Mace-Kingsley $cilon "School" in Clearwater

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    Mace-Kingsley $cilon "School" in Clearwater

    This is a photo of a "family center" in Clearwater that is run by $cilons. They have run some other schools that had a VERY bad reputation:

    The Mace Kingsley Ranch by Astra Woodcraft

    I was 13 years old. I think I was 13. Everyone had beer and got drunk. I think the first night or the second night I was up there, I was sitting next to him and I had had a few beers and so had he. And so had everyone else. And he put his hand down my shirt and down my bra and started feeling me. And I…it really scared me and I asked my friend later, I said, "What's Wally [Hanks] doing? Why did he do this?" And she said, "Oh. Don't worry. He just does that with the girls. That's just what he does but don't worry about it."

    Ex-scientologists Jane Scott writes to John Ashcroft

    What we did not know about when we took our son to Mace-Kingsley was that Wally Hanks was a pedophile who was engaged in illegal relations with at least one, or perhaps several, of the girls in his charge. One weekend when his younger brother and I went up see Jesse the Ranch it was in obvious turmoil and there appeared to be several new adults around. Jesse swore us to secrecy and then explained that one of the girls and her boyfriend had run away because she "freaked-out" about Wally's sexually molesting her and her not wanting it to go on anymore.

    Former Mace-Kingsley staffer Wally Hanks after his Mace-Kingsley time, started his own school for troubled Scientologist kids, the Hanks Ranch. In April 2004 a former student told of the time there in Little Ranch of Horrors II

    Wally beat the shit out of me once for running his horse too hard. We had another whacked out vietnam vet who was clearly psychotic stay there for a few months, living in a tent out in the back of the property. On a camping/hunting trip to the Indian mines he completely lost his mind, took all his clothes off, grabbed a couple guns and took off into the desert. We found him a couple days later.
    Kids torturing animals. Older kids making younger kids perform homosexual acts, on them. I'm sure there is tons more, but I'd have to sit and think about it.

    Wally Hanks / Wallace Hanks' scientology page vanished but here is still a partial copy. Hanks is currently Founding Commodore of a sailing club for youth. The Roundhouse Yacht Club.

    Apparently the MK-Ranch was closed. I don't know why but the following explanation was given by the state website:

    State of New Mexico - Department of Education

    June 10, 2002

    Nonpublic Schools Commission to Meet on June 14

    (Santa Fe, NM-The Nonpublic Schools Commission will meet on Friday, June 14, 2002, at 9:00 a.m. at the College of Santa Fe in Albuquerque, 2201 San Pedro, NE, Building 2. The commission will hear accreditation summaries from New Mexico State Board of Education (SBE)-approved agencies that accredit nonpublic schools.

    In addition to accreditation summaries, the commission will discuss the Ranch School, which was formerly the Mace-Kingsley Ranch School.

    For more information, please contact the SDE's Alternative Education Unit at (505) 827-6909.

    The Mace-Kingsley Ranch was renamed Hacienda Del Espirito, Inc. aka New Mexico Ranch. and is currently, April 2004, for sale. Note that in Clearwater, Florida, a Mace-Kingsley Family Center exists with Jeff Avrin as ED, Ed Cramb as auditor and Carol Kingsley as President.

    This is from

    Stacy: This guy is running the school?

    Astra: Yeah. He ran it. From what I know, he owned it and he definitely ran it with his wife. Another night, he took us camping and we went out and we had more beer. And we were camping and once we had all had a few drinks, he gave us guns to go practice shooting. So, I sat in the dark with a flashlight and a gun and practiced shooting at cans and things after I had had a few beers to drink.

    Stacy: What kind of guns?

    Astra: Just, like, handguns. Oh…and rifles. We did rifles earlier in the day before we drank and then we did handguns in the evening. That one time that he put his hand down my shirt was the only time he did that to me. But later on, when I was in the Sea Organization, when I was the Director of Inspections and Reports, I came across some reports on him. He had been found out that he had been doing these things but he had done a lot worse than what he had done to me. He had really badly molested several girls.

    Stacy: How do you mean?

    Astra: Like, felt down their pants and had them pee on his car or on someone's car and just…

    Stacy: What do you mean, pee on the car?

    Astra: He got off by seeing them pee on the cars. Told them to pee on cars. And they would do it for him because they had to or…

    Zoe: They might be drunk.

