Mail Online: The Karen de la Carriere Scientology Story

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by CommunicatorIC, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Mail Online: The Karen de la Carriere Scientology Story

    Mail Online: I was a 'Queen of Scientology': President's ex-wife reveals the Church's innermost secrets and why she was cast into darkness when she finally fled after 35 years

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  2. Kilia Member

    I just saw this on Mail. Was going to add it on WWP but you beat me to it. lol
  3. 106

    UPDATE: Daily Mail goes long on our Karen de la Carriere. Lots of good stuff here that’s pretty familiar to folks here in the Bunker, and some nice photos of her days with Heber Jentzsch.

    We might gripe that the Mail, in a piece like this, pretends that it’s getting first to material that has been thoroughly plowed by many other journalists before them, and there are some odd things here and there (Karen was in the Hole? Huh?), but in all a nice treatment of a woman we’ve considered a brave survivor of ill treatment for years.
  4. amaX Member

    dang. comments are suspended.
  5. 116

    Karen is quoted:

    "Heber was sent off to Germany and my son who was about two-years-old at the time was left in Los Angeles in a Scientology Nursery. That's what drove me crazy. He was completely orphaned. How is it religious to take a two-year-old from his mom for months?"

    My question for Karen is how could you allow what you knew was an abusive religious cult to take your two year old child away from you?

  6. fishypants Moderator

    If you read it carefully, you'll see that it's not "I left my son", just "my son was left". As in, it happened but she didn't have any control over it. IYUWIM.
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  7. amaX Member

    There are two reasons why I don't support Karen de la Carriere and why you shouldn't be a fan of hers either.

    #1. She abandoned her child to the cult.

    These scilons do leave their kids to work for the cult. We've seen the stories over and over. They abandon their children to neglect and abuse so they can go off and play the cult game. Even public scilons devote all their efforts to moving up the bridge while leaving their kids to fend for themselves.

    Karen de la Carriere is not any different than any of the other scientologists who've done this even if she does brand herself as a queen of scientology.

    Her story reads just like so many other stories from exes. Everything was peachy keen around her so she ignored the bad shit happening to other people. She left when the bad shit started happening to her.

    de la Carriere asks the world to feel sorry for her because her son died estranged from her. The sad fact is that her son probably didn't really know her that well because that's what happens in scientology families when the parents abandon the kids to move up the cult ladder.

    How refreshingly honest it would be for all of these exes to say: scientology's policy of separating parents from their children so the parents can work for the cult is horrible and i was a terrible parent for ever going along with it. it is partly my fault that my child suffered and i deeply regret that. i wish there was some way i could go back and change everything.

    #2. She still drinks the Hubbard-flavored kool-aid.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't de la Carriere another one of these exes who spouts off that all the bad shit in scientology started with David Miscavige?

    How does anyone go along with these exes who spew the lie that everything bad started with Miscavige when you have seen Hana Whitfield speak or read her depositions?

    Once again I dare de la Carriere to watch Hana's videos and read her depositions that tell of Hubbard's brutality and madness.

    David Miscavige's parents forked him over to Hubbard when DM was a teenager. Hubbard molded DM into the cult-running machine he is today. Why is DM so terrible? Because L. Ron Hubbard raised him that way.
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  8. 116

  9. Amax, I agree with you.

    Karen parades her dead son to gain publicity. She cut him off her will and said that she would not be speaking with him again. The son was not in the Sea Borg anymore. He was married and living with his wife. She is not ashamed one bit for using her dead son for publicity stunts. Wants some proof? Here is what she posted on

    Some errors got lost in the translation? srsly? WTF?!? They got confused? I think she intentionally confused them. More publicity for the Queen Whore.

    Check out her FB wall. Every time a camera crew goes to her house she can’t refrain from postings pix of herself with her arms around the crew members (and of course the cheesy Thomas Kinkade paintings are always in the background for some free promotion).

    I support people who are genuine activists and are exposing the kult without making an ass of themselves, but Karen is no activist. She is a fake just like her face and whole look.

    We used to be focused on the kult but when people like Karen came along spread their cancer and the only chemo is raid and play chess with these brainwashed idiots. No PA call here, just saying.

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  10. amaX Member

    The Hole is different than just being at Int Base. How did this reporter segue from Int Base to The Hole if not lead there by scientology's Queen?
  11. Karen#1 wrote:

    I am going to keep this thread going on the unconscionable conduct of attack dog Taryn. She grew up in the nursery with my son Alexander Jentzsch and I see her evolve into
    a pathetic father hater ~~ a cult product.

    It's so sad that there were parents stupid and lazy enough to turn over their child to Scientology to be raised.

  12. Karen.LRH.jpg

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  13. Karen has friends?
    Fuck me.
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  14. Yes, they use to pay her, now she pays them. One of them became her much younger husband (for much greater pay of course).
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