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    [Letter - supposedly from Basiji members]

    Even if this is a total fabrication, it is magnificent

    In the name of God
    To His eminence, the supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah
    With greetings and due respect,

    Our understanding of "Velayat-e Faghih", at least based on our learnings
    from Imam Khomeini's lessons as well as your own statements and the
    Constitution, has been that it is the governance of a just and moderating
    individual who earns leadership based on his qualifications, and based on
    public approval which is mediated through the Assembly of Experts. Because
    of this principle, we differentiate a regime based on "Velayat-e Faghih"
    from an oligarchic dictatorship. Therefore, when we speak to you in your
    leadership role, we consider you as one of the god servants who has
    dedicated himself to serving the people. It is because of this understanding
    of your role that we, who have served this revolution in fencing off the
    invading enemies of the revolution, are allowing ourselves to speak to you,
    as otherwise we would have been scrutinized for exceeding our lot in
    criticizing the highest position of the regime. Of course, if that were the
    case, then we would not have been addressing an Islamic establishment, but a despotic oligarchy.

    [See rest here]
    neo-resistance: Open letter of Basiji veterans of Iran-Iraq war to Khamenei

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