Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Kha Khan, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. ethercat Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Can you please point me to the source of this info? I have a good use for it. Thanks.
  2. J. Swift Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Is the glass half empty or half full? It depends upon a celebrity's PR needs. When Mackenzie was using, she seemed happy all the time and Dad was her best friend. Now that she needs money, it was all horrific.


  3. Smurf Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Next, Mackenzie will be on "Celebrity Rehab" because all the exposure from her opening up & the book & pocketing lots of cash over her ruse, causes her to have a drug relapse. That's good enough to get her back on Oprah, Good Morning America, The View, NBC Dateline, etc. etc.

    Oh, then there is the new reality show that Bravo or VH-1 will offer her to earn her a couple more dollars.

    What a hag.
  4. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    don't know if you were joking, but she is actually lmao

    Mackenzie Phillips Cast in 'Celebrity Rehab 3' at The Insider

    "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" season three is underway and "The Insider" has confirmed the celeb cast members that will be joining the show.

    Child star Mackenzie Phillips is amongt the celebs joining the program. "The Insider" reported last year that Mackenzie had checked into rehab following an arrest on drug charges.

    Other stars to join Mackenzie on "Celebrity Rehab" include former basketball player Dennis Rodman, country singer Mindy McCready, actor Mike Starr, "Real World: Hollywood" cast member Joey Kovar, "America's Next Top Model" contestant Lisa D'Amato, former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche and former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss.

    The third season of "Celebrity Rehab" will air on VH1.
    Published 5/27/09 by
  5. Smurf Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Holy Shit. I just spewed. And where'd they dig up the old ho Heidi Fleiss from?
  6. Mutante Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Celebrity Purif would make a seriously good TV show.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    They could have a contest on which celeb had the most grotesque, purplish hands.
  8. Mutante Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Just think of the advertizing potential.

  9. J. Swift Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    That is a seriously genius idea. All of us in the front row applaud you!


  10. Mutante Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Think of the entertaining games they could play with all that vegetable oil. Someone give Bijou a call.

  11. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    uggh can't imagine Mackenzie or Heidi in high-def

    do not want
  12. TypingChimp Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    You left out the most obvious, and likely, possibility. The good Dr. House shall show you the way.

  13. POS Member

  14. Kha Khan Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Scientologist Bijou Phillips to depressed people: ‘get over it.':
  15. Smurf Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    They're making announcements on CBS to watch the "Early Morning Show" on Monday where guest Michelle Phillips will denounce Mackenzie as a liar.

    This commentary was interesting:

    "I will be so bold as to declare that this will be deemed 'the story of the year for 2009.' You will hear "all the leaves are brown" blasting out of car stereos and from the notebooks of 'new professionals' cruising the stalls at Starbucks.

    Nearly every American will read High On Arrival two or three times over, and get almost nothing out of it. But that is not the point here. Better yet, sales managers from hot Fortune Five Hundred corporations will beg for interviews with the brilliant little addict, Mackenzie Phillips.

    She will be so rich, even Steve Jobs will want her over at company headquarters at Apple Co.

    Even Papa John himself will be smiling in heaven (or maybe Hell), as the royalties from his songwriting pile up like the gold bullion of Goldfinger at Fort Knox, Tn."

    A Brilliant Marketing Strategy: Mackenzie Phillips' High On Arrival

    Shit... maybe there is hope for Mac to become the next miserable Scilon celeb.
  16. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Bijou at her finest

    (the article has disappeared from the Times here-,0,1379941.story?coll=cl-calendar)

    The First Annual Krog Blog: July 2007

    "For a while, the Los Angeles Times ran this Thursday Calendar feature asking celebs and close-to-celebs what they would do on an ideal weekend. The actual coffee houses, restaurants and beaches were variables, but it was all pretty stock in trade.