    Astra: He got them drunk. Had them pee on cars.

    Stacy: God!

    Astra: Felt them and I don't know if he actually had intercourse. I don't remember if he actually had intercourse with anyone. But, you know, up to that point, really bad molesting.

    Stacy: What happened? What happened to him?

    Astra: Well, because he was an OTVII, they had said they weren't going to declare him officially because it would be bad public relations for people to hear that an OTVII molested children and got declared. So, they quietly ousted him from the Church. They quietly said, he's declared.

    Stacy: But did they report him to the authorities?

    Astra: No. They never reported him…at least not to my knowledge. The report said nothing about it. They said…it was a handling. It's, like, "he's been doing this and what we're going to do is we're going to oust him but we're not going to officially declare him. We're not going to tell people about it because it's bad public relations" because he was an OTVII.

    Stacy: What about the parents of the girls who were molested? Did they do anything about this?

    Astra: I don't know. I don't know about that. I don't know what happened. One of the girls was in the Sea Org with me and left. And another one of the girls is still a Scientologist. They're all still Scientologists.

    Stacy: Gosh!

    Astra: And the parents probably were told, "Well, we're ousting him from the Church." And that's considered a handling.

    Stacy: Incredible.
    Ther are more stories about this school that was formally in NM and now in Clearwater.

    I'm wondering if a protest there would work or just be an upset to the kids who attend?
  2. RAEG, Murder at MK Ranch ?
    Re: Mace-Kinglsey Ranch School?

  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Hate to say this but it's been a long time however my name is August but everyone called me Tony back then and Stephen Ambrose is my Uncle. I'm not here to dig up the past just wanting to find out where and how the other ranch members are coping these days. Bad shit went down I was there for Agua Dulce , Nathan was kicked for going too slow digging a outhouse hole ( i was the one who kicked him , Orders by Stephen) . Palm Dale I was there for , Tahoe there as well , Camp Summer Life in Arizona and New Mexico . if anyone read this u can find me on facebook under Auggie August Grom or
  5. There are people who want to talk to you, hang on.
  6. August, I created a thread for you on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board (ESMB):

    Does anyone know Auggie August Grom from Mace-Kingsley Ranch School?

    I suggest you consider joining ESMB. As the name implies, it is largely made up of Ex-Scientologists and is generally a welcoming community. I think it likely you will know some people there.

    The ESMB thread was created with the original post of:

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  7. I can't believe my name is on this. Stupidly I googled myself and this is what comes up about me. It's horrific. I felt like the breath was stolen right out of my chest. I guess I should be thankful that our pain hasn't gone unnoticed.
  8. sallysock Member

    It hasn't. i imagine that googling and finding this thread is crazy.
    The esmb link provides a good place to look. Many ex's there.
    Hope you are okay.
  9. I'm ok. It's surreal to see a piece of your childhood written out like that. I guess like reading a book about yourself in 3rd person. I saw that other site, thank you.
  10. Thank you for your reply, well done Sir.
  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Bonus items from our tipsters

    By Tony Ortega, June 14, 2017


    Actual caption from an image posted on a public page by the Mace-Kingsley center in Clearwater:

    “These 2 girls just finished their current auditing program! They start really young these days. Children can do the Purif as early as 9-10 years old at Mace-Kingsley, then Objectives/SRD & then get their Grades (by the age 12) and go on to Clear! This is the usual here at Mace-Kingsley in Clearwater, FL. It is Great to see so many children going up the Bridge on a daily basis!”


    Seriously, FBI? What the hell are you waiting for?

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    These girls are between 5-7 years old because they are losing their front incisors.
    Mace-Kingsley Ranch School was the home of OT8 child abuser Wally Hanks.
  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I thought they didn't audit kids anymore. They said that, right?
  14. Quentinanon Member

    If they said that it's another lie:

    “Well one of the solutions to this has to do with the fact that if you were to take the present time age, probably between six and twelve and straighten it out, Scientology would have won, hands down in about 15 years.”
    —L. Ron Hubbard
    excerpted from The Factors Lectures
    pg 174, transcript book #1

    Hubbard believed that brainwashing young children makes them more likely to become shills for his racket.
  15. Hmmmmm? They don't look German. Do the Scientologist have an adoption racquet too? Pedophilers love that shit. 17 grand gets you a little girl or boy to do what ever you can get away with. And if you get caught? Well, that's just another big donation to take care of that.
  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology subjects young children to quack therapies — now, someone is taking a stand

    By Rod Keller, August 6, 2017


    Fiona O’Leary, an autism activist from Cork, Ireland is taking on a Church of Scientology field group in far away Clearwater, Florida. This week she filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Children and Families, alleging that children are being harmed by taking the Purification Rundown there, and is urging others to follow suit. She also alleges that autistic children are being mistreated by subjecting them to Scientology auditing.

