weren't starting to load the chair until 5:45. They're no less than 30 minutes away from the org.

    They never called to ask for help.

    Waiting to hear back from Hamburger anons re: Defcon-time raid.
  24. ::shruggs::
    I dont care, if you're up for one next week I'll see about nagging.. err, i mean convincing them into doing it.
    We also need to talk about the fact that there is now 3 confirmed sci billboards in town.
    Me and CE saw one while we were going to the mountains to shoot with the weabos on the 4th before we got together for fireworks.
    Last night me and GMA saw one on Sahara and i forget the cross street but it was close to rainbow.
    And i know I seen a third one somewhere but can't be bothered to think hard about where it is I saw it.
    On a good note, I've noticed they removed all their adds from the bus stops on Flamingo, Trop and Sahara.
    Anyway this is more of a skype chat that a forum chat (HAI OSA).
  25. Malory Member

    Aww shucks, there's worse off than me and at least my crippled ass is slowly recovering. I'm just happy to be back out and my physiotherapist says the extra exercise is always good for me. +1 gets the credit for doing all the lifting and carrying, I'm just the mouthpiece of the team.

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