    ...they interviewed Bijou Phillips about her perfect weekend. ....She mentioned that she likes to let her chihuahua skitter free on some of the hiking trails that run through the canyons of Los Angeles. And she doesn't worry that a rogue coyote will snatch up her little dog, explaining that coyotes won't eat chihuahuas because "they respect them as fellow desert dwellers.""

    and also she has a "daddy" tattoo on her ass, I wonder if she'll get a LRon tat to go with it? that would be awesome!

    Index Magazine
    BRUCE: Tell me about the new song you wrote — the one you were singing in the car on the way back from lunch.
    BIJOU: The one about my dad? It sort of speaks for itself. I've made this decision not to talk to the press about anything that's gone on in my life, but just to write music about it. They can interpret it themselves.
    BRUCE: There seemed to be some improprieties going on. You're talking about stuff in your music that's pretty heavy. Has anyone articulated it for you in the press?
    BIJOU: No one has the balls to do it.
    BRUCE: I'll do it.
    BIJOU: [laughs] It's blatantly obvious.
    BRUCE: The refrain in your new song is: "He touched me wrong." How much more blatant can you get?
    BIJOU: I really want his balls busted, but I also want to be able to say, "It's just a song."
    BRUCE: It's not just a song.
    BIJOU: It's just a song.
    BRUCE: In Celebrity Sleuth it says you have a "Daddy" tattoo on your butt, and there's a picture of it.
    BIJOU: Yeah.
    BRUCE: It's funny how you can know a person and not know they have "Daddy" tattooed on their butt.
  17. POS Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Bijou Phillips tattoos celebrity tattoos tattoo designs tattoo gallery
  18. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    One night, Imma gonna get through moar than 4 threads before making a mess laughing guts out :(

    They could do it ala 'Survival of the Fittest' style, but even better would be something along the lines of 'Hell's Kitchen'...

    "10 drugged meats walk in..... Only one walks out... a scintologist!" battling fer beans an' rice an' smokes, selling stress-tests an' shit..... you could have 'em have to wrestle Kirstie for a Hagen Daz, beat Wee Davey at musical chairs, and decipher some of LRon's crazy shit, woo-hoo!

    nm, gone to.

  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    The whole interview here
    ohnotheydidnt: Bijou Phillips: ~vintage interview regarding papa phillips
  20. pooks Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    You are a genius!
  21. FUCK Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

  22. humphrey Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Do want
  23. AnonyMary Member

    Mackenzie Phillips Did Celebrity Rehab pgm AFTER Narconon

    Hate to break the bubble of disillusion to you and everyone else on this thread but since you brought up the Celebrity Rehabb matter, it's time someone set the facts straight.

    Yes, apparently Mackenzie DID the Narconon program in Sept and graduated, but like many who have done that terrible program, she was in need of more help beyond what Narconon the anti-psychs can offer, so earlier this summer she did the 21 day program Celebrity Rehab offers under Dr. Drew which was filmed in June 2009 and which will be aired in Jan 2010. Whether she relapsed is speculation but chances are that she did relapse or almost did and later sought Dr Drew's help. Hence the 21 day program with Dr Drew.

    News leaked out about her subsequently doing the Celebrity Rehab program, her scilon sister Bijou Phillips is attacking her instead of her earlier agreeing with her about the abuse.
    Phillips Blames Mackenzie For Ruining Her Life
    Google on this:
    Phillips Blames Mackenzie For Ruining... - Google News

    The news on the June taped Celebrity Rehab show was posted at VH1 in May:
    Celebrity Rehab 3: Peep The Cast | Blog Archive | Vh1 Blog

    [..] The series will chronicle the patients’ intensive 21-day program with both group and one-on-one therapy and non-traditional therapies like art and music. Returning to the show to help Dr. Drew are drug counselor Bob Forrest and resident technician Shelly Sprague who have each spent years on both sides of the rehab fence. Dr. Drew is also bringing in some additional prominent physicians to help him give the patients supplementary one-on-one care.
    Tags: Celebreality, Television, Celebrity Rehab 2 with Dr. Drew This entry was
    posted on Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 at 2:44 pm [..]