    The Mace Kingsley Family Center is named after founders Debbie Mace and Carol Kingsley, long time Scientologists who have had a disastrous history in bringing the technology of Scientology to children. The motto of the center is “We Audit Kids.”

    The current center delivers a broad range of introductory Scientology services and workshops, but from 1987 to 2002 Mace Kingsley operated as a boarding school for troubled teens near Reserve, New Mexico. On staff was Wally Hanks, whom several former students accuse of providing alcohol to students and sexually molestation. An audio tape exists of Hanks beating a student while ordering him to look at a photo of L. Ron Hubbard.

    The current staff at the Clearwater center does not include Hanks, Mace, or Kingsley, although Kingsley is still listed as President. The center is run by Executive Director Marcy Sargeant and Case Supervisor Greg Smith. On the phone Sargeant suggested O’Leary consult Scientologist and physician Dr. David Minkoff to treat her autistic child.

    O’Leary says she also spoke on the phone with Ken Ferrara, the Registrar, or “Reg” as the position is known in Scientology. He told her the center audits children almost from birth. O’Leary finds the practice invasive and abusive in itself, but potentially much more harmful for autistic children brought to the center in an attempt to increase their abilities.

    The center provides the Purification Rundown, in which children are given overdoses of vitamins and long saunas in an effort to remove toxins, stored radiation and drug residues from their bodies. The procedure is part of the Scientology “Bridge” and is required of all members. The redness caused by up to 5 grams of Niacin per day is attributed to stored radiation leaving the body. The FDA recommends 14-16 milligrams per day for adults, and 12 milligrams for children ages 9-13. Mace Kingsley makes no allowance in dosages for the age of the child.


    O’Leary released an impassioned video urging others to add their voices to the complaint against Mace Kingsley. You can call the Florida Department of Children and Families hotline at 1-800-962-2873.

    Mace Kingsley has announced plans for expansion, and several Hungarian Scientologists plan to open a similar center in the near future. The center is also recruiting Scientologists to run a new center in Columbus, Ohio.

    More at
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    Shell games. Their incorporation was dissolved, and there's no active corporation at 900 Grove St. They're hiding it somehow.
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  18. I was there it was a brotherhood glued to together buy really bad acts the only thing I can compare it to is short of a concentration camp it is built along the same mentality and abuse
  19. ^^^^[IMG]^^^^^^
  20. Quentinanon Member

    They may have re-incorporated out of state or offshore, or not at all. In the latter case, Carol Kingsley and Debbie Mace become personally liable.
  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    Crashing a ‘Mace-Kingsley’ event in Pasadena to get some answers about Scientology and kids

    By Tony Ortega, October 16, 2017


    Marcy Sargeant of the Mace-Kingsley Family Center in Clearwater, Florida, held a seminar at Scientology’s Pasadena “Ideal Org” on Sunday.

    The timing is interesting, because just last week, Leah Remini’s A&E series, Scientology and the Aftermath, interviewed Tara Reile and Nathan Rich, two former students at the notoriously abusive “Mace-Kingsley” ranches operated by Scientologists in California and New Mexico. Co-star Mike Rinder explained that the ranch had been shut down in 2002, but that Mace-Kingsley (named after two high-level Scientologists) still ran as a center for auditing children in Clearwater.

    Erin Hodges Plumb, the brave Southern California resident who had taken a copy of Karen Pressley’s new book to a mixer at Scientology’s Int Base three weeks ago, signed up for a spot in the seminar, which was supposed to be open only to Scientologists.

    Erin, a middle school teacher of special needs students, brought along some books again, but more importantly, she spent considerable time talking to Scientology officials, including Marcy Sargeant herself. But at first, she tells us, she faced obstacles.