    Dr Drew is on record here in an Access Hollywood interview today stating that Mackenzie told him in June about the abuse and he has no doubt about the truth of it, that Mackenzie is a recovering addict and "practicing a rigorous program of honesty" in her daily recovery as a addict ( which I sense translates to NA meetings, therapy, etc - all that Narconon does not supply.) Dr Drew gives a very good talk here, which is posted on several web sites.

    Dr. Drew: Mackenzie Phillips Is Practicing ‘A Rigorous Program Of Honesty’ | Access Hollywood - Celebrity News, Photos & Videos

    If the above msn link does not take one to it, you can find it among the videos listed here:
    McCready stands up for Mackenzie Phillips - Access Hollywood -

    Now while there during the 21 day program. Mackenzie opened up and told others about what happened to her with her father, telling them that she had written a book about her addiction. She offered to anyone there in the Celeb Rehab program a chance to read it.

    McCready stands up for Mackenzie Phillips
    The country singer and Phillips were roommates on ‘Celebrity Rehab’

    [..] Access Hollywood
    updated 9:00 p.m. ET, Tues., Sept . 29, 2009

    There has been plenty of fallout from Mackenzie Phillips’ shocking revelations last week that she had a 10-year sexual relationship with her father. And for the first time, her “Celebrity Rehab” roommate, Mindy McCready, opened up to Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson 2.gif , revealing what Mackenzie told her about the “One Day At A Time” star’s dark family secret.
    “During the taping she so kindly and graciously let me read the book. I was the only one that read it,” McCready said. “Just knowing her, how I knew her from the show, it was really touching. The book? Just woah!”
    An emotional McCready revealed that while taping VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab 2.gif ” in June, a Phillips family feud was already brewing. "

    “During ‘Celebrity Rehab,’ the family was finding out that she was going to discuss these things and, of course, you know, no one wanted her to discuss them,” McCready said.

    The Phillips family is split on whether to believe Mackenzie. Half-sister Chynna does while Mackenzie’s former stepmother, Michelle Phillips, does not.
    And unleashing stinging words of contempt on Twitter, Mackenzie’s other half-sister, Bijou Phillips 2.gif , wrote, “When I was young my sister told me about this,

    It ruined my life and my relationship with my father.”
    She added, “Exploiting the history of our family and the death of our father John Phillips for the release of a book is disgusting.”

    On Tuesday afternoon, Bijou’s Twitter 2.gif account had been deleted and the posts removed.

    But McCready stands up for Mackenzie’s right to speak out. [..]

    We all know ( or should know) what Dr Drew thinks of Narconon and Scientology :

    Celebrity Rehab doctor apologises after Cruise remarks

    Dr. Drew Live : XENU TV


    Seems to me there is a good chance that Mackenzie Phillips is being treated as FAIR GAME because after the mostly useless but expensive Narconon program, she then went and got much needed rehab treatment and psych therapy, like so many of the victims of Narconon have had to do.

    Didn't anyone notice that only Narconon is writing ( or keeping posted) media articles about her having done the Narconon program? Because she never recovered. Recovery is a day to day issue and Narconon provides NO support except to recruit the person into Sciwentology. I suspect she bolted when that came up. It may well be what drove her to seek out Dr Drew.

    Certainly there will be more on this over the next year but I wish everyone would give the woman a break and have good thoughts for her recovery and apparent ability to stay away from Scientology and get through the past into the present with appropriate medical care to maintain her recovery.
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    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Mackenzie Phillips: Dad wanted me to be his wife -


    She was raped by her Dad and now she is being raped and used by scientology and she doesn't even now it.
  27. Mutante Member

    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    Yeah but it wasn't rape rape.

  28. Anonymous Member

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    Re: Mackenzie Phillips now a Scilon?

    What, no purif?

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