    “I was made to watch a video ‘to help me understand,’ they said. it was annoying. One quote from the video made me laugh out loud: ‘Some infants are born insane and some addicted to drugs.'”

    She was then assigned to someone who was supposed to help her understand Scientology terminology.

    “I kept insisting on going to the seminar. He said I wouldn’t understand, and when I heard a term I don’t know, my brain would freeze and no longer comprehend what was being said. I told him I was a college educated woman with a master’s degree. I can figure it out. He tried to sell me a line of books that cover what was covered in the seminar and I said, why, when I can just go to the seminar? I insisted, and he finally took me to the seminar but told me no cameras and I had a person assigned to me to help me with any questions.”

    The seminar itself started with an announcement that they would be watching a video, which didn’t thrill Erin. But that didn’t happen, and Marcy Sargeant of Mace-Kingsley began speaking. Erin says there were about 25 people in attendance.

    “She passed out the book that she said was The Way to Happiness for children, called How to Make Good Choices. And we were encouraged to write in the book and pay for it at the break, only $5. I declined.”
    Sargeant said that the Mace-Kingsley center has 32 staff, and 15 are auditors, servicing 60 to 70 children.

    “She quoted Hubbard, that a child is a man or woman who has not attained full growth, and she said that you are the same person as an adult as a baby. But she did not say that children are young adults. She talked about in the 50s and 60s everybody went to church and that’s where we learned our morals, and as there was a decrease of people going to churches there was a decreasing morals — but she didn’t mention that we were sitting in a so-called church.”

    Also, Erin says that Sargeant seemed to go off the Hubbard script at times.

    “She said that children require love, compassion, good control, nourishment, a bed, moral guidence and education. She repeated that so we could write it done but stated it was NOT LRH. She also said that a family is a group with a common goal for the group survival and advancement — which again she said was not from Hubbard.”

    But there was a pretty heavy pitch for Scientology products.

    “She recommended that everyone needs to be educated in the basics of Scientology and in Study Tech. She recommended Study Tech and the Communication Course for children, and I asked what age is appropriate for that. She said they need to be reading, and in order to take the courses they should be like 7 years old.” (Mace-Kingsley advertises that it provides auditing for infants, but Erin says nothing was said at the seminar about infants or toddlers in the morning session.)

    In general, Erin got the impression of a group that had some genuine concerns and some unconventional solutions.

    “I had wanted to see what they were saying about children. I got the feeling that they were actually trying to help, but they were also trying to sell these courses. And it felt like there are a lot of single moms going to Mace-Kingsley, and the draw is that it provides them with all the answers.”

    Erin got a chance to speak with Sargeant after her presentation.

    “I told her that what she was saying seemed to come from her experience as a mother of five children and five grandchildren. I said she wasn’t really speaking from the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. She disagreed and tried to say that everything she learned or was teaching was from her Hubbard training but I told her that the experiences she was sharing with us were about how she had raised her own children. I mentioned that Hubbard didn’t raise his own children. She disagreed, saying that Hubbard had had seven children and she had personally known some of them. I said yes, but he was not instrumental in raising them. At that point she asked me what I’d been reading.

    “I asked about the use of 50-year-old material by Hubbard when current studies show the brain develops until our 20s. She asked why I was saying the teaching is 50 years old, and I replied that Hubbard had died more than 30 years ago. She said she would go into more specifics from the courses after lunch but I felt I had enough and had said my piece.”

    More at
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Things to be thankful for — the new Scientology holiday catalog is here!

    By Tony Ortega, November 21, 2018


    Our thanks to Rasha for bringing us some holiday cheer in the form of this year’s holiday catalog from the Church of Scientology, with so many sparkly gifts to get for the Hubbardite on your list.



    More at
  24. DeathHamster Member

    Even if they reincorporated out of state or offshore, they still have to register with Florida to do business there.

    There's no active Mace-Kingsley corporation, and nothing at the 900 Grove address.

    Carol Kingsley did register a fictitious business name.
  25. DeathHamster Member

  26. BigBeard Member

    It looks like the fictitious business name is registered directly to Carol Kingsley. If she is operating without registering as a corporation, it would make her personally liable in any lawsuit against "Mace Kingsley Family Center" that she lost.